Organize Your Back to School Routine

Getting a routine for getting back to school is a necessary evil! On the one hand, you want to be organized, on the other hand it means it’s time to get back into that routine. I secretly LOVE getting school started mostly for the routine – I really DO miss my kids. But, for me, having a routine makes me happier and makes me feel like we’re accomplishing so much more! I challenge you to start thinking about that before-school routine a week or two before school starts! Trust me, it will make the first week of school much easier!

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Sweet Orange Bundt Cake

Hello everyone! I’m Emma and I blog over at Crafting{E}. Let me start out by saying that I am NOT a cake person. To be completely honest I would rather have a lot go things instead of cake. However, this delicious bundt cake is definitely one of the exceptions. Where I live, it gets SUPER hot in the summer (think 115 degrees) and because of this I CRAVE refreshing things in the summer.

Delicious Sweet Orange Bundt Cake from CraftingE via

This bundt cake is delicious, refreshing, and pretty easy to make. The cake itself is extremely moist has a great orange flavor. I seriously would take the cake by itself (without the frosting).  The cake is JUST that good! [Read More…]