Giveaway Week: Curly Birdies

Are these not the cutest little crocheted girly shoes on the planet?
If only my 8 1/2 yr daughter old could fit into them. (or if only I could fit into them. ;)
Curly Birdie is full of adorable crocheted creations. But Maria will be catching up on orders so her doors will be closed for a bit soon. So it’s a special treat to have a giveaway from her. (and that means hurry over there and grab something while you can ;) Thank you Maria!

Maria is giving away
1 pair of shoes of your choice. You pick the style and size.

To win, visit the shop and leave one comment here.
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  1. Princess E. says

    A pair of these soft shoes would be ADORABLE on the cute pigs of my baby girl. I especially love the brown and cream ones with a pink flower.

  2. seemommyknit says

    These are soooo adorable! I have a friend who just had a little girl these would be perfect for! Happy giveaway week :-D

  3. Christi Pobst says

    Love the soft shoes. So cute! I would love to give some to my sister in law! Who is pregnant with her second daughter!

  4. Jamie says

    My friend is due any day now with her third girl, something so lovely and unique would be the perfect gift to make sure she knows she's special!

  5. Kimberly says

    oh my gosh I love this shop! Such cute things! If I could, I'd buy every single thing in there! I think my favorites are the matilda mary janes – but all of the shoes are so great!

  6. Tarver Family says

    oh they are way cute!! My youngest is 17 months.. and wears about a 4/5 so hopefully one of them would fit her. My fav are estella and abby… though they show they are for smaller feet. Either way I do know a few smaller babies :) Love them!

  7. justhelen says

    These are perfect and soft for sweet little feet! I can't stand it when people put hard shoes on tiny little toes…so unneccesary with these around! SWEET!

  8. TRAN! ( says

    OMG.. these are freakin' adorable.. i wish i had a daughter.. but.. i do know someone who just had a daughter who would LOVE these!!!

  9. kpmattingly says

    I love the Olivia Headband and matching Olivia Mary Jane shoes. Too cute!!

    sunshinekmp at yahoo dot com

  10. Laura says

    I love these! They are precious! I wish my daughter was a little younger so I could get a pair for her! However, I do have two friends with younger girls and they both have birthdays coming up! I'd definitely order the size 12-18 months, but I'm torn between the Mabel or Olivia shoes!

  11. J-me says

    My bestfriend is expecting and we won't know if its a boy or girl untill october, but i really hope it is a girl so we can dress he up in a pair of these! So cute!

  12. Christel says

    I love the Mabel Mary Janes, I put a lot of pink and brown on my 8.5 month old little girl, such a cute color combo. She does not wear shoes often because her daddy does not like her toes getting all sweaty, I bet these would not make them sweat! Beautiful!

  13. Tara says

    Love the LOLA Mary Jane Crochet Baby Shoes 3-6 months.
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

    Wish they came in adult sizes for slippers. SO CUTE!

  14. RachellaBella says

    oh my! I have a new baby girl and I'm loving discovering all the cute things for girls! the Olivia shoes are my fave!

  15. nanja says

    I know my granddaughter would look like a little princess in the OLIVIA Mary Jane Crochet Baby Shoes Size 12-18 Months!!

  16. Metta1313 says

    i think i've entered to win a pair of these shoes twice now. maybe this will be my lucky one.

    mommyhoodatthirty at gmail dot com.

  17. Danielle says

    I love the Lisa style and the Mabel style so cute. Size 6-12 months would work for my niece.


    CurlysCreations at gmail dot com

  18. Jenna says

    absolutely adorable! i would LOVE to give a pair of these to my best friend who just moved across the country and had a baby girl. sooo cute!

  19. happyanna says

    Sooo adorable, it's really hard to choose a favorite, I love them all. I'm expecting a little girl in november and these little shoes would be perfect first shoes for her :)
    Thanks for a chance to win.

  20. Mommy Jenny says

    These are the cutest shoes ever! My little girl is too big, but they'd make a great baby gift!

  21. Keeping Up With Kaegan says

    Oh I am in awe over these, wish my 3 year old could wear them :( I have a dear friend with a baby on the way, I would love to give her the Lucia pair as a gift. I know they would be the talk of the shower!!

  22. Debby says

    I think our granddaughter, Mabel Ann, would look adorable in the Olivia Mary Janes. When she would outgrow them they would be grammy's treasures to keep forever.

  23. Kindergarten storyteller says

    these are really cute! LOVE the look of how they fit on the girl's little tootsies :) Thanks for sharing!

  24. Kiki says

    Adorable!! These would be great for my new niece that is going to be my flower girl in January. She won't be able to walk so these would be perfect


  25. burlap+blue says

    what a lovely giveaway! thanks for the chance, I'd love to pair to give to my friend with a little girl. thanks!

  26. Jamie says

    Her shop is "On Vacation" so I can't view everything, but I love the navy blue ones on the giveaway page!

  27. Ammie says

    Oops! I checked out her shop a few days ago, but forgot to comment here. :) Now I don't remember what cute things I saw there, except that I was yet again awed by the irresistible cuteness of crocheted flowers and edging. (Wish I could do that!) Lovely!

  28. oh amanda {impress your kids} says

    I might have another baby just in case she was a girl so she could wear these! Beautiful!

  29. Kalynn, Joe, and Kelsea says

    I would love any of the shoes in any size! I might prefer a newborn size because I'm a photographer and could use themas props for the babies to wear! CUTE!

  30. summer says

    again these are so cute and even though I don't have any girls I could find some cute toesies to put these on i'm sure!

  31. Stephanie says

    the shop is closed! i will have to come back to buy some shoes if i don't win… would love to stuff my chubby baby's feet in these!

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