10 Best Apps for Blogging on the Go


As our lives become increasingly more mobile & fast paced sometimes blogging can seem to be harder & harder to keep up. While I am a big advocate of some unplugged time & usually take my unplugged time when I'm out doing errands or school drop offs, I do have times that I have to do things from my phone. These apps are the ones I use the most to enhance my … [Read more...]

Photo SEO


Hi there 30 Day-ers! It's Kristi, from CreativeKristi.com and I'm excited to be back sharing some bloggy tips with you all! Today's topic is something I do automatically because I edit every one of my photos in photoshop but I realize that some of you may just use a watermark plugin to add your watermark (or may not do anything at all besides just upload the photo to the post) … [Read more...]

Google Plus….what’s the fuss?


Hi 30dayers! It's Kristi, from Creative Kristi, back to talk blogging tips and tricks! This month I'm talking about Google Plus. Are you on it? Have you tried it? Never heard of it? I'll be the first to admit that when Google + first rolled out I joined...saw nothing & promptly stopped using it. Then about 4 months ago I thought I'd start at least posting my new posts on … [Read more...]

HTML Tutorial: Cheat Sheet For Bloggers


As bloggers we usually worry more about the projects we're posting & the SEO to go along with it right? We don't usually think too much about how to make a word bold or italic--I mean there are buttons for those right? Well what about when you want to create a cute sidebar widget area? HTML should be used since it's better for search engines and overall design. Plus … [Read more...]

Creating a ‘Pin-able’ Image For Your Posts (Pinterest)


Hello 30 Day-ers! I'm back again! This time I'd like to talk about how to create a pin-able image for your posts. This is also how you can create any graphic (think Header, buttons, social media icons, etc) for your blog. The steps are basically the same but in different sizes. So let's say you created an amazing project that you want to write a post about and you'd love for … [Read more...]