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Amidst all the giveaways I have found some super fun blog-type links to share.
How did I not know about these?

Polyvore – wow is all I can say. I could sit for hours playing with this. Oh wait, I already did.

What a lovely name – great for new moms to be trying to figure out a name; but I found another purpose for those who are done naming (like me ;). You can download logos on there and use them however you want. They save as png’s but I opened them in PSE and saved them as a jpeg to post the pics here. The possibilities are endless! Wouldn’t these be great stickers?

Tumblr saw a suggestion to save all info to a tumblelog so that you don’t have bookmark everything. More info here from The Inpsired Room. When I get more on top of my game, I’ll be doing this.

And finally, Marta’s blog hunt. What a cool idea. I decided to play along. If you want to, copy it and put in your own favorites.
link a blogger who…

has an online shop: wow, there are sooooo many. I love Lindsey’s stuff.
takes fantastic photographs: again too many. Drew B and her new Mom photog blog rocks!
has a new baby: Joy’s Hope
has flawless taste: cardigan empire
is unique: cakies
has admirable qualities: the farm chicks
crafts up a storm: make it and love it
is an artist: vol 25
is intriguing: armelle
you’ve bookmarked WAY too many
lives far away: made by petchy/nini makes
is an old favorite: Gabi
is creative: Camille
features fabulous ideas: grace violet
features loveliness: creature comforts
features pretty products: jaimee
features fantasticness: passionista (my go to music girl)
features weddings: amorology
writes about life: Lindsey
is a daily must see: jessandclint (my sis ;)
tells great stories: Stie
is funny: Julia
is a designer: Lyndsay
you are inspired by: sharlie’s angels
recently added to bloglines:create studio
gives fabulous tips: 320 sycamore

Be back later with more tutorials…..

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  1. lindsey says

    awww, thanks so much, mique! check out my blog in the next few days because its getting a *whole new look*!!! love your blog, keep up the good work!

  2. Sarah says

    Thanks so much for adding my blog to your bloglines! This week I’m doing a little something different with a whole week of organizational ideas since spring is coming soon. Thanks again for the link, you have an adorable blog, I’ll have to submit some tutorials soon!

    -Sarah from Create Studio