It’s my Birthday= Giftaway Giveaway

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A week or so ago I got a surprise on my doorstep.  It was a package from Kristi and I wasn’t expecting it.  I tore open the box and this is what I found:

I am counting down to the Queen Bee Market
so that I can meet Kristi in real life finally! Can’t wait. 
Kristi is the one that sent me my favorite sign of all time.
I was sooooooooooo excited to open the mystery package.
Look what it was:

I promise you I literally jumped up and down when I tore that cute kraft paper off.  Somehow Kristi’s work is even better in person than in pictures.  I am so tempted to put it on my wall this instant. It’s taking all my willpower to wait until the day after Thanksgiving. Although I did start listening to Mindy’s Winter Moon album…so……maybe I should just hang it up already. ;)
Kristi has the most amazing signs in her shop.  She keeps adding more.  I told her that I would fill up every wall in my house with BOP signs. And I mean it…

Her cut off date for Christmas delivery is November 15th (not far away!)
so grab a sign now if you want it in time.
Because Kristi is the queen of generosity
(just don’t mess with her sour patch kids)…..
she is giving a $75 shop credit away.
To enter this giveaway, leave me one comment on this post. 
Anything you want.  Ideas:

  • Your favorite gift you’ve ever received.
  • Something high on your wishlist.
  • Which BOP sign you love most.
  • Why you keep coming back to 30days.

But just one comment please.  There will be a fun little twist at the end.  So make sure to come back on Monday, November 7th to see who won.
And pretty please go tell Kristi how amazing she is: Shop*Facebook*Twitter
Thanks for making my day extra special with this gift Kristi!


  1. says

    I’m loving the Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas sign…can’t wait for the holidays! Our twin boys are four this year and it is so much fun to hear them already talking about Christmas. :)

  2. says

    I love, love, LOVE Kristi and I’ve never even had any interaction with her! I’ve silently “watched” her (and I’m not a spooky creeper, I promise!), on Momastery recently and think she seems like such an amazing and generous personality. I’ve been in awe of her talent for awhile now, but even more than that is what a truly wonderful person she is! Thank you for the giveaway and Happy Birthday!

  3. Emily Nguyen says

    Hope it’s not too late! I usually don’t have anything on my wishlist for Christmas, but, this year, I really need a new camera. My old one won’t take pictures sometimes, and I’ve missed a lot of great shots of my three kids as a result. It’s driving me bonkers! Anyway, Happy Birthday!

  4. Jacqui says

    wow the choices! i love the family rules sign, the places you’ll go and of course that lovely one you just got!! happy birthday to you and something high on my wishlist this year is an ipad so that I can sit in front of the fire reading all my favourite blogs!!!

  5. sarah spitzer says

    i have been wanting the “we can do hard things” sign for so long, but i also am in love with your christmas one!!!

  6. gillian s says

    I just got my family rules sign from BOP and LOVE it! I would love to win so I can add to my collection! Love her signs!

  7. says

    My birthday is this week too!! Would love one of Kristi’s signs- they’re adorable and she lives near me! : )
    Favorite present was probably my Barbie Dream house, Christmas 1979. Still have it and my girls love it.

    Fingers crossed!

    (pink and green mama)

  8. Stacy says

    I think I could very well wallpaper my house with all these cute signs. I’ve starting taking down pictures so that I have room for more signs! Recently a friend was over and when came back from the kitchen I saw her walking down the hall just laughing. At first I couldn’t figure out what she was doing, but after a couple minutes I realized she was walking through my whole house reading each of my signs. Won’t she be surprised when the next time she’s over there are even more for her to check out! :-)

  9. Heidi Jones says

    I love the family rules signs! But I really want to win this gift certificate for my mom… BOP is at the top of her wish list as well as mine!

  10. Cindy says

    I love Kristi’s signs, they appear to be absolutely wonderful and can not wait to order one!

  11. Amanda B says

    I already put my Christmas tree up. This past weekend. Does that make me horrible? We will be out of town for Thanksgiving though, so I thought, why not… : )

  12. Marissa Pinon says

    Love this giveaway!! I keep coming back to your blog because I love your style and creativity!! You keep me inspiried :)!!

  13. Sarah says

    These signs are so fun! Can’t wait to order one (just have to decide which!) I’ll be sure to check back on Monday as well! :)

  14. Lisa C says

    My favorite BOP sign is the one for the child room….”you are the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside”

  15. Julia says

    Best presents are still the ones my son gets to open. Kids joy tops everything…
    even though those boots i got last year made my heart smile too..

  16. Michelle P. says

    Our favorite tradition is opening a gift Christmas eve at midnight :-) and maybe I’ll get a sign this year to open :-)

  17. says

    Something high on my wish list is a cameo! :)
    And i love all of her work!!
    And i keep coming back cause you have good stuff on here!!

    :) fingers crossed!!!

  18. Laurie says

    Happy Belated Birthday :)
    I have (and love and NEED) the We Can Do Hard Things sign. BUT there are several others on my Christmas list :)

  19. sarah mcguire says

    I’ve been drooling over BOP signs for a while now and I’m fan of them on Facebook. I would LOVE the playroom rules sign, or a “keep calm and carry sign” for my master bedroom. It would serve as the perfect reminder to start my day of wrestling 3 little kids (calmly)! Crossing my fingers and toes for this giveaway!

  20. Erin Musto says

    The best gift I have ever been given was an engraved heart bracelet with my future initials from my now husband… I love personalized gifts that remind us of the important whos, whats and wheres :)

  21. Molly says

    I hope it’s not too late! This is my first visit to 30 days. I wish I had been following it all along!

  22. Melissa says

    You are my Sunshine…my only sunshine….
    I’ve been eyeing this sign for so long! I want it…I NEED it!!

    I live in San Diego…so I will be going to the Queen Bee Market too!! I can’t wait to see the BOP signs in person!!

    • says

      hi melissa! i’ll be shopping at the Queen Bee Market, but my signs will be in Virginia! just too far to travel to do a show! maybe we’ll be able to meet there!! xo ~ kristi

  23. Jenelle says

    I love BOP signs. I don’t have one yet, but I’d love to! I love the family rules signs, though I’m not sure which is my favorite. Happy birthday and thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Jenny Martin says

    My fave Christmas gift was my dollhouse when I was a child….but now–it is just the smiles from my kids!

  25. cheryl says

    happy birthday to you and happy birthday to me!! Would love to win a sign…love all of them but I think the Christmas one is my top choice!! Hope I win!! :)

  26. Cammie says

    The best gift I have ever received is my sweet little Girl
    Something high on my wish list is a PINK KitchenAid Mixer and a Debt free life :)
    I Love the Oh the Places we will go….. sign
    I love all the great ideas that you share

  27. Sadie says

    Happy birthday! My favorite gifts are ones that my children have given to me. Homemade cards, ornaments and crafts.

