Where to Find the Best Kids Activities Online

Where to Find the Best Kids Activities Online

With three little kids at home – I like to keep an arsenal of kids activities and ideas in my back pocket. Or – really – in my bookmarks. Today, I’m sharing my go-to places to find the best kids activities online! Productive Parenting Productive Parenting is pure gold for parents of kids under the age of 5. They have THOUSANDS of free activities cataloged based on the developmental age [Read More…]

Be a part of my 30days team!


As 30days continues to grow, I’m looking to expand as well!   Do you have a blog that you are wanting to get more exposure? Do you have ideas that you’d like to try out with a different crowd?  Join my team! Things I’m looking for: A creative person that loves sharing new ideas.  You would be posting (1) new project, one time a month.  The same date every month.  [Read More…]

Necklace Winners

autism necklace

Thank you Kristy from SoSoBella Designs for giving away 2 necklaces this week! The two winners have been chosen, emailed and responded.  Thanks to everyone for entering. I loved reading every one of your comments.  I didn’t want to mess up the giveaway but will now be responding to each one.   And the Autism Awareness necklace is still available in Kristy’s shop.  It would be the perfect gift for an [Read More…]

Craftcation: indie business & DIY conference

A friend recently told me about craftcation, a DIY and indie business conference in Ventura, CA.  I visited the site and immediately said YES PLEASE! They have fabulous speakers, cool workshops and bonus- it’s local! So, what is craftcation? craftcation is a three day indie business & DIY workshop conference. it’s a retreat to inspire, network and build upon the independent craft business community. our objective is to ignite the [Read More…]

Announcing: SNAP Ticket Giveaway Winner!


Thank you SO much to everyone who entered the SNAP ticket giveaway.  It was a blast reading through all of the comments.  The answers for your favorite gift you gave/received were awesome.  Some were funny.  Most were sentimental.  All of them made me smile.  I was seriously nervous when I clicked to see who the winner was! Drum roll please…………. Lucky #39: Yay! Congrats Jennie!! Merry {early} Christmas to you! [Read More…]

Under The Sea Adventure

Vanessa from blog 5 to 9 is back to share an adorable sea party: Today I’m here to share another fun children’s party idea with my 30days friends! When a friend of mine (who also shares my obsession with love for party planning) told me she was doing an “under the sea” theme for her son’s birthday, I jumped at the chance to help! We had so much fun coming [Read More…]

Just a number?

It’s time for my weekly accountability check in. Today I wanted to write about ideal weight.  I have a goal weight- something to work towards.  There are days that I step on the scale and am thrilled.  And then there are the days that I am disappointed.  Image This week I had another a ha moment.  I went to Target where I saw cute clothes that I wanted to try [Read More…]

Barn Owl Primitives Giveaway Winner(s)

Thanks to everyone who entered the Barn Owl Primitives Giftaway.  I enjoyed reading all the comments- seeing what’s on your wishlist, what you love from BOP and why you come back to 30days.  Thanks for all the birthday wishes too! I had the most fabulous day- Josh spoiled me and sent me on an all day pampering scavenger hunt.  It was heaven. I mentioned in the post that there would [Read More…]

Air Supply: Filling Lungs with Love

For the last six weeks I’ve been journaling about my quest to get healthy again. I’ve had ups and downs and learned about myself in a short amount of time. I was going to write about how this week I broke through the 10 lb mark (woohoo- 12 lbs down!) but something landed in my inbox in the middle of the night that changed my mind. I love when things [Read More…]