Winner- winner- winner

**I started this post yesterday, then my silly son pulled out the internet cords and I couldn’t figure it out! Sorry about the delay!***

Thanks to all of you that entered the vol25 giveaway. Jess is amazing! I hope you all got in on her Black Friday sale. She still has some items on sale over there so go get your shop on!
I’m SO looking forward to telling you about the secret but I need to get the OK from her. Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

And now for the winner:

lucky #54

that means YOU won!

If you haven’t entered one of this week’s giveaways
from Little Lesiw, make sure to enter before tomorrow.
With 3 winners to pick, your odds are better than ever!

Oh and if you’re following So You Think You’re Crafty,
we have a break this week due to the holidays (phew!)
but if you guessed that last week I did this:

you were right.

And I must say, my Julia sure looked cute on Thanksgiving wearing her scalloped turkey skirt!
Congrats to Dana for her fantastic turkey dressing skirt! I can’t wait to make a skirt for Jules with her tutorial. ;)

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  1. Anonymous says

    As awesome as the winning skirt was, yours to me has so much more originality. How stinkin' cute… and with boots… um… to bOOT!!!!! ;) Great job Miq!!! xo
    Dana Mac