  28. says

    Hmmmmmm, with Thanksgiving right around the corner I’m going to leave what I’m most thankful for this year…….
    my 3 wonderfully amazing and adorable boys! I thank God for them every moment of every day.

  29. Carly Kuster says

    I LOVE BOP and I LOVE your site. It has so many good ideas and info! Thanks for being awesome!

  30. says

    Before seeing this post I would have said BOP’s “You are my Sunshine” was my favorite … but your new ‘Red&Aqua Merry Little Christmas’ … swoon. I think it’s taken it’s place as #1.

    Such a lovely giveaway!! Thank you!!

  31. Whitney says

    Happy Birthday!!! I just love her signs – they are so beautiful! Regardless of whether I win or not, one of her signs are on my Chistmas wishlist! Let’s hope my husband gets the hint :)

  32. says

    All I want for Christmas is to adopt these four siblings I met through Foster Care. We are starting the process and hope to have them home with us soon. So that would not only be one of the best gifts ever, but the only thing on my wish list! ;)

  33. says

    My mom helped my daughter (22 months old) make me a birthday card a few weeks ago. Melted my heart! I love the gifts that give the recipient the tinglies :)

  34. Lindsey S. says

    I hope I’m not too late! I love that Christmas sign you received. I would LOVE to have it in my house!

  35. Melissa Bradley says

    I love the Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas sign! I was looking at it on Pinterest an i ended up here. I think its meant to be! :O)

  36. Dee says

    My favorite gifts to receive are thoughtfulness and kindness…… though 18k jewellery will do just fine

  37. Jenn D says

    Happy Birthday!

    I love the Christmas one and the You are My Sunshine… and the places you’ll Go… I could fill a house with these too :)

  38. says

    LOVE Barn Owl Primitive’s sign and adore that Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas sign, that’s probably what I would buy, but she has SO many adorable things it would be difficult to choose. I’d love to win though!

  39. Rebecca H says

    I love BOP! I have the perfect place for the “NEW Family Rules Sign – Family Rules Version III”!

  40. Erika W. says

    Happy Birthday! What a great giveaway and I love that top holiday sign! I would love to get an IPAD 2 for the holidays:p Thanks!

  41. says

    A kitchenaid stand mixer is at the top of my wishlist. I’m saving up to finally get one! I do too much baking to not own one.

  42. Beth says

    My favorite gift was my engagement ring to my wonderful husband and best friend! Something high on my wish list is def another child! My absolute favorite BOP sign is the family rules sign! I think they are very important rules to live by! Your blog is wonderful!

  43. says

    Best gift I ever got. Hmmm – not sure, but I just got some awesome moccasin slippers with rabbit fur to replace my 15 year old ones that were literally falling apart. I LOVE THEM!! They keep my toes so toasty during our brutal winters. :)

  44. Valerie Harston says

    Barn Owl primitives has some really neat stuff. I can tell you I love YOUR sign, I love Christmas! My most favorite gift was a picture of all my girls with their kids.

  45. Shanna Uptergrove says

    I LOVE the Playroom Rules :) My favorite gift I ever got was a diamond star necklace that unfortunately either got lost or stolen after 5 years :( Trying to convince the hubs to get me a new diamond necklace…. shanna.u at gmail dot com

  46. says

    I just found 30 Handmade Days via BOP. I am so glad I’m here, because I can tell already, I’m going to love it. I love so much of BOP’s work but what strikes me as really fun is the Alphabet one – maybe a custom sign with the Spanish alphabet? We’ll be raising our kiddos bilingual. Of course, the Family Rules and the Fruit of the Spirit, signs are also great. Happy Birthday! (íFeliz Cumpleaños!)

  47. Phyllis R. says

    Just found you through Barn Owl Primitives. Can’t wait to explore more and I definitely will be returning regularly! Would love to win a BOP credit for the family rules sign:)

  48. says

    First off Happy Birthday!!!! What an awesome surprise! Let’s see, how about I comment on the fact that my two year old (almost three) has basically potty trained herself and now after three kids and eight years of using diapers we are done!!!! How about that for a great gift??!! ;)

  49. Keely says

    Oh.My.Goodness. Cutest sign ever!!! I have admired BOP for a loooong time now. I have many *favorite* signs. On the top of my list? You are my Sunshine (I’d love to have this for my daughter’s room someday!) Another fav is the Family Rules sign. Love the Playroom rules sign too. I really could go on and on here! Let’s just say that if I happened to win a super exciting giveaway, I would not have trouble picking something out!

  50. Narah says

    I LOVE the sign “Oh the places you’ll go.” I’d put it in our office room as we have moved SOOOO many time and I look forward to where our kids will go as well!

  51. haley warr says

    Hi on my wishlist is love and happiness for all I love! I hate to see people hurting…love the signs kristi!

  52. says

    Oh my I’ve been pining over that same sign! I would die of happiness to have that sweet Christmas sign in my home! :)

  53. Jeanie Presnall says

    You have such a great page! You give such sweet comments. It makes me wish I was there!

  54. says

    Hmmm…. my favorite gift was a present from my mom that’s a handmade doilly framed spelling my married name and I LOVE IT!!!

  55. Mary says

    I’ll admit to you that I’ve secretly been listening to Christmas music for at LEAST the last couple of months! I just LOVE Christmas music! Now that Halloween is over, I feel like I can publicly listen to it! Christmas music is part of this whole Holiday Season that includes Thanksgiving. Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays!!!

  56. Lisa Leavitt says

    This is my favorite sign also! I’m so jealous :) I can’t wait to see all of her stuff at the QBM :) I love her etsy shop!!

    • says

      hi Lisa! i will be shopping the QBM, but I won’t be selling there!! I’ll be traveling from Virginia, so it’s just too hard to do a show that far from home! but there will be a great sign vendor there, 41 West Designs!!
      hopefully we’ll be able to meet!! xo ~ kristi

  57. Nicole Case says

    I just love BOP signs. I love the Oh the places you will go sign. My boys’ room has been decorated in Dr. Suess since my first born came 5 years ago. Love it!

  58. Caryn says

    I LOOOOVE the sign you received! The “have yourself a merry little christmas” sign is totally my favorite! I saw it a while ago from her site and fell in love :) I would love the credit to her shop so I can buy it!

  59. Jennifer Michaelis says

    Oh, how I love BOP, and through that Facebook page I discovered this blog … which I am loving! I am a crafter at heart and not too bad at it, but left it behind for a while. I’m recently back into crafting full-swing, and loving every second of every craft I make with (or for) my kids. I’m excited to poke around your blog and learn a thing or two! Thanks for the contest!

  60. Cara says

    Seriously! How can it already be the Christmas Season! I’m looking forward to my 19 month old playing in wrappers and ribbons!

  61. Benga quick says

    My favorite sign( so far) is one she made just for me……it reads, if you get give, if your learn teach. I love that she is soooooo accommodating! BOP ROCKS!!!!!

  62. Kathy says

    The Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas sign is darling! But I love all her signs! Happy Birthday!

