Hair Tutorial: Low Chignon with Poof

big low chignon

Hello again, 30 Days readers! It's so lovely to be here again, and around the holidays! I am sure that everyone is getting in the holiday spirit and enjoying all the posts about Christmas ideas & recipes -- oh my gosh, the wealth of information that's out there! Well, it would be silly for me to try to pretend I'm good at any of those things - so I'm gonna stick to what I … [Read more...]

How to Makeup Tips: Bold Lips

bold lip color choices

Hello 30 Days Readers! It's Natalia from Ma Nouvelle Mode and I am back with another beauty post for you today. Now seeing that the holidays are just around the corner (like next week around the corner!) I wanted to share a makeup tip that would be perfect for that family holiday dinner or company party: bold lips! Here is a cute little video I made of the … [Read more...]

Boho Chic Ponytail

boho ponytail 550

Heeeeeelllllo everyone!  I love being the beauty contributor here at Thirty Handmade Days, it is so fun to add a few tips and tutorials to help women feel fabulous in very easy, realistic ways. Someone must have noticed because recently I was put up for a campaign to be Proctor & Gamble's beauty and style expert! It's a contest that ends later today, so if you'd like to … [Read more...]

Big Side Braid Two Ways

big braid

Hi 30 Days readers!   Remember me?  I know, I know, it's been a while.  It looks like summer got the best of me with camping, vacations, and all around craziness that I just haven't had time to post over here!   But I am back today with a easy, cute tutorial.  Here it is: Big side Braid with Side bun It's very easy and perfect for this hot weather we've been having.  Or … [Read more...]

Bronzed Beauty

concealer foundation

Hi Thirty Days readers! I'm back today with a fun summer makeup tutorial.  Last time I was here, I gave you a few ideas for no heat curls, which is so perfect for summer since no one really wants to blow dry their hair in 90 degree heat!  Today have a fun summer makeup tutorial.  Every one wants to look like they've spent hours in the sun without actually having the effects of … [Read more...]