3 Ingredient Frozen Peppermint Pie

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I’m not really a mint kind of girl.  Until the fall hits and peppermint ice cream is on the shelves.  And then I go weak in the knees and eat it all I can the whole season long.  Yum. Yum. YUM!
We’re back with another amazing Blog Hop. We’ve got lots of treats to share with you as well as some darling peppermint inspired crafts!  So  pin the collage below, check out my Frozen Peppermint Pie and then go see all of the other fabulous projects created by some of my blogger friends too.

3 Ingredient Frozen Peppermint Pie www.thirtyhandmadedays.com



To further my love of peppermint ice cream… I adapted an old recipe I have for Mint Chocolate Chip Pie (hmmm…haven’t posted that one yet… guess I better do that) to make this super duper simple recipe.  Recipe is sort of a strong word for this.  It’s like mixing a few things together.  But those are my favorite kind of “recipes” so let’s just go with it…

Delicious 3 Ingredient Frozen Peppermint Pie www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

Isn’t she pretty?  Mmmmm……

3 Ingredient Frozen Peppermint Pie
  • 2 pre-made Oreo cookie pie crust
  • 1 8 oz. container Cool Whip (whipped cream)
  • 1 (1.5 quart) container Peppermint Ice Cream
  • Crushed candy canes to top (optional)
  1. Soften ice cream until easy to mix with cool whip.
  2. Spread into cookie pie crust.
  3. Freeze for several hours.
  4. Top with crushed candy canes or crumbled oreos or chocolate sauce.
You could make an oreo cookie pie crust very easily with butter and crushed oreos.  But they are inexpensive and so easy to pick up at the store.  This recipe will make 2 pies but you could use a 9×13 pan instead (with making your own oreo cookie crust).  The world is your oyster.  And this is a suuuuuper simple dessert for entertaining.  I mean easy as 1-2-3.

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  1. Scott says

    Alright, so lets look at this here… 2 pre-made oreo cookie pie crusts, purchasing in the US or canada would bring your total ingredient list up to about 20 or more, not 3… have you ever even read the package of an oreo pie crust or did you just assume that it grew out of a plant in a pie tin all ready for you to cook with?

  2. CarolAnn Sanderson says

    This is an amazing deser all I would add is either shaved dark chocolate or bark chocklate ganasche. As a garnish.

  3. Penny Blumenthal says

    WOW! This is making me salivate. I turn into Peppermint Patty in December. Here is my question…Should I use a half – gallon container of icecream and should it be served frozen?

    • says

      Hi Penny- it’s yummy! And sooo easy. I just updated the recipe to reflect that I used 1.5 quart peppermint ice cream. And yes, it needs to be frozen. It would be a big pile of mush otherwise. ;) Hope that helps!

  4. Jori says

    This looks like the perfect dessert to bring to my mom’s! Yummy! How big is your container of ice cream?