Bucket of Sunshine with Printable Gift Tags

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Hello Thirty Handmade Days readers. It’s Emma from Crafting{E} again. One of my church leaders underwent major surgery this week and needed a little cheering up. I kept trying to come up with a little something to give to her to show her that I’m thinking  about her. I ended up creating this fun and bright “bucket of sunshine” withe printable gift tags for her.

Bucket of Sunshine with Printable Gift Tags by Crafting E for Thirty Handmade Days

It was actually quite the challenge to find just yellow things! I decided to just throw a couple things in a metal bucket from the Target dollar section. To top it off I designed fun tags and cards that coordinated with the bucket. The links for those files are at the end of this post!

Bucket of Sunshine with Printable Gift Tags by Crafting E for www.thirtyhandmadedays.com

Here’s what’s in it: Lemon EOS (I might be a little obsessed with those:), Juicy fruit gum , yellow nail polish.

Bucket of Sunshine with Printable Gift Tags by Crafting E via Thirty Handmade Days


  • Container to put everything in (I used a tin pail from the Target $ section)
  • Shredded/crinkle paper
  • Lemon EOS
  •  Juicy Fruit gum
  • Yellow nail polish
  • Twine (for attaching the tag)
  • Coordinating cards and tag


  • Fill your pail with crinkle paper.
  • Print out the tags and cards and cut them out.
  • Place EOS, nail polish, and gum into the pail
  • After card/s are written on place them in the pail as well
  • Punch a hole in the upper left hand corner of the tag and tie it onto the pail using bakers twine
  • Make someone’s day!

bucket of sunshine


Sunshine Printables


  1. Karen says

    love this! Doing this for one of my kid’s teacher that just had a double mastectomy. Is that a tea towel under the bucket? Do you give that with it too?

    • Karen says

      Sorry, another question, I’m confused as to why you would put several of the same card in the bucket?

      • says

        Hi Karen!
        I didn’t give the towel, I just used it as a little prop for the pictures. However that could be a really great thing to put in the bucket! Also for my gift, I had several girls write notes for it. They each got there own little card so that’s why I had more than one of them. Hope that helps!