Craft Book Review: Sewing School


It’s been a long time since my last craft book review.  But I recently received Sewing School to review and happily passed it to my nine year old daughter.  She loooooved it and can’t wait to get busy making every.single.project.  The great things about this book: Bright and colorful- love the overall layout of this book and that it’s spiral bound. A lot of hand stitching, so those without a [Read More…]

Craft Book Review 6

This time around the library was good to me. ;)All of the books that I’ve recently checked out have been winners. 200 Sewing Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets:An Indispensable Compendium of TechnicalKnow-How and Troubleshooting Tips Don’t let the long name fool ya, there are really great, usable tips in this book. I love the look and feel of it. There are several things in there that I went, “hmmm I [Read More…]

Craft Book Review 5

I had something fun to share today but my plans came to a screeching halt when I got a phone call from my son’s school saying he had just thrown up on the playground. :( He’s laying next to me watching tv and getting some rest.Since I couldn’t share my idea, I thought I’d give my 2 cents about craft books that I’ve recently checked out. Thank heavens for the [Read More…]

Craft Book Review: 4

I’m back on the library bandwagon- borrowing craft books left and right. I wanted to share my take on my recent check outs. Some were returned really quickly. Others I had to be forced to part with.I think with craft books my first criteria is whether or not it has new ideas and makes me want to get crafting. First the bad news: Hip Handbags by Valerie Van Arsdale ShraderI [Read More…]

Crafter Gift Guide: my favorite sewing book edition

With the holidays fast approaching, I decided to start a gift guide series. With each post I will offer my humble crafting opinion (not an expert one I might add). This edition is dedicated to my favorite sewing books. There are SO many but these top my list: The Sewing Bible by Ruth SingerI LOVE this book. Awesome.Perfect for a new sewer ora master seamstress for reference.A must have. Sew [Read More…]

Craft Book Review 3

Still loving my local library and the crafty books I have checked out from there. Sewing in No Time:59 Step by Step Weekend Projects Made Easy by Emma Hardy was a recent borrow. I have to say- I love the projects in this book. There are bathroom to-do’s, bedroom projects, gifts and more. The fabrics are adorable. And really, it’s true, they are weekend projects made easy. I also love [Read More…]

Book Review 2

Recently the library has become my friend. Did you know you can check out books for free? I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before but it’s perfect for someone with craft ADD like me- check out some books, test ‘em out and then purchase them if I can’t live without. With our library, I can check everything out at home, online and then just go pick it [Read More…]

So Darn Cute

I have a confession. On top of all the craft addiction I currently have, I have another addiction (besides Dr. Pepper and fashion reality tv shows)- books. No, not books you read. Books to look at. And magazines. I LOVE crafty books. Books written by bloggers I love.So one new feature here on 30days is going to be my Book Nook. Books to help you along in your craft addiction.To [Read More…]