Must Try Salads That Are Perfect for Spring

Amazing round up of must try Salad Recipes for spring! | Thirty Handmade Days

If you follow me on Pinterest, you might have noticed that I’ve been pinning a lot of two things- desserts (always) and salads.  For some reason when spring hits, salads just feel right.  Now if only I could convince the rest of my family…… Here are some of the best looking salads around that I have tried or that are on my list to try: NO MEAT SALADS Mediterranean Chopped [Read More...]

Tex-Mex Chicken Salad

Tex-Mex Chicken Salad_0002

We’ve enjoyed a few sunny and warmer days here in the Northwest.  Now warmer for us is 60 degrees. I know that isn’t as warm as some places but I know it is warmer than others!  A little sunshine and warmer temperatures always puts me in the mood for a good salad for dinner. Today’s salad is a recipe I got from my sister in law.  It has been in [Read More...]

Mom’s Taco Salad

Mom's Taco Salad- simple but delicious salad that's perfect for dinner

I’ve seen variations of this taco salad floating around and recently I was just craving it. My Mom made this version for us growing up and I loved it. I called her to make sure that I remembered the ingredients correctly. Everyone in my family approved even though they normally don’t love salads as the main dish for dinner. Winner! Print Mom’s Taco Salad Ingredientsapprox 8 c. of romaine or [Read More...]

Slow Cooker Recipes: Tortellini Sausage Soup

Delicious Slow Cooker Tortellini Sausage Soup - perfect meal for a chilly day

A year or so ago I got this recipe from my cute, sassy friend Becca from Blue Cricket Designs.  I wasn’t sure how my family would take to it because it’s a) soup (I loooove soup but my boys? Not so much) and b) tortellini and sausage…. I just didn’t know if it would fly.  On one particular cold, rainy day I decided it was worth a shot.  They LOVED [Read More...]

Slow Cooker Baked Potato Soup

Baked Potato Soup

I just finished compiling all the recipes that have been shared on 30days! Check out the new Recipe Index. So exciting!!  Today I’m adding another good one to this list- Slow Cooker Baked Potato Soup.  There are several recipes for slow cooker baked potato soup but I combined a few and loved the result.  Creamy, hearty and delicious.  Of course this recipe wouldn’t be nearly as good without the garnishes- [Read More...]

Italian Turkey Soup

Italian Turkey Soup

In anticipation of the turkey leftovers you may be dealing with on Friday and the lack of desire to cook you will probably have, I thought I’d share one of my favorite easy ways to use up leftover turkey – Italian Turkey Soup! I have also made this soup with chicken and it is just as delicious but since you may be dealing with an over abundance of turkey on [Read More...]

Birchermuesli (Swiss Fruit Salad)


The Olympics start this week (do you have your Opening Ceremony Bingo Cards printed yet?)!!! I’m super excited.  Are you?  In anticipation of the the games, I’m making meals from countries around the world.  My mother-in-law is from Switzerland- known for it’s chocolate and cheese.  And Swatch watches.  But I digress… of the recipes our family loves is her Birchermuesli.  It’s a Swiss take on fruit salad.  If you are [Read More...]

Summer Recipe: Southwestern Rice & Bean Salad

Summer Recipe

Heather Carson is here to share a yummy summer recipe.  One that I can’t wait to try! She’s is so super talented- pretty much does it all.  Check out some of her past posts from Funner in the Summer.  Thanks for taking the time to share one of your favorites with us today Heather!   I love 30 Handmade Days! I am so happy to be sharing a post for the [Read More...]

Pasta Salad


We had friends over for a barbecue this weekend and it wouldn’t have been the same without my mom’s Pasta Salad. It’s easy. It’s light.  And it always tastes great.  It makes for great leftovers too! We normally don’t like leftovers around here, but I’ll eat this for a week straight. It’s perfect for summer ….which is right around the corner! Pasta Salad #ratingval# from #reviews# reviews Print   Recipe [Read More...]

Lemon Dijon Salad

Help me welcome Leigh Anne from Your Home Based Mom back. She’s sharing a twist on traditional salads that would be perfect for your Christmas dinner.  The countdown is on. Are you ready? My shopping is done and gifts are wrapped so I’ve been working on our Christmas dinner menu. I’m adding a few new recipes this year to our traditional ones. My kids don’t let me stray to far [Read More...]