“Be Real” Canvas Giveaway

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Remember my favorite friend with a paintbrush? Kristi from Barn Owl Primitives?  She’s shared her subway art printables here over the last year.  She has also been generous in the giveaway department. 

Guess what?  Her art has been picked up by some very big stores. I just love when good things happen to deserving people.  This is the perfect example of someone working hard (painting, painting, painting and more painting)…that translated into something awesome.  Go Kristi go!  Read more about Kristi in her new “About” page on Etsy. You will love her. Promise.

BOP licensed several designs and Target picked one up! Kristi’s celebrating by giving one away to one of you! Her “Be Real” canvas can be found at Target’s across the US! How exciting is that??

To enter this giveaway, leave one comment letting me know your favorite word.
That’s it! No hoops to jump through.  Just a celebration in honor of Kristi!
I’ll pick a winner this Thursday, June 14th.

The winner was chosen & emailed.  Congrats Lana! Thanks for entering this giveaway everyone.

 This post is not affiliated or sponsored by Target.  I was not compensated in any way for this post. I just love Kristi and all Barn Owl Primitives products.  I am so happy for her success!


  1. Jen Harrison says

    “mom” b/c I wasn’t suppose to ever had kids and was blessed with twins! I almost lost them at 18 weeks, they were 2 mths early. Now they are healthy 7 year old girls :) so I will never tire of the word “mom”

  2. Jilynn Bradshaw says

    Hmmm… so many good words to choose from but I think for right now I will pick “simplify.” I could definitely do more of that right now!

  3. Casey A says

    My favorite word is compassionate… I’m studying for my nursing boards and I hope to pass and be that as a nurse! :)

  4. Courtney A says

    My favorite word is “adored”. It just makes me feel special every time I hear it.


  5. Annette Crain says

    Favorite word “Grandma”. It signifies so many wonderful things to me. When one of my grandkids says this word, I get all warm and fuzzy inside.
    I love this giveaway and all the beautiful subway art.
    Thanks so much!

  6. felicia says

    My favorite word is FAMILY. And have been a fan of BOP for a long time, so excited when good things happen to good people, especially when they are from my neck of the woods!

  7. says

    Wow, why is it that I find it so hard to claim any one of those words??
    Where is needy? uncertain? dark & twisty?

    I’ll go with humble, but only because humility is my word for the year and I am on a quest to exemplify that characteristic.
    I would love to win that print to remind myself that I am fearfully and wonderfully made in His image, and those qualities that HE possesses, he has given to me. I need to boldly claim his promises!

  8. Emilee DeCoteau says

    My favorite word is humble. I saw this piece of art in the latest thirty-one catalog (I am a consultant). I have been googling everywhere, trying to find it, because I want to completely redecorate my nine-year old daughter’s bedroom, with this being the focus. I absolutely love it, and every word is perfect for a nine-year old!

  9. kate says

    grace. best word ever.
    and {love} barn owl primitives. congrats for the expansion & exposure! i love knowing an artist before they’re ‘discovered’…i totally recognized the artwork at target!! very fun.

  10. Dawn@EventuallyCottage says

    My favorite word is definitely ~LOVE~! Although my favorite word on the canvas is ~Authentic~!!!

  11. Tania Welch says

    My favorite word is Lovely! I probably overuse it but it’s such a “lovely” word. Thank you and Kristi for such a lovely giveaway! :)

  12. Deana says

    Omg the word would be graceful – hands down! I wrote a post in Jan. explaining why I chose the word Grace to represent my new years resolutions. My one word for 2012 is Grace. To live more in gods grace. Also I applied for the woman’s Nike marathon for this fall and you had to choose one word to complete this sentence…. I run to be…I chose graceful. I run to be graceful. Ahhh love it! Anyway that’s my word.

  13. Kristin Bergholtz says

    My favorite word is dream. Have them, inspire them, live them, and make them come true.

  14. Kayla Lindholm says

    wow that is a hard choice….. favorite word: compassionate. Love BOP and all her wonderful work! This is so exciting for her!

  15. Lana says

    I love ALL the words! However; the word that stuck out the most to me was the word “authentic”.

  16. Karen C. says

    Love Barn Owl! My favorite word is sunshine – In fact, “You Are My Sunshine” is what I sing to my kids all the time.

  17. says

    Oh, I’d love to win this! I looked at my Target and they either didn’t have them or were sold out, probably sold out. ;) My favorite word is hot mess. Technically it’s two words but whatev. ;)

  18. Allison says

    My fave word: home. Home is where family is…where memories are made…brings me peace after a long day at work…it just describes so much.

  19. Monica says

    From this subway art….Vulnerable. If you are not vulnerable to what may come…and what may hurt…you will not receive any goodness meant for you. ♥

  20. Natalie Allen says

    Vulnerable…. We all feel it! It’s what stops us from progressing…. But if we push through the Vulnerability happiness and joy are always on the other side :)

  21. Peggy Grow says

    My favorite word is PEACE. I can’t do much about world peace, but I can control my inner peace.

  22. says

    HOW AWESOME!! Don’t enter me in the giveaway – jut wanted to comment and say this is so wonderful:) I’ve been loving that print for a long time. My hubby works for Target so I will buy it as soon as I see it:):)

  23. Ashley Baker says

    Imperfect. For a type-a, perfectionist like me this is something I have to constantly remind myself of! Love love love this canvas!!!

  24. Lisa says

    KINDNESS. P.S…So happy for barn owl primitives, I bought a sign of hers last year and I love love love it!

  25. says

    Yay! How awesome for her! My favorite word would have to be courageous. It is easy to get comfortable in life and our routine, it takes courage to push out of that comfort zone and be what we were intended to be!