  63. Wendy says

    I think I now have a new favorite BOP sign. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas sign!

  64. Melissa says

    The best gifts I have ever received are the birth of my children. Nothing could top that. The highest thing on my wishlist would be a real bed. I want a headboard and a footboard and hoping that when i hit my weight goal it will come true!
    The sign I like the best is…it is hard to choose as all of her items are great. The family signs are awesome!
    This is actually the first time that I have been here. Following you now and so excited to see what you have in store. :)

  65. says

    I think I enjoy giving away gifts more than recieving them… so I’d have to say my favorite was an Amy Butler quilt I made my sister who adores all things Amy Butler ;)

  66. says

    Happy Birthday!

    Tough to choose just one — I love ‘Oh the places you’ll go’ and ‘ we can do hard things’ (story of my life)

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  67. Glenda says

    This year, I received my favorite birthday present – my Grandmother’s silver face powder music box. When I was little, I would make excuses to go into her room to twist the crank 3 times so I could listen to the music and just look at it. I loved it. She passed away 11 years ago and my mother surprised me with it this year.

  68. Traci says

    My favorite gift I ever received is my engagement and wedding rings. I am honored and blessed to be married to the love of my life.

  69. says

    happy birthday!

    favorite gift i’ve ever received…a surprise quilt made for my husband and i as a wedding gift.

    all bop’s signs are fabulous! i’d choose “oh the places you’ll go” {dr. seuss}. love that book.

    you will be at the queen bee market with my s.i.l., lindsey {the pleated poppy}. fun! i hope to go sometime {need to save up big time first!}.

  70. Ashley M. says

    When i read this site and others like it, I feel as if i’ve curled up with a good book. I get inspired and I imagine. The best gift I’ve ever been given is my niece, Lydiah. She was born on my birthday, October 30th.

  71. Monica says

    I have been wanting the “you are my sunshine” sign forever! I’m on her custom list because I need it a little bit bigger! I love all of her things!

  72. Allison Brown says

    I love BOP’s Good Day Sunshine sign a lot; it’s so hard to choose just one though!

  73. Kayla says

    My favorite gift was my itouch. Something that I really want for Christmas this year is some scarves. I love the red have yourself a merry little Christmas sign it would look so cute in my house. I keep coming back because I love your posts and especially the pity partys I love how u have them set up!]]

  74. Donna Bowes says

    Happy Birthday!!!! Love the bingo card, favorite gift was a set of pearls my fiance got me having not idea they matched my mom’s, really want a new cameo and because I love your blog!!! Thanks BOP for the giveaway!

  75. Julie L. says

    My two daughters are my favorite gifts… They challenge me, make me laugh, and are a blessing every day.

  76. Carla G says

    I love the Laundry Room sign! :) Thanks for a chance to win this wonderful giveaway! :)

    Happy Birthday to you! Hope your day is awesome! :)

  77. Compulsive in Texas says

    The favorite gift I have ever received was for my 48th birthday (last week!). It was a Stash Co. handmade buffalo hide purse. It is beautiful and one of a kind. Thanks!

  78. says

    I keep coming back to 30 Days because the “material” and the blog is fresh. The look of the blog, the information presented, the link-ups, the topics…I just feel like I am going to find something new whenever I type in

    Oh, and of course, I’d like to win a BOP sign! It’s been on my list since before last Christmas :)

  79. Libby says

    I keep coming back here because of all the insane awesomeness. You are beyond creative without making me feel bad about myself :)

  80. Mary Sue Namowicz says

    Happy Belated Birthday. I love the Laundry room sign…cause laundry is loads of fun.

  81. Sommer says

    My favorite BOP sign is the Porch Rules. I think those should be mandatory rules for porch relaxing. :)
    All those signs are adorable, I love the sign you got too! It’s adorable. Happy Birthday!

  82. says

    Happy Birthday. I love BOP sign, just ordered my first one can’t wait to see it in person! Love the new Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas Sign, think that is a new fave…

  83. says

    I love all her signs but I would be so beyond excited to hang up the Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas! The colors are perfect. Lovely giveaway!

  84. says

    what an amazing giveaway! I lover her signs, too and have been coveting one for my own walls. I think my favorite is the “wash your hands” sign – but they’re all great!

  85. Nikki says

    MY favorite BOP sign is the one that my mom ordered for me for my 40th birthday. Family Rules, Mother Theresa.

  86. says

    I keep coming back to you because I’m on your RSS feed and I love the ideas and the way you write. I only wish I could do the stuff kristi does. I’m dying over the cuteness!

    Happy Birthday!

  87. says

    I keep coming back to you because I’m on your RSS feed and I love the ideas and the way you write. I only wish I could do the stuff kristi does. I’m dying over the cuteness!

  88. says

    I actually would love to have my mom here for Christmas. We’re working on that and try to find a good deal with the flights but from Italy it is very expensive. So…for Christmas I would lover her uder the tree? ;-)

  89. nathania @ attached to my heart says

    My husband just bought me the best sewing machine ever, I love it soooo much. a few days after he bought me a brand new 17.5 toshiba laptop….my other new faaaavorite gift!.
    I looooove your blog, they’res always something new, and old that I love coming to see. As for my favorite sign…I’ve always admired the You are my sunshine….just reminds me of my childhood! thanks for the amazing giveaway, and happy birthday to you!
    nathania.a at gmail dot com

  90. Tamalene Nelson says

    The best gift I ever got was the gift that was given to my son. My parents gave my son the cutest little Malteese puppy, but because I was a stay at home mom the dog attached herself to me more then my son. We named her Paxil. For those who don’t know Paxil is a drug, It is an antidepressant. I say she is my antidepressant. My happy pill! (and believe me she can be a pill but she is the best) LOL 14 yrs. later she is still making me happy.

    Great signs. I think I would choose You Are My Sunshine because I would call my daughter Sunshine all of the time. She is now 29 and has given me truly the best gift ever. A grandbaby. Love her. More Sunshine in my life.

  91. Michelle says

    My favorite gift was a proposal from my true love. That was 11 Christmas’s ago. Can’t beat that.

  92. jenw says

    i LOVE barn owl primitives. “we can do hard things” is my motto since i saw that sign and since my life got hard! but having such beautiful things around helps so much, that christmas sign is amazing and so cute!!!!

  93. Kate H says

    My favorite gift I have received was an engagement ring from my now husband. So unexpected, yet so perfect.

  94. Lydia says

    Happy birthday! High on my wishlist is a digital SLR camera. I also really like the alphabet sign or the “have yourself a merry little Christmas” sign you just received. :)

  95. Giana Devincenzi says

    It’s my birthday too! I am turning 35 tomorrow. I hope you had a super fun one and ate lots of chocolate cake! That’s my plan.

  96. Jessie Prince says

    Top on my wishlist this Christmas is a sewing machine! I have been wanting one for EVER! but I would totally go for a beautiful sign instead :)
    Happy happy birthday!


