10 Best Apps for Blogging on the Go

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As our lives become increasingly more mobile & fast paced sometimes blogging can seem to be harder & harder to keep up. While I am a big advocate of some unplugged time & usually take my unplugged time when I’m out doing errands or school drop offs, I do have times that I have to do things from my phone. These apps are the ones I use the most to enhance my blogging.

10 Best Apps for Blogging on the Go

1. WordPress (free)

This is a great little app for starting a post draft while on my phone. Usually I just quickly type out whatever post idea popped in my head and save it as a draft because posting from your phone is a bit tedious.

2. Phonto (free)

I love phonto for quickly adding my url as a watermark on my photos before I instagram them. I never post a photo of a project, my children or really great picture without ©creativekristi.com on it as a watermark. This app is great for typing on photos.

3. Pic Stitch (free)

This app lets you ‘stitch’ together more than one photo with a nice border. This is great for step by step photo ‘sneak peeks’ of projects you are working on. I instagram sneak peeks and put them on Google Plus, twitter, facebook, etc. from my phone all the time.

4. Instagram (free)

This one doesn’t really need explaining. I visit my blog post for the day in my phone’s web browser, save the main photo to my photo albums then Instagram the picture with a link to the post in the comments as a way to promote the post on Instagram.

5. Camera+ ($0.99)

Up until mid-March 2012 I took ALL the photos on my blog with my iPhone. I had people ask me all the time which camera I used and they didn’t believe me that I used a phone. This app makes it easy to set the white balance & focus where you want it in the picture & is overall much better than the camera app that comes installed already on the iPhone.

6. Audio Note (there is a free “lite” version & the one I linked to is $4.95)

This is a audio recorder as well as a note taking app. I use this on the iPad at blog conferences. I hit record when the session starts (sit close to the front) and type out the key points. The neat thing is that later when you press the words you typed (or wrote with a stylus) it will take you right to that point in the recording. This is also useful if you have meetings with potential advertisers or clients.

7.  Evernote (free but if you need more room it is $4.99 per month)

This is also a web program but I use the app to keep track of things I’ve clipped from my computer. I can also ‘clip’ articles, tweets, links, photos, directions, etc. from my phone and it all syncs up to my computer. I use this for ideas and tutorials I want to try & then write a post about. The reason I do it this way and not on Pinterest is that I want it to be private (which pinterest now has up to 3 boards that can be private), but I also want to copy & paste the entire article so I can reference it later and not worry that the blog will be deleted or the recipe be changed or deleted from the website. With pinterest if the link goes no where after a few months you can’t see that recipe or tutorial you wanted to try.

8. Facebook (free)

This is mostly how I update my ‘fan’ page (I hate calling it that….does blog page work?) and keep up with notifications.

9. Twitter (free)

I only tweet from my phone. If I open my tweetdeck on my laptop then I usually have to close my photoshop or web browser so that it all doesn’t slow down since my web browser & photoshop take up so much of my active memory when I’m working on a blog design. Plus I like tweeting while waiting for school to let out.

10. Pinterest & Google Plus

Two for one on this one. I use Pinterest & Google Plus on my phone the least out of all of these apps but it’s still nice to be able to check in while on the go.


How about you? What are you “must have” apps to enhance your mobile blogging experience?


These apps are the 10 best in my opinion. I have not used any Android based apps and welcome comments about which Android apps you use to blog ‘on-the-go’ :)