Printable Fall Bread Wrapper

Printable Fall Bread Wrapper | Thirty Handmade Days

Ahhh fall…. my favorite season of the year.  The sweaters, the boots, the baking!  I cannot wait for it to be officially fall so I can curl up on the couch with a blanket and enjoy the crisp air.  Over the last year or so I’ve been sharing a simple way to dress up homemade bread (or any bread really!) – with these cute printable bread wrappers.  It’s time for the [Read More...]

“You’re the Balm” Halloween Printables

"You are the balm" Lip Balm Labels from

It’s September so it’s safe to start posting Halloween ideas, right? Ok good.  Here we go… I’ve mentioned before that my kids schools don’t allow food of any kind as treats for holidays and events.  It can make bringing little things that much more difficult.  I’d love to just grab a bag of candy and tell my kids to pass it out.  But no such luck.   I had fun putting [Read More...]

Printable Encouragement Quotes – Cards + Print

Encouraging quote print and card from Gordon B. Hinckley

I haven’t been shy in the fact that this last year has been the most challenging yet for me.  Lots of ups and lots of downs.  Losing my Dad and dealing with all kinds of other things, it’s been a year of growth and change.  I don’t seem to be alone.  Everywhere I turn, someone is sick, hurt, struggling in one way or another.  I thought it might be good [Read More...]

Printable Recipe Binder

Get your kitchen organized! Make a family binder with printables from Thirty Handmade Days

I made a kids recipe book to help get kids in the kitchen more. But I’ve had lots of people request a version for adults. So here you go!  This is more of an organizational tool that you can add your family favorites to. I’ve add some page dividers, conversion charts, a meal planner, grocery list and more.  Anything I think that would help organize your favorite recipes better.  I [Read More...]

5 Ways to Add An Extra Hour to Your Day

Free Printable Daily To Do Checklist from Thirty Handmade Days

Ok so I can’t physically add an extra hour to your day.  But before you click off the page, you can actually save time and I’m here to help you get better organized.  My family is laughing at that sentence.  Because they know that I fall very short in the organization category.  I’m working on it.   These are 5 ways that have helped me get on top of my game. [Read More...]

Kids Printable Punch Cards

Simple idea to teach kids responsibility and to stay on task throughout the year - kids printable punch cards! | Thirty Handmade Days

Earlier this summer I created some printable punch cards with the idea to keep up with chores and spend time doing fun things besides vegging in front of the tv.   I’ve had several requests to make one that’s for year round because kids enjoyed using the punch cards over the summer. So I made these simple punch cards – 3 versions.  One has specific categories, one has a spot [Read More...]

DIY Outdoor Movie Night & Italian Cream Soda Bar

Make your own Italian Cream Soda Bar from Thirty Handmade Days

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to a close. My oldest goes to his first day of school today (the last of the 3 to go back). We wanted to finish off with a bang and had an outdoor movie night and Italian Cream Soda Bar! It was fun to gather everything together for one more awesome night. To make the outdoor movie happen we needed a few [Read More...]

Printable Birthday Cards

Simple printable birthday cards/tags from

Have you ever stood at the card aisle looking forever to find   I’ve done that so many times.  Lately I prefer designing something, printing and writing a note.  Today it’s all about birthday cards and birthday printables.  I’ve joined some other creative printable friends for eight fun prints.  Check out my design and then hop on over to check and download theirs. If you’ve visited 30days before, you [Read More...]

Mini Binder for Accountability, Version 2

Mini Accountability Binder neutral colors - perfect for middle school, college students and older kids to help be accountable!

A couple of weeks ago I shared a Mini Accountability Binder that I created for my daughter.   The response was awesome- thank you! But I also had several people ask for more neutral colors because they wanted their boys to be able to use it.  I am happy to oblige. Download this set for your Mini Accountability Binder- neutrals.  For personal use only.  Thanks!  Creating a mini binder is [Read More...]

Printable Summer Journaling Pages

Fabulous printable summer journaling pages from Simple As That

Next up for Funner in the Summer-  Rebecca from Simple As That.  Rebecca takes the most beautiful pictures, has fabulous taste (I love her style so much!), shares printables, kids ideas, some recipes, and more.  I’m excited about these super cute summer journaling pages she created.  They are perfect! Make sure to go say hi to Rebecca. Hey there everyone! My name is Rebecca, I blog over at Simple as That [Read More...]