  97. Leann Lindeman says

    I love the signs from her shop!!! I have entered every giveaway I have seen to win something from there. I may have to break down and buy it if I can’t win it…. Lol.

  98. Tracy says

    Happy, happy Birthday Mique! I love following your blog because: You make Pity Parties fun, you introduce us to lots of talented chicas with great ideas to share, you share your own talents, and most importantly you keep it r.e.a.l. Thanks oodles!

  99. cynthia riley says

    I have purchased 4 signs from BOP. I love the Beach and Porch rules among all the others! Cindy

  100. Heather G. says

    Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday my sweet friend!! I hope your day has been as amazing as YOU are!!

    My favorite birthday gift ever was tickets to a George Michael concert (I told you “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” was my favorite song ever!)


  101. says

    Right now the things I really want for Christmas/Birthday are (since I can’t pick just one) :

    1.A desk, I have never had one and would love a place to paint & draw & study.

    2.The clear IKEA chair.
    I feel in love with this chair two years ago when I went to the IKEA in Utah. what a beautiful & comfortable chair!

    3.Some art work off of Maybe one (or two..{Or three} ) of these….
    *I like “Be Filled with Joy” from thewheatfield
    *”Old timey Biker Daredevil” from berkleyillustrations
    *”I love to see the temple” by lollieland

    4. The DIY Jared family tree from

    5.A new journal, mine is full.

    6. sharpies. because you can never have enough art supplies.

  102. Kasey Wardell says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you for the giveaway!! I Love SO many Barn Owl Primitives signs..So SO many! But I’m loving that Ice Hockey one! I don’t think I’ve seen that one before! SUPER CUTE!!!!

  103. says

    thank you! i love “we can do hard things” and “have yourself a merry little Christmas” because it reminds me of my fave Christmas album: the muppets Christmas!

  104. Kelly Koetje says

    My most favorite gift EVER is my son who is now 5 (almost 6). He was born 4 days after Christmas. Not quite a New Years baby!

  105. Jenn says

    I love these signs! I can picture the Christmas one on a wall right now!!! Move over old decorations!

  106. says

    I think the best gifts are the ones we don’t ask for or expect. Like hugs from my goddaughter. She always gives me un-prompted hugs and I love that about her. She’s a sweet, sweet soul.

  107. Laurie says

    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Mique! Happy Birthday to you!
    I love Barn Owl Primitives! I had a sign made for my daughter for her Bat Mitzxvah in April but now I want one for myself…maybe an early Hanukkah present!

  108. Cadi Phillips says

    i hope you have a truly magical birthday, you deserve it!!

    like you, i’m also finding my way as an autism mama, and i’m raising seven children. five of my own, and also my niece and nephew who have come into my legal custody through some family hardships.

    seven kids.

    so, what i’m saying is…i need a ‘rules’ sign. badly.

  109. Jessica Reurich says

    I love the Have yourself a Merry little Christmas sign in the colors you have!!! Absolutely Gorgeous!!!
    I would so love that for my home!

  110. says

    My favorite gift I’ve ever received would be my children! I have two wonderful daughters, so it’s actually two gifts but I can’t think of anything better!

  111. Jessica O says

    Happy Birthday! Awesome giveaway!
    If I had to pick just one BOP sign, I would say the
    Christmas sign you have(in red)!!

  112. says

    Something that is high on my wish list (especially this holiday season) would be for my husband to come home from his 15 month deployment to Afghanistan! Our 3 year anniversary is January 5th and I would give anything to finally spend our anniversary together since we’re so frequently apart!

  113. says

    First off, Happy Birthday!
    My favorite Christmas present was when I was five. My parents gave me the swim team, or rather the opportunity to swim on the local YMCA swim team. When I graduated high school, my coach made a point of telling the entire audience at our banquet that he will forever remember me as the girl who got the swim team for Christmas. :)

  114. Cynthia Dondrea says

    WOW! This is awesome! this was the first time I visited and I am hooked, I can see gifts for many friends on this site! Happy Birthday!!!

  115. Nicki Waits says

    I LOVE the “oh the places you’ll go” sign! My mom gave me that book when I graduated from high school. She had all my friends and family sign/write messages throughout the book. It’s one of the best gifts she’s given me.

    Happy birthday!

  116. says

    I have to have a sign from BOP. Im obsessed. Please, please! I say put the decor up, its only the season for like a month, do it up big!

  117. Jennifer M. says

    My favorite Barn Owl Primitive sign is the Front Porch Rules!
    And Happy Birthday to you!

  118. Ammie Barbee says

    Happy birthday! I love Christmas and all of the planning of surprises that it entails. I love the BOP family rules signs!

  119. Danzel says

    What a lovely giveaway! I’ve been wanting one of the family rules signs myself, in brown or grey. I just haven’t decided which one!

  120. Karen says

    Just saw this link from BOP. Another great site! I am enjoying looking it over.

    I have ordered a sign from BOP (fruits of the spirit) and I am thinking of ordering one for Christmas. But I need to decide soon!

  121. Amy Clayburn says

    What a fun surprise to receive in the mail! I love all her signs, but especially the “opportunity” sign. Love your blog – Happy Birthday!

  122. Brittany B. says

    Something high on my wish list is a bright colored arm chair for the family room.. What I like to call a cheery chair. :-)

  123. Bethany Cayton says

    Happy Birthday! My favorite birthday gift would have to be when I turned 16 and my grandmother let me pick through her coveted, antique silk lined jewelry box and let me pick anything I wanted. It became a tradition, and every year until she died, I would get a piece of her jewelry, and man did she have a lot. I wear a piece of her jewelry nearly every day, and I love knowing I’m carrying a piece of her with me. Blessings.

  124. Natalie Rose says

    I REALLY want “Oh the Places You’ll Go”…one of my favorite all time books. Would love to have that inspiration hanging on my wall…of course, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” comes in a very close second.

  125. mariellen says

    The best Xmas gift I ever got was my engagement ring….a few days before the actual holiday. Love BOP!!

  126. Kimberly says

    Love that I’ve found you and Barn owl Primitives. I love your birthday gift as Christmas is my fav holiday to decorate. I know I could find a place to hang one of Barn Owl Primitives. Thanks, Kim

  127. says

    I just love the Be Wholehearted sign at BOP. The bunting, the words, the color- love all of it.

    And at the top of my wish list right now is a date night with my hubby. Coming in right behind that is a trip to the repair shop for my sewing machine so I can get back at it.

  128. Megan Hunter says

    Oh! I LOVE that Merry Little Christmas sign you posted. I would DIE to have that in my house too. :) I love coming to 30 Days because I LOVE YOU!! and I’m always inspired with ideas. Happy Birthday my dear friend!!!!

  129. Nina Patricia says

    My favorite gift was a makeup palette my Hubs got me. It was special because he took the time to listen to what I like (way before Christmas) and get me the right one. A man shopping for makeup? Yeah, that was really special and he surprised me.

