How to paint upholstery

How to paint upholstery by Salty Bison via

This is Mique jumping in really quickly to say THANK YOU so much to the fabulous Devenie and Shawna from Salty Bison. They have contributed their amazing DIY ideas for over a year. This is their last post here on 30days (for the time being anyway- I might be able to convince them to share their awesomeness every once in awhile). Show them some love in the comments! Thank you … [Read more...]

Faux Subway Tile Tutorial

Faux Subway Tile Tutorial from Salty Bison via

I've been drooling over a couple laundry rooms I've pinned on Pinterest lately. Basically because ours looks like a set from Dirty Jobs. It's in our basement and has hardly any natural light, little to no shelving and little piles of allusive stuff that we must not be able to live without. It makes doing laundry less appealing than it already is. So the one thing I … [Read more...]

Easy Front Door Halloween Decor

Easy front door Halloween decor from Salty Bison via

My stock of Halloween decor has dwindled in the past few years with some moves we've had and my occasional need to purge our "stuff". So when I saw this chevron burlap I thought it would be a good chance to make something fresh for our front door during Halloween. I bought 2 1/2 yards and cut it down the middle to make two curtain panels. Using a stable gun I attached them … [Read more...]

DIY 50th Wedding Anniversary Party from Salty Bison

Oversized 50 using foam core- awesome party idea!

This past weekend my siblings and I threw a party celebrating our parents 50th wedding anniversary! Between the efforts of us all and the magical land of Pinterest we were able to make it happen. First my brother set up the base structures for us in my parents orchard, (i.e. tables, chairs, backdrops, lights) so we could then go in and fluff it up a bit with some … [Read more...]

Etch A Sketch Picture Frame And Free Printable


This is the story of a sad little Etch A Sketch that was left on the shelf of the thrift store just because one of it's dials was broken. Along came the DIY fairy and turned that frown upside down... Etch A Sketch Picture Frame Tutorial 1.) Take the knobs off by pulling straight up. 2.) Using a flat head screwdriver pry the front cover off. (It will take some … [Read more...]