ABC Wall Tutorial from the Letter 4

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Wow, am I really here on 30 Handmade Days?! I’m a bit star struck, I have been obsessed with Mique ever since I came into the blogging world.
So thank you so much Mique for having me here today!
I’m Jamie from The Letter 4. I run a blog with my amazingly talented sisters whom I adore. We all have different talents and strengths, so I’m not exaggerating when I say that there is a little bit of everything on our blog. I am a stay at home mommy to my cute, spunky little 9 month old who has been spoiled beyond belief since the day of her birth. I wanted something special up on her wall and have been seeing a lot of alphabet walls online.
Have you seen the trend of the abc wall? Genius! But 26 letters?! Are you kidding me? Sounds incredibly daunting to come up with 26 different ways to display a letter. But then I got some inspiration…
My insanely creative cousin, Michelle, gave me this adorable “S” canvas. (My daughters name is Sabrina.) So cute right? And I thought, hey I already have the S, now I just need 25 more letters! So my alphabet wall was born! At least in thought. Although this is an easy and cheap way to get an alphabet up on the wall, it is not for the faint of heart. This thing took me 3 months to get up on the wall. Granted I have been very busy, but to me it was completely worth the wait.
This entire project cost me under $10 dollars! (Although, I was not the one who made the canvas S so yours will cost just a bit more.) All you need is: an old book (maybe a copy of your kiddo’s favorite book?) Mod Podge Several choices of colored paper (for the letters) Tacky glue
Card board or poster board Box cutter
How I made it:
What I did first created a sketch of how I wanted all the letters to fit around the main letter “S”.

Then I cut out a bunch of square pieces from cardboard. You could use a diplay board too, but I had PLENTY of card board on hand.

Then I layed out all my cardboard on the floor. I trimmed some of the pieces till it all fit into a shape that I liked.

Next I wrote the letter on the back of each piece of cardboard. Just so it doesn’t get confusing there are a lot of letters.
Cut out your letters to correspond with each cardboard square. I know it’s a crafter sin to not own a cricut or a sillouhuete, but I don’t have one and I was still able to do this project the old fashion way…by hand. Takes alot longer yes but completely possible for those of you who don’t have one available!
Next, completely cover your squares with book pages. Make sure that the paper hangs off far enough that will cover all the edges too.

Next, fold the paper over and glue to the back. Make sure not to cover your letter you wrote on the back!

Then, after thats all dry, add the corresponding letter to the front with mod podge.  and then cover the whole thing in mod podge again!
(*note: I only used maybe a 3 quarters of the mod podge for this entire project! Less is more trust me on this one.)
Now! When you have all your letters done take some take tacky glue…
and apply liberally to the back of the board.
and begin the alphabet wall by refering to your photo from before!
And walla! You have successfully created THE ENTIRE ALPHABET! At this point give your self a pat on the back, take some photos, share with others, and then take a break! You will need one!

What I love about the wall is that the S pops. And not just cause it’s a cute swirly hot pink S with sparkles on it. It pops out while the others are flat to the wall.

My daughter loves it! She loves looking at it and especially loves the S. She’s big on waving right now so every time she wakes up from a nap we wave to the S while we say “S for Sabrina.” This kid will probably have no trouble learning the first letter of her name. :) Thanks again Mique for letting me take over your blog for the day! I can’t wait to attend your Queen Bee Market here in Salt Lake City! -Jamie


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    Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you writing this post and also the rest of the website is really good.

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    Oh man, she is so cute. I miss her and i want to eat her up! And that alphabet wall turned out SO CUTE! I need to do it! It may have taken a long time but it actually looks very fun. One of those therapeutic kind of crafts. I loved how you put “Walla” when you were done…like Voila except like for the cute WALL. Haha. I love you and miss your face. You are so creative. -xoxo Jade