  130. April says

    Love this! Hope I get to hang one on my wall! My favorite Christmas gift would have to be my UGGs. Yes, I know, nothing sentimental but I’ve had them for 2 years now and look forward to the cold weather approaching so I can get them out and wear them again!

  131. says

    That Christmas sign is adorable! I want one! I am wishing right now for a peaceful, rainy, chilly evening with my little ones (please keep them from fighting tonight) and a crochet session. Thank you so much, and Happy Birthday!

  132. CARLA says

    high on my wishlist – this beautiful bracelet made by a local LBC artist that has an inscription on it about love and how it makes you strong. :)
    carla :)
    mspomona97 at gmail dot com

  133. Ina Muller says

    I found your site through Tatertots & Jello – and I’m so glad I did! I can’t pick my favorite BOP sign – there’s so many great ones! But for starters: Wash your hands and say your prayers… and Strength of My Love… and You Are My Sunshine… Okay, I think that’s enough for now :) Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift! And Happy Birthday!!!

  134. says

    I love ALL of BOP signs!! I would love to make a “Cabin Rules” sign for my parents for so generously allowing my boys and I to go up to the mountains and stay in their cabin. It has become a place of family bonding and my boys look forward every year to go to the cabin, have snowball fights, play boardgames, cards, hike with grandpa and enjoy nature. I am so happy to be able to give my children these precious childhood memories and this sign would be one small way to give back to my parents! Thanks so much for the chance to win one!! xo, Reannah

  135. says

    I’m kind of a quote unquote…stalker of Kristi’s and enter every giveaway I can find of hers! I bought one of her signs for my mom last mother’s day and fell IN LOVE. Now, until I can afford another, I’m hoping that I win one! Especially this Christmas one…it’s so pretty!

  136. Michelle says

    My favorite gift has to be my husband and children. I can’t think of anything that I am more grateful for. I would love the “oh the places you’ll go” sign….such an inspirational quote for anyone at any age!

  137. Edie S says

    I love the “eat dessert first” sign. It would go with my “cake fixes everything” sign. :)

  138. says

    My favorite gift I’ve ever gotten was the Nativity set from Willow Tree which my Mom and husband collaboratively bought for me. It’s simple, pretty, and I send loving thoughts out to them each year when I open the boxes to display them at Christmas.

  139. Mindy says

    I love the “oh, the places you’ll go” sign! Such a great book too. Lovin’ Dr. Seuss :)

  140. mary says

    My fave is the You Are My sunshine sign, but I really love the one you got in the mail as well. I just discovered your site recently but really like it. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  141. stacey kadlacsik says

    My favorite Christmas sign that I own is “wise men still seek him…” I like to keep it up all year :0)

  142. lorene holbrook says

    my fav all time gift was a strand of pearls and pearl bracelet. we were packing for a trip and my hubby kept putting his socks on the bed very close to the pillows. I kept putting them in the suitcase. I kept packing. when I looked again there were his socks again. I picked them up and under them was a package! I opened it and the most beautiful strand of pearls. I started swealing, kids came running in. I told them what happen and our youngest daughter checked under the other pillow. Another package! oh my! a pearl bracelet! that was 25 years ago. hubby still does surprises for me. but this one was the very best!


  143. says

    *fav gift: hubs surprised me with a Kitchenaide mixer a couple of years ago and I was blown away. It’s really never in the budget to buy gifts for one another and I handle the finances for the most part, so I was abundantly blessed to see him pull a fast one on me with major planning and fore thought.

    *wishing & hoping: eventually I would love to replace my sewing machine and get a DSLR to grow my business and help the hubs with some of the financial burdens he carries for our family.

    *fav BOP: really Mique, just one? I’m with you….really love the simple profound msg of We Do Hard Things. So rad. I’m also digging the You Are My Sunshine piece. I sang this many a time to my babes and my son (12!) still requests it…I think he would actually appreciate it in his room. Ha!

    *30 days: one of the first blogs to visit…I love your creative out of the box knack for making life fun and pretty. And, I’m a HUGE fan of the love you share for Jess…it’s kinda awesome and a joy to ‘see’. Plus I {heart} you mucho, mucho! XO

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

  144. Lora Hernandez says

    Happy Birthday! I’m new to your site and looking through it all! I love it! I would have to say my favorite gift was for no reason in particular! It was a surprise overnight trip to San Francisco with/from my husband without the kids! It was an amazing time! It even included a Colbie Caliet concert! Amazing! My fingers are crossed!

  145. says

    Happy Birthday! Praying it’s a wonderful one full of blessings and smiles :)

    I think the best gift I ever got was the year my twin sister & I got our first American Girl dolls. My mom went all out with the outfits, the accessories, the furniture – it was amazing. I still have all of it and hope that my little girl (who will be here in 2 or 3 weeks) will get to enjoy it all as much as I did!

  146. Anne Marie says

    How exciting – I love your blog because you are the kind of person I wished lived next door to me – you are real and genuine – a person I feel comfortable with even though I have never met you!!

  147. Emily Simmons says

    I want a family rules sign so, so bad!!! Thinking of adding it to my Christmas list this year!!

  148. Maria says

    Happy Birthday! I really love the “Oh the places you’ll go” sign. That’s one of my son’s favorite Dr. Seuss books. It would look great in his room.

  149. Elfi Melo says

    This is actually the first time that I visit your blog. I love all things handmade, so you just got a FB “like” from me :).
    Besides my baby, the favorite gift that I have received was the whole collection of my favorite book. It was an unexpected gift because sometimes you are not sure when your friends are listening to what you are saying when you are talking about your likes. This friend did.
    All the signs are BEAUTIFUL. Loveall the Christmas signs, but my favorite one is Strength of My Love Word….

  150. Michelle Broddrick says

    I love all of the signs but especially love the porch rules one. I have share this with all of my friends and hope to purchase some soon!

  151. says

    My favorite gift I’ve ever received is a cookbook that my mom put together for me comprised of my grandmother’s most famous recipes. The most meaningful gift ever. :-)

  152. tracy says

    love Kristi’s signs!!! i have just recently gotten one myself!! love the new Merry Christmas one, above!

    happy DAY to you!!!!

  153. Lori says

    Happy Birthday!
    Love the signs – love her cute little sticker with the owl. :) I think the little Christmas is my favorite.

  154. Theresa says

    Happy Birthday! Love your blog! TONS of great ideas!!

    Love the sign you received from Kristi! What a great gift!

    Have a great day!

  155. Kristi Miller says

    The best (and my favorite) gift I’ve ever received– an airline ticket & credit card to use and to visit Greece for two weeks after i graduated with my Masters degree! It was amazing!!!!!

  156. says

    Oh my gosh i am so excited for Christmas! It is seriously taking every ounce of my willpower to wait to decorate as well. I am counting down the days :) That sign is just gorgeous!

    Happy Birthday!!!

