How to make intentional connections with your kids

I’m excited to introduce Monica from for Funner in the Summer today.  It’s a little bit of a departure from normal but I absolutely love everything Monica writes.   She has fantastic parenting advice that I really admire.  So sit back and take in all the goodness…

Funner the Summer - a series from

Is it just me or does summer fly by faster every year?

And (maybe it’s just me, but–) here’s how it seems to go:

I dive into summer full of great expectations and enthusiasm. I have to-do lists, and field trips and activities lined up for the kids. And I admit, I want it all: some productive days, plenty of FUN, and those lazy summer days with no agenda. I imagine a few clean closets, some fresh color on my skin, and a bit of quality time with each of my kids.

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