Knitty Bitties 2012 Sewing Round-Up & Survey


Happy 2013 30days readers! 2012 was such a fun year for me here at Thirty Handmade Days! When I looked back at the year I had forgotten several of the fun tutorials I had written for ya'll ... and if I forgot, well I thought just maybe a few of you forgot {or never saw them the first time} too. So, I'm going to do a quick round up of my posts to refresh your memory and respark … [Read more...]

Hot Chocolate Station


Happy Holidays 30days readers!! I hope that each of you are up to your ears in frosting, wrapping and merriment. I wanted to share a little corner of our kitchen today that is bringing a whole lot of warm delight to our winter evenings ... our hot chocolate bar/station.    Now, I am NOT the first person to think of this. Just one quick search in Pinterest and … [Read more...]

Handmade Holiday Round-Up


Did you guys realize that today marks TWO MONTHS until Christmas?!? Crazy, right? Well cover your eyes and put your head in the sand if you want to ... but, if you have any inklings of making this year a handmade holiday, you're going to need to get going. I put together a list of handmade ideas that I've made {or plan on making} for gifts ... to help inspire you! … [Read more...]

Modern Quilting for the Home


Hi guys!  I recently {as in last week, tee-hee} hosted a blog collaboration with a wonderful group of 'sewing/quilting' bloggers.  You can read the full details of the collaboration here, but I'll sum it up by saying it was a creative challenge to work with a small amount of supplies and create a project with a modern twist using a classic pattern ... FOR THE HOME.   The … [Read more...]

Basic Baby Quilt Tutorial


Here's a quilt that is as simple as sewing a straight line. That's right ... no intricate piecing or quilting, just lots and lots of straight lines. This is a wonderful beginner project and a great way to get practice while actually sewing something wonderful!I didn't invent this style of quilting and the idea of sewing a bunch of strips together is nothing new either. It … [Read more...]