  157. says

    Tops on my wishlist is a safe, healthy, family filled holiday.
    I L-O-V-E the sign you got, that exact one.
    I would jump up and down too!!!!
    Off to look at more and like ;)

    (yes, I was yelling)

  158. Colleen says

    Hi, I am new here and I am enjoying reading your blog. I like so many of BOP’s signs but I think I the You Are My Sunshine. I sang that song probably thousands of times to my kids and I think it would make a perfect baby shower gift.

  159. says

    * Your favorite gift you’ve ever received.
    * Something high on your wishlist.
    * Which BOP sign you love most.
    * Why you keep coming back to 30days.

    growing up i remember getting my red bike! a memory i willnever forget.
    and maybe a warm vacation
    on my wishlist this year is canvas prints.
    i love the family rules sign
    i love blogs were i can do and get so many fun ideas. my to do list and want to make list is a bit long though and you are not helping with that all!!!
    thanks for the fun giveaway!

  160. says

    I love Barn Owl Primitives! I have wanted one of her Family Rules signs for the longest time!
    How sweet of her to surprise you with the Christmas sign. I love it, and I say you go ahead and hang that thing up! :)

  161. says

    Sounds like such a fun giveaway! I absolutely love the Merry little Christmas sign! Hope you have had a wonderful birthday!!! :)

  162. says

    High on my christmas wishlist is a silhouette! Which I doubt I’ll get – but I dream :)
    This is my 1st visit here – but I’m going to follow now! I love the new family rules sign!

  163. Melissa says

    This is my FIRST time on your site and I am already in LOVE!!! Kristy’s work is beautiful…And I too LOVE sour patch kids!!! I look forward to following your blog from now on…Thank you for all your hard work..

  164. Kaleigh Reyes says

    My favorite gift I’ve ever received was a custom-made Paloma’s Nest ring bowl for my wedding. It reminds me of my special day, and is a constant reminder of what awesome talent there is in this world.

  165. says

    I’m loving the same merry christmas sign you got:) My all time favorite Christmas gift our adoption of our first son we waited 5 years for a baby and he was born 5 days before christmas :) Best EVER!!! Love your blog!

  166. Heather says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I LOVE love LOVE the Christmas signs. One of my favorite gifts was ornaments from my grandma’s collection given to me the Christmas after she passed. She was my world so to have something of hers I have such fond memories of looking at each year, was simply the best.

  167. Stephanie says

    Happy Birthday!
    I totally thought that my favorite BOP sign would be your Merry Little Christmas one, UNTIL I saw
    the Strength of My Love one! It is beautiful and perfect!


  168. Carla Robbins says

    Would love one of the new Cameo’s! I would like to make signs of saying my Grandmothers always said!

  169. Holly C. says

    My favorite gift was my sister surprising me with a visit the day before Christmas…with her entire family. Such a surprise! Time with family and friends is the best!

  170. jenn foster says

    My favorite gift every Christmas is just being with my husband and kids. They make the holidays so special and happy.
    something on my wish list is a cricut! Oh the things I could do!
    My favorite BOP sign is…..ALL of them! How could I not possible have them all!
    I keep coming back to 30days because it’s addicting! I would be crazy not to have it bookmarked!

  171. Rebecca Garner says

    I am loving these wooden sign lately and have seen them everywhere!!!
    Kristi, you are very talented and I would love the Bingo board sign, I use Bingo cards
    at baby showers I host, in scrapbooking, anything I can find a use for, I will use them!!!!
    Thanks for sharing your great creativeness!!!

  172. says

    My favourite present I have ever received is a giant dragon… we had our twins 10 weeks early and were in the hospital for 7… I lived there with them virtually the whole time… we came home and then it was go go go and unexpected expenses so 2 months after my birthday my husband came home with this giant dragon I loved from a local bookstore – it is made out of parachute material and absolutely adorable. He wanted to give me something special for me AND something I could use with the kids… and I have… 5 kids in all now and all of them have been photographed with that dragon and it lives in our bedroom to lean against and read a good book with.

    Happy Birthday!

  173. Jessica Woolley says

    My favorite gift ever was when my father took my college acceptance letter out of the mailbox (without anyone knowing) and gave it to me as my Christmas present! What a great gift and the fact that he kept it a secret for a whole month from the entire family made for a lot of memories.

  174. says

    My favorite gift I have ever received: Last Christmas Eve I came home from work to find a note on the door which was my first clue on a scavenger hunt. After driving around town for 2 hours, stopping for clues along the way, I ended up back home with my hubby on one knee, in front of our Christmas tree :) I would love to say the ring was the best gift I have ever received but the look on his face after I said yes was the best feeling and present in the world! I know its not a physical gift but it has topped anything else I have ever received in my life!

  175. Angie C says

    Awww it’s my Birthday too!! Maybe next year I”ll think of something to give away?! I guess since I have a 10 m/o daughter right now that’s a semi-decent excuse for having nothing worth giving away. ;) Thanks for the chance- and I like the merry little Christmas sign too!!

  176. Becky says

    Happy Birthday to you! What a generous giveaway. I have someone special in mind for a wonderful Christmas gift if I won. I love the “Oh the Places you’ll go” <3

  177. Naomi says

    Happy Birthday!!!
    I want a Joanne’s gift certificate…or Home depot for Christmas. Love to do it myself. All the signs are amazing!

  178. Suzie H says

    Happy Birthday, Mique! I love your blog. I love making return visits because I always find something new and unique that I just have to try to make! Thanks for such a fun giveaway on your special day!

  179. Elisabeth says

    I completely disrespected the Turkey yesterday and listened to Christmas music while driving a peppermint mocha. It was fantastic! Glad I’m not the only one! Also, the Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas sign? Awesome!!

  180. MaryBeth says

    Happiest birthday to you! I keep coming back to your blog to check out all the fun stuff…I wanna be you when I grow up. And I love checking out your sweet sister’s site too. Maybe I can be your much older and waaaay less talented sister…maybe??? Great giveaway – hope I win!

  181. says

    My most favoritest gift I’ve ever received was my son :D {enter awwwwwwwwwww effect here} ! Thanks for hosting such a fun giveaway — I love when entries are a little more abstract & fun rather then the standard entry options.

    Love ya!

    Pamela @

  182. says

    I love the sign like yours in green with a white background. What a talented girl and to be generous on top of that is awesome.

  183. Katie Mccarthy says

    My favorite present of all time is a scrapbook a friend gave to me of all our adventures together. She gave it to me 16 years ago! It has pictures, our favorite quotes and a whole page of “inside” jokes that only the two of us understand. To this day it is the sweetest most thoughtful gift anyone has ever given to me. :)

  184. says

    On our very first Christmas as a married couple, my husband gave me a pearl ring which matched the necklace that my parents gave me for my high school graduation and which I wore on our wedding. It was such a sweet and thoughtful gift.

  185. Amber D says

    My favorite gift was a new SLR camera that I received for Christmas two years ago. I’ve taken thousands of pictures since then! I love the time I spend with my family, just taking pictures.

  186. Carrie H says

    I love the Have yourself a Merry little Christmas and you know what my heart sounds like from the inside signs. I will have a really hard time choosing if I win!!

