Puzzle Piece Rice Crispy Treats- Autism Awareness Month

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A few weeks ago I mentioned to Callye of Sweet Sugarbelle that I wanted to do some something for autism awareness month.  She had the fabulous idea to make autism inspired rice crispy treats!  Is she clever or what? (YES!!!!!)  That girl will do anything to use a cookie cutter. Have you seen her collection? ;)

Most of you know that I am an autism momma. I know that there is more exposure on autism now than ever. But I want you to know that there are real faces behind that big word.  There are stories of  struggles and triumphs with long journeys.  With the rate now 1 in 110 children you will be hearing about it even more.  Promise. Please help me and Callye do just a little more for autism awareness.  Thank you!  On to the crafty goodness……

These are the  rainbow rice crispy treats for St. Patrick’s Day.
Here’s what I did this time:

I ordered some supplies from Sweet Baking & Candy Supply:
puzzle piece cookie cutter, food coloring & a cookie scoop (for later :))
I LOVE what arrived in my mailbox!

I made the rice crispy treats like I did for the rainbow ones
only used different colors- the colors from the autism puzzle symbol.
After I made the treats, I used the puzzle piece cookie cutter from Sweet
to turn them into puzzle rice crispy treats

Warning: concentrated food coloring = concentrated mouth coloring.
My #1 taste tester didn’t seem to mind one bit:

You didn’t think I’d stop there did you?  Nope.
I made some printable labels.  You get some 2″ labels and print these.
Or you could get full label sheets too.  Or you could use cardstock.
I wanted to make them accessible to everyone.
So I made Autism Speaks labels and Love you to pieces labels.

I printed larger ones on a full sheet of label paper and used a scallop punch to make them even cuter. :)

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You can download individual circles too-
Autism Speaks 3″ circle and  Love You to Pieces 3″ circle
Here are Callye’s amazing creations:

And in a cute cookie jar.  Good news- she’s giving them away!!

Thanks to cute Callye for being such a great supportive friend!
And to all my family and friends who have been on this autism journey
with my family- we most definitely could not do it without you! xoxo

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  1. Rachelle says

    Thank you! These are cute ideas! Iam teaching my daughter’s class about autism this week and now I have the perfect treat!

  2. Genelle Grant says

    Love Love Love the

    I love you to pieces cookies….could I ask where u got that little cutter from…I have 2 boys on the spectrum and would love to make something silimar for this year

  3. Marguerite Hill says

    I just discovered Callye and her awesome skills! Mique you are such a beautiful girl and amazing mother. But hopefully before then too. So glad CE was a success- you might be seeing me in UT next year!

  4. says

    I found you on The 36th Avenue today. Your rice krispy treats are awesome – the printables too! I am also an autism mom of 2 kids on the spectrum. I would love for you to stop by my blog and read about our family’s adventures. :0)

  5. Kay says

    Autism is caused by chemical poisoning from vaccinations and food colouring among other things.
    Ischemia is the medical term for bleeding in the brain. Check out Dr. Moulden’s research


    Damage can be reversed with dietary and homeopathic protocols involving a complete detoxification and avoidance of chemicals. Many practitioners are competent to advise
    on natural health interventions in this regard if you are prepared to give up allopathic medicine and pharmaceuticals and apply dedication to completely changing your lifestyle.

    My personal experience has involved reversing Tourettes Syndrome.

  6. Redheaded Step Child says

    I LOVE these! I’m also a Mom to a child with special needs. These treats are FANTASTIC! I’m going to do a feature on your post RIGHT NOW!!!

  7. says

    thanks so much to you and Callye for these great ideas! This and other “autism momma” posts have really helped me to understand more about Autism, and I appreciate it so much! I ordered the mini puzzle cutter and plan on making the colorful little puzzle cookies to take along when my family joins up with my sweet friend Holly and her family for the Autism Society of Central Virginia 5K Run/Walk in May. We’ll have “love you to pieces” goody bags for everyone on our team!

  8. SewTara says

    Those are awesome, I teach a Special Education class and we do something for Autism awareness every year at our school. I’m going to get all set up for this next year! Thanks for sharing.

  9. says

    Oh these puzzle piece cripsy treats make me smile! WIth the labels!!! I have a son with sensory processing disorder, who (according to our psychologist) “has one foot on the spectrum.” I started blogging with a sensory blog about our son. Then I added a craft blog, which has been my escape from all the challenges, evals, therapies, meetings, etc. I’m sure you know! Thanks for sharing this wonderful project : )

  10. Lisa R says

    Hi Mique,
    Thanks for providing some cute ideas that won’t cost an arm and a leg. My 8 year old son is autistic and I’m going into his classroom to teach a lesson to the typical kids on sensory processing in a week or so. This is such an easy treat to send them home with, while spreading love, and awareness.

    • Mique says

      Lisa- FANTASTIC!!! What a great thing for you to do- to teach kids about sensory processing. One of the hardest things about autism is the stigma associated with it. The more teaching and awareness, the more acceptance and love. Glad my silly little printables will help you! xo

  11. says

    Well done – these are just too cute. As a fellow Autism mum, it’s so wonderful to see our kids cause being highlighted in such a positive manner!

  12. says

    Mique you are such a beautiful girl and amazing mother. I have a niece with autism and we’ve seen her family go through some struggles with her, but also felt the love for and from her. I will have to share these with my SIL. Anyway I so wish you could have been at CE. It was so much fun and I’m so glad I went (even though when I was driving over there I was nerv-ous and wishing I hadn’t). Don’t worry the nerves didn’t last long. We definitely need to meet up at one of these. I’m really hoping you’ll come to the Utah one next year! And I did meet your friend April at the very end, she seems so fun. Too bad we aren’t really all neighbors, I liked that concept.

    • Mique says

      Nancy you are so sweet. Wanna tell my kids that I’m an amazing mother? They don’t seem to think so!
      I didn’t realize that your niece has autism. Kids with autism radiate love- it’s magical. Gotta be to make up for the times that they cut iPhone cords into two or freak out over going the wrong direction. :) Special, special kiddos!
      So glad CE was a success- you might be seeing me in UT next year! But hopefully before then too. I wish you were my neighbor- you’re always up to something good and yummy! xo

  13. says

    Sending good wishes and energetic thoughts to you autism momma! I often see the saying ‘there’s a special place in heaven for mothers of boys’. I think there is an extra-special place in heaven for the mothers of children with autism. Keep up the good work….
    (and love the printable!!) I think I’m going to make some cookies today to send to my niece. She was diagnosed with autism last year. We love her to pieces….

    • Mique says

      Thank you Lizy- what a sweet comment!!
      I bet your niece and her family would LOVE that- I would feel so special if someone did that for us. ;)

    • Mique says

      I’m wondering at what point my kids will get sick of rice crispy treats? For now they are enjoying all the taste testing! Thanks for the comment Lindsay.