Linky Party- Shaking Things Up!

About a month ago, I threw caution to the wind and changed things up with my linky party and had you link up your About Me pages.  And ya know what? It was so. much. fun!   I loved getting to know more about you.
With the new year I decided that my Pity Party is going to become something different.  It’s been over two years since I started it and it just feels like it’s time.

I’ve been doing some blog soul searching lately about how, why and where this little blog of mine is going.  One thing I’m missing is Y O U.  I kinda sorta feel like I’m creating, posting and then hearing crickets.  And I really want to hear more from you.  While I’m flattered that you are clicking over here to visit and hanging out, I’d love it even more if you said hi and gave me the opportunity to get to know you.

In the survey from my End of the Year Recap the other day (thank you for those of you that filled it out!), there was a large number of people that clicked on wanting more personal posts.  Thank you for that.  I want to share more of my life with you and hope you will do the same with me.

With that….. from here on out my Pity Party will be more about connecting and networking.
I still want to feature you…. but I think it could be done better. 
Pity Party- Link Up your Pinterest Account

SO— here’s my plan:  each Friday I will have you link up specific items.  Today I want you to link up your PINTEREST accounts.  One week I’ll have you link up your favorite post ever, another your Instagram account, and another something personal, etc.   I will also ask that you leave a comment sharing another person with me.

To recap, the rules:
First put your Pinterest account in the linky.  This is what I’d put: And then leave a comment for one or more of your very favorite people you follow on Pinterest.  Two of my  favorites that I would leave in the comments and

Link up your Pinterest Account
If you just link for the page views normally, (which is fine, I get it), this might be where you exit stage left.  (I will miss you!)  But if you want to get to know other amazing people and maybe learn some new things along the way…..then join in on the fun.  I’d love to get back to the blogging olden days when I knew everyone who was visiting.  And if I didn’t, you better believe I wanted to know where they came from and more about them.  Have you seen this post from Theta Mom- Bring Blogging Back?  My sentiments exactly.

Edited to add:  After hitting publish, I realized that it’s a little ironic to be asking for people to link up Pinterest accounts.  I think Pinterest has a lot to do with interaction being way down in general.  But– it’s still another way to connect.  And I actually think you can get to know things about people from their Pinterest boards- likes, interests, etc.  So link it up and have fun visiting the other accounts.  Hopefully you’ll be inspired and find some new friends!

I’m open to ideas and suggestions.  Let me know why you link up, what you like, what you’d prefer, etc.  Let’s figure this out together, shall we?

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