To Whom It May Concern…..

DownEast Swim

Congrats to #135- Amy!! I will get in touch with you. Dear DownEast Basics, I love you.You have cute, fun, affordable, modest clothing and accessories.  You never disappoint.  I look forward to your catalog arriving in my mailbox.  I love searching the shop online.  I’m excited that you teamed up with Modbe for your swim lines.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to review your amazing products. Can’t wait to [Read More…]

DownEast Basics Review and Giveaway


Congrats to Amy #156! Thanks for entering everyone. xoxo I’ve had the opportunity to work with DownEast Basics several times in the past. I feel fortunate to post about a clothing company that I love. DownEast’s clothes are comfortable, cute and very affordable. I always look forward to getting their catalog in the mail. If only Angie were around to take fabulous pictures. For now, this one where Josh is [Read More…]

Guess what time it is?

#38- Becca – winner, winner, winner! Yep. DownEast Basics review time. Woo hoo! Hopefully you’re not tired of me talking about DownEast. By now you know that I love their cute dresses, swear by their camis and tees and everything in between. Not only are they adorable but soooo affordable. This time I got the Two to Tango dress: Again, it fits well and is flattering to a curvy body [Read More…]

Get Your DownEast Basics On!

My go to clothing site- DownEast Basics – is hosting a little friendly competition. Andrea, DownEast’s designer, is putting a call out to anyone to “get your DownEast Basics on!”She loves to see people wearing DownEast (of course!) and often times designs future styles based on customers feedback. She is asking you to send a photo of yourself, wearing your favorite clothing and accessories from DownEast.But this time, there’s an [Read More…]

You know the drill…

This giveaway is now closed. It’s been a bit since I got to post about DownEast Basics. Anyone who has read 30days for awhile knows my love of DownEast. My one and only gripe is that I don’t have a store locally (but hoping that will change soon!). So for now, shopping online it is. Have you checked it out lately?Here are some of my favorites in the new arrival [Read More…]

A letter to whom it concerns

This giveaway is now closed.Go shopping at DownEast! Dear DownEast, I love you.You have cute, fun, affordable, modest clothing and accessories. Your 28 day style guide is dreamy. All the new stuff? Adorable. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to review your amazing products. I love the Heart Throb Short and Oceanfront Dress that I was able to review this time. Can’t wait to see what you come up with [Read More…]

Grown Up Wish List

This giveaway is now closed. Remember just a bit ago when I hosted a giveaway for DownEast Basics? It was so much fun and I am still enjoying the products I reviewed. I’m sure my local friends would attest that I wear my jacket almost daily. I love it! Well, DownEast graciously sent me 2 products to review again. Apparently I didn’t learn my lesson last time and asked my [Read More…]

One for me, one for you…..

**This giveaway is now closed.** A couple of years ago one of my friends told me that I needed to find a DownEast store while I was visiting in Utah. While in college, I had gone to DownEast Outfitters but was unaware of their new(er) clothing line. I found the shop and was an immediate fan. Great basics, fun skirts and dresses, and all super affordable as well as modest. [Read More…]