Valentines Floral Craft

Valentines floral craft

Hi friends! Michelle here from I DO invitations by michelle with a fun and easy Valentines themed craft. Perfect for everyday decor, parties or in my case – a fun photography session! What you need: Large Mason Jar – (I spray painted using Rust Oleum’s Gloss Apple Red) Glittery Foam Heart Stickers (Target dollar aisle) One bunch of fake roses (Hobby Lobby 50% off ) Heart Picks, etc. (Hobby Lobby [Read More...]

Perfect Valentines Tween Idea: You Rock My Socks Off!

You Rock My Socks Valentine!

Valentine’s day is ONE month away! With three kids in different stages, I try to tailor little treats to each of them. (sometimes) This idea would be perfect for my almost eleven year old daughter:  “You rock my socks off Valentine!” I was at Michaels when they were clearancing out some socks so I got them for a good deal.  I’ve bought some cute socks at Target too.  Just grab [Read More...]

Reclaimed Wood Valentine Sign

DIY Reclaimed Wood Valentine Sign

When we took our Christmas tree down and put away all the decorations we were left with bare spots all over the house. And to make things worse all the goodies are gone except for the teeth breaking peanut brittle that no one will touch. Thank goodness for Valentines day! It comes at a perfect time of year to help restock on chocolate and make those bare spots in our home look rad [Read More...]

Valentines Gift Idea: Root Beer Float Kit + Printable

Valentines Root Beer Float Kit and Printable

Love is in the air! And it’s time to start sharing some new Valentines day ideas.   You may have noticed from my Valentine’s day category, that I love making things for Gooey Hearts Day (Rolie Polie Olie anyone?).  This year is no different.  First up is a gift for your love, a friend, neighbor, teacher….anyone really.  A root beer float kit. It’s pretty straight forward.  Just grab a few easy [Read More...]

Collection of 30days Valentine’s day Projects

It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s day is just a couple of days away! Have you made the school treats? What about something for your significant other?  With so many ideas this year, I made a collection: It’s been so fun reading comments on these posts. I’ve received emails about the projects you made for Valentine’s day from 30days. I love hearing from you!! I hope whatever you do for [Read More...]

Valentine’s Day Quick & Easy Round-Up

Anyone still haven’t even thought about Valentine’s day yet?  These Valentines Day ideas are perfect for you- can be done in thirty minutes or less. #1) Shower Love Notes {HowDoesShe} – Getting a little dirty, while getting clean… A fun love note tradition. A fabulous *gift* that only costs $5! :) #2) Tied To You {The Dating Divas} – A fun way to prepare the house before your sweetheart gets [Read More...]

I Like How You Roll! Valentines (boy) Idea


Last year I made “I Wheelie Like You” Valentines – perfect for boys. How about an update for this year? I found this inexpensive bulldozer at Walmart (under $1) and knew that most boys would be excited about it.  Especially my nephews.  You could use a car, a truck, a bike, a motorcycle- pretty much anything that rolls. And this is what I came up with: Pin It “I like [Read More...]

Valentine’s Day Food Round Up

 Have you heard the saying- “the key to my heart is through my stomach?”  That definitely applies to me.  Good food= happy heart.  Today’s round up is Valentine’s Day Recipes. #1) Love Potion Drink Labels {The Dating Divas} – Add “love potion” to the menu for your upcoming Valentine’s Day party. Adorable & free Love Potion Printables that you can put on any bottled beverage. #2) Cookie Valentine’s {Eighteen25} – [Read More...]

Valentine’s Day Decor Round-Up

Back with more ideas for Valentines day crafts- today’s theme from the Dating Divas is decor.  Seriously these ideas are so cute! Enjoy! #1) Be Mine Valentine Banner {HowDoesShe} – Add a festive touch to your home every year with this simple “Be Mine” Valentine’s banner! #2) Valentine Garland {Somewhat Simple} – Spend a night talking with the people you love, about all the things you love, while making this [Read More...]

Valentines Day Makeup – Purple Smokey Eye

smokey eye how to

Hello again everyone! It’s Natalia here I am happy to be back today and I come just in time for Valentine’s Day!  Since last time I showed you a hair tutorial, I thought it would be nice to show you all one of my favorite ways to do my eye makeup with a little twist perfect for a big date.  Or if you’re like me, with two kids and no [Read More...]