  187. Tammy Smith says

    I am so jealous! Everything is just so wonderfully cute! How could you ever pick just one!!!!

  188. says

    I’m such a fan of BOP & 30days! I swear I find a new favorite sign every time I stop by the shop. My newest fav is the Have Yourself A Merry little Christmas with the green font BUT I still am dying for the You Are My Sunshine w.Bunting. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mique!

  189. says

    Happy Birthday!
    My favorite gift is probably the diamond necklace my significant other bought me last year. The one thing I would love (besides a new sewing machine) is a ring to match.

  190. Charlotte says

    HAppy Birthday Mique! It is my son’s 16th birthday! I love the sign, Oh, the places you’ll go”. One of my daughter’s teacher/coach gave her this book for HS graduation and it is so meaningful.

  191. Gena in Texas says

    Happy Birthday Mique! Love the Christmas sign but also love the Family Rules for all year long. Thanks so much for the chance!

  192. Leslie F. says

    Happy Birthday Mique! What a great present from BOP! The top of my wish list this year is just to see the excitement of Christmas in my little boys eyes (he’ll be 15 mos. then). I can’t wait to share the holiday season with him!

  193. Emily Larmore says

    Happy Birthday!!

    I love BOP signs- family rules and play room rules are my favorite for sure :)

  194. says

    I LOVE BOP!! Her “beach rules” sign actually IS on my wishlist. :) I have entered every giveaway of hers I could get my hands on, but I’ve yet to win. This would make the BEST Christmas present! :)

  195. Kristin says

    I keep coming back because someday my health will allow me to take on creative projects again and you keep me motivated and encouraged! Thank you. :-)

  196. Lisa Mac says

    Happy birthday Mique! I love your blog and all of BOP’s great handmade signs. I love her Christmas signs. Blessings for your birthday!

  197. Nicole says

    I have been redoing my girls playroom and the house rules sign or playroom sign would go perfectly in there.

  198. Vicki Miller says

    Happy Birthday to you!
    My favorite birthday gift to date were a pair of cowgirl boots. Authentic real cowgirl boots.
    On my wish list would be something from Allora Handmade! I’ve been admiring her shop for months.
    My favorite sign is “Mom’s Diner”. I am a SAHM to a 6 yr old and 3 yr old twins. I told my husband the other day I feel like the kitchen never closes. Ha!
    I love your blog for lots of reasons, but one of them is the fact that I am not crafty. At. All. I like to live vicariously thru all of you crafty bloggers. I also appreciate your stories and your honesty!

    I hope you are richly blessed over the next 365 days until your next birthday!

    xoxo, Vicki

  199. Lisa R says

    It’s the sign you’ve been wanting :) The reason I keep coming back is because you are real and offer so many great projects to make me feel like a great Mom in a minimal amount of time. It also helps that we both have kids with ASD. Happy birthday. May you feel Jesus near all year!

  200. Michelle Nelson says

    I love the sign BOP sent you! My favorite gift ever received would have to be one of the sweetest ones my husband gave me. One year for my brithday (Which is in December) he got me a bike. He had it delivered while we were gone so it was a surprise and he was so proud of himself because he just knew I had never been given a bike for my birthday befrore and you know he was right!!

    Happy Birthday, Enjoy your new sign!!

  201. kathy ward says

    i think the best gift i “ever” got came after waiting 9 months! it was a beautiful baby girl – her name is breezy – and then this year, i probably got one of my favorite gifts from that breezy girl, who is now 21, she gave me an ipod shuffle loaded with my favorite music! she included with that gift a tape thingy to connect to it so i could use it in my car tape deck, since i have a work horse car, not equipped with a new fangled plug in thingy most new cars have! i’m thankful for your giveaway, because this morning in particular, it was really good for me to state a great gift i got, i.e., what i’m thankful for! i love all your signs, but i do love the above, “oh the places you will go” – love dr. seuss. thanks for the inspiration!

  202. says

    I love all of her work. I’ve been a fan on Facebook for a while. Some of my favorites are the Family Rules signs, the beach signs, and the Christmas signs. I really just love them all!

    My favorite gift I ever received — well, there’s a lot. Not so much presents, but blessings. I’m cancer free, and I have an awesome husband, 2 wonderful kids, and 5 wonderful grands. Life is good!

  203. says

    The best thing I ever received for Christmas was the stomach flu – because I am pretty sure that is what got things moving for my sweet daughter to be born on the 28th. :)

  204. Robin says

    Happy Birthday Kristi!
    I would have to say our favorite gift to us was our son. He was a true miracle from God, send to us before my mother passed away from Cancer 6 months later. A gift high on my wishlist this year is to spend Christmas with my whole family. We haven’t spend a Christmas together as a family since everyone has moved on in life with their new families and moved to different states.
    The BOP Sign I love the most is Oh, the place you’ll go. I tell me my son everyday that it’s a new day and you never know what God will bring today.
    I love your projects!

  205. says

    I NEED the “Oh the places you will go sign”. Moving into a new house in a month and the kids play room is going to be themed in vintage maps, globes etc. That would go perfectly!!! Love your stuff BOP!!!!

  206. Christine Bruso says

    so love that I found you on facebook and that I found barn owl primitives because of you…enjoy your birthday…..and thanks for giving me the gift of finding barn owl primitives… “family rules”

  207. Liz says

    I keep coming back to your site, because I love connecting with other people who create!

    Your Christmas sign would be perfect with all my other vintage Christmas flair….Oh, I can’t wait to set up my silver tree!! :)

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

  208. Nikki says

    One of my favorite gifts I ever got was the christmas tree skirt my mom made me for my first christmas once I got married. I loved our family tree skirt we had growing up as a kid b/c she had made it, so she made me my own to have for my family.

  209. Jenni says

    Well I thought that my Christmas decorations were complete but now I feel like I really must have that have yourself a merry little Christmas sign. Thanks for the chance to win.

  210. says

    Happy Birthday Girl! I would have to say my favorite present of all time would have to be my engagement ring. My husband asked me to marry him on Christmas morning 6 years ago. Greatest gift and one of the greatest moments of my life!

  211. joni says

    Happy Birthday! I love all of her subway art signs. I think subway art is my new favorite thing. Everything is so much better to read like that. if only my daughters handouts from school came that way, i might actually read them! LOL

  212. Monica Kelley says

    A day at the Shore Beach is my favorite sign, its a great reminder of Summer during the horrible winter months I get up here in CT!!

  213. Elise Kacal says

    I would absolutely L-O-V-E the “Oh the places you’ll go” sign for my daughter’s playroom. Love love love it!

