Confessions of a Fontaholic

Because I adore making printables and make them often, I get emails and comments asking about fonts that I used for projects a lot. I’m starting a new series-

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Sometimes I’ll just share new ones I find.  Other times I’ll give you fonts that I used for specific projects that I get asked about.  Like this one:

Printable Gift Bag Fonts
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This is from my Printable Gift Bag post.
These are some of the fonts that I use most often. 

Leave your favorite fonts in the comments (as long as you don’t include Comic Sans or Papyrus)!

Hi- I'm Mique (as in Mickey). I started 30days as an idea file a few years ago. After three years and hundreds of ideas, I now realize that I'll never check them all off my list. When I'm not creating, I love spending time with family and friends and long drives, especially if they end at the beach.

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    • Mique says

      Fonts are my drug as well Celeste. Such a healthy drug. ;) Thanks for sharing all of your favorites. You better believe I went and downloaded them all. I had found American Typewriter Light and am in love with it. (just googled it after you put it on IG).

  1. says

    Hi, my name is Lori and I’m a Fontaholic. I’ve mentioned it a number of times on my blog, too. Being a graphics teacher definitely allows me to feed my addiction. lol. Love this series idea!

    • Mique says

      Yay for feeding font addictions! Maybe I need to be a graphics teacher so I have a good excuse for being obsessed with fonts. Thanks for the comment Lori!

  2. says

    Well this makes my BA of Graphic Design carrying self very happy. I love typography!!

    This is going to sound pretty boring with all the great choices out there, but if I had to pick one font to use day in and day out I’d have to go with Century Gothic or Papyrus … bwahahahahahahaha!!

    Thanks for sharing some new ones to add to my collection ;).

    • Mique says

      Andrea- some day when I grow up I want to get a BA in Graphic Design! Unless it makes me want to use Papyrus. Then it’s a no go. :P

  3. says

    I’m so excited about this series – you have tons of cute fonts and I LOVE discovering more (especially when I can download them myself for free)! Personally, I love Dancing Script, Museo, Smiley Monster, and de Louisville (just to name a few)! : ) Can’t wait to see more of this series!

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist

  4. Judy says

    Hi Mique, I am such a font junkie and have been starting to look at font managers beyond the “FontBook” that comes with the mac. Do you use a font manager? Have you got any feedback about any in particular?

    • Mique says

      Hey Judy- I just got a Mac for Christmas so I haven’t found an alternative yet. I’ll ask around and let you know what I find. Thanks for the comment!

    • Mique says

      Creampuff is lovely!! Bebas is my stand-by as well. And I LOVE Lost Type Co-op too. ;) Great minds think alike. Thanks for the comment Ms. Jenn! xo

    • Mique says

      Yep, I knew you love fonts. You are in the right business for that. ;) Lemon Chicken is a fun “whimsical” one.

    • Mique says

      Thanks for the comment Melinda. I bet your handwriting is cute. ;) Even if it isn’t, turn it into a font. It’s fun!

  5. says

    oh, i love fonts too. love them! as a graphic designer, i get to work with them quite often. a few of my favs are mrs. eaves, filosofia and helvetica. yes, helvetica. it’s such a simple font, but used the right way? can have so much impact! what’s the font you used on your page tabs up top/title of your posts? i love it!

    • Mique says

      Thanks for the comment Becca! And for sharing your favorites. I agree- Helvetica is a classic. The font on my page tabs/titles is Ostrich Sans. Enjoy!

  6. says

    I love looking at your blog! It is fantastic! I cant believe how cute your handwriting is and that it is a font! That is way to cool! Thanks for sharing!

    • Mique says

      Thanks Kelsey! You are too sweet. It’s just my signature. But I have a plain font signature that I’ll share next time. Have a great day! xo

  7. Maria Perez says

    how did you get your own handwriting to print out like that? Or is it just personally written on?

    • Mique says

      Hi Maria- it’s just my signature. ;) But my plain handwriting is a font. I’ll be sharing that next time. Thanks!