  214. Autumn Flora says

    I love the Family Rules product from BOP!!! I also love this Merry Christmas sign, very much.. :-)))

  215. Ferne Emery says

    -The best gift I ever received is a scarf that my late grandmother made for me.
    -Something high on my wishlist is for my entire family to be able to spend Christmas with us in our new home.
    -I love the “Jesus and Germs” sign the most. It would be awesome in my bathroom.
    -I’m new to 30 days, but I love handmade, home and garden and idea sharing! :)

  216. Lara S says

    Love, love, love! It’s adorable in a chic elegant way!
    Happy Birthday!!

    I keep coming back because the ideas are awesome & done by ‘real’ people so they help me feel like I can make some of them too! Your writing & comments make you seem more like a friend than an impersonal blog writer.

  217. chesney ivey says

    Wow I adore this sign I found your link all the way through pinterest! what an awesome contest! I am in love with the merry little christmas sign!

  218. says

    The best Christmas gift I got was last year from my fiance. I had been baking all my life and had finally gotten the guts up to start up a business. For my gift, he had all kinds of kitchen dish towels, oven mitts and an apron embroidered with my new bakery’s logo. Love that kind of amazing support!! I’m a lucky gal! …Hope I’m lucky enough to win a credit for that Merry Little Christmas sign, too! :)

  219. Shannon says

    I adore the Christmas sign you received! Kristi is super talented. Hope you have the happiest of birthday’s!

  220. Jennifer Boyce says

    My favorite Christmas gift has got to be the dollhouse my aunt painstakingly made for my sister and me when we were about 6 & 8. It was huge and filled with all sorts of handmade furniture, food and accessories. I get a happy feeling each time I think of it :o)

  221. says

    Awesome!!! My fav is the Merry little Christmas one you got!!! I have her A true love story never ends so I would love to add that one!!

  222. Blanca says

    I love her “you are my sunshine” sign. I keep coming to your blog because you seem so friendly and happy. I met you briefly at the QBM in May and you seemed the same as you are on your blog: friendly. I felt bad for even trying to talk to you because I knew you were very busy.

    For Christmas I’m hoping for Mindy’s new cd and a new camera. I’m also hoping my hubby gives me a nice shopping spree at the QBM! ;)

    Thank you so much and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  223. Chrissy says

    I love the Christmas sign!!! It’s gorgeaous! I proimise to jump up & down if I get this too!! (:

  224. says

    i am deeply in love with the “oh the places you’ll go” sign. i adore it on so many levels and have the perfect spot on my home for it! that is HIGH on my wish list :)

  225. Ann Clifton says

    Love everything about BOP-enjoy following you and her. :) my wish this year is for my mom to have total healing from cancer/recovery.

  226. Derek says

    I really like all her signs. The Christmas one is nice, too. For Christmas I’m just hoping for lots of time with my children. Thank you.

  227. Sara G. says

    Well 1, I am currently listening to my Christmas playlist on Spotify…and 2, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve been dropping hints like a mutha to my husband that I would like a Cricut machine for Christmas (I’ve even told him, I didn’t have to have anything else!) ;)

  228. says

    Happy Birthday to you!

    I fell in love with the thumbnail of that sign before I even read your post this morning – it’s perfect!! I’ll cross my fingers. But if I don’t win… I think I’ll order one anyway. ;)

  229. Kim says

    Happy Birthday to you! My birthday is next week. Your Christmas sign is one of my faves. I am so looking forward to getting my house decorated this year.

  230. says

    Happy Birthday! :0)

    My best Christmas gift ever was a fence for the back yard. My entire family got together to give it to us. It made it possible for our kids to actually play outside…hooray!!

  231. Kate says

    My favorite BOP sign is the one that says ” We can do hard things”. It speaks volumes to me and reminds me of all the hard things that our family has gone through by the grace of God.

  232. Brandie says

    Happy birthday Mique, hope you have a great day! I LOVE BOP signs. I am in love with so many of her peices but I think the Be Wholehearted and Little Darling are my favorites!!

  233. Vicki Brown says

    Happy Birthday to you! Every once in a while you come across a blog that just grabs your attention. This happened to me when I found yours! Always something new and fresh that keeps me coming back! My favorite Christmas presents are the ones that my kids made with their pictures as ornaments! I still hang them even tho they are grown. They still get a kick out of seeing them each year! My favorite BOP sign is the “You are my sunshine”! My mom would play this on her piano and my family would stand around and sing it! Not saying it was always in tune, but, we loved to sing while she played. Have a wonderful birthday and enjoy!

  234. Kim Bernhardt says

    I have to say my 3 year old comming home with a drawing from preschool where she wrote “MOM” on it! It melted my heart!

  235. Heather dela Cruz says

    Happy birthday!!! I love your blog. Simple ideas, down to earth, creative… love it!

  236. Marie says

    My favourtie gift is two fold! This yr my hubby and kids bought me a 24-70mm lens (LOVE LOVE) which was awesome and ridiculous at the same time!! AND for our wedding my new brother in laws bought me a Kitchenaid mixer…the BIG one!! It gets used SO much, and was a fantastic gift!

  237. says

    It’s so hard to choose I totally love the Christmas ones she has but am feeling the need for the playroom rules as I have three boys and latley they have been driving this momma crazy with their fighting. Boys! Love her work and hope you had a Happy Birthday!

  238. says

    first of all, happy happy happy birthday my sweet friend!
    you are awesome and amazing and i’m so so so glad i get to squish you every once in a while!

    secondly, that sign.
    i gasped.
    out loud.
    i need to meet this kristi girl. ;)

  239. says

    It must be a good day for having a birthday–it’s my birthday, too! I love LOVE the We Can Do Hard Things sign and have just put that at the top of my birthday wish list.

  240. says

    Happy Happy Birthday this song is very short! : )
    I love your blog! Great pictures, posts aren’t to long. I love all things handmade!
    BOP-I have to agree, I love the Christmas sign!

  241. says

    I just love that sign. I am a sucker for the oldies, especially Christmas music like Bing Crosby! Now I want to go put some Christmas music on! :)

  242. Amber Furry says

    Let’s see my favorite gift I ever received watching my daughter opener her presents last year as a one year old. Something on my wish list this year is just to have a home where I can start to decorate my own walls. If I had to pick my favorite BOP sign there are two choices 1) I love the Jesus and germs one, it would be so cute in a bathroom. 2) This one is personal for me is the “Sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy…” This means a lot to me because when I was in labor with my daughter I sang this song to myself during my contractions….I thought it was in my head but apparently it was out loud my hubby told me.

    Happy Birthday! And the reason why I keep coming back is I love your projects and the layout of the page is very soothing to me. Are styles are a lot alike and I love it!

  243. says

    Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! I hope it is an absolutely fabulous one ;o) The BOP Christmas sigh you received is icing on the cake. Maybe I can have one of my own if the cards fall my way!

  244. says

    wow. I’m off to have a look.

    Birthday wishes to you – may your eyes sparkle and the grins be a-plenty.

    I couldn’t choose a favourite BOP sign… but I’m umming between the ‘rules’ ones

  245. says

    Did you know we have the same birthday? I’m just saying… maybe we can have the same birthday present, too? ;)

    Happy Birthday, Mique!