Christmas Card Display to Family Frame

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At Christmas time I made a ribbon Christmas card display frame.  I loved looking at those Christmas cards.  So  much so that I *ahem* just took them down! (oops)  I made that project knowing that I could keep it up year around and add fun family things that I wanted to display.

Here’s what it looked like for Christmas:

If you look closely, you will see some of my  favorite bloggers! :)
And here’s what it looks like now:

I love that my kids can see their artwork, schoolwork, pictures, and more displayed in our family room.
It’s simple, fun and full of color!

You can make your own by following my ribbon frame tutorial.
I’m dying to know- how do you display fun family stuff in your home?


  1. Shannon s. says

    I love this idea but LOVE, love, love that board tha counts down the da til Easter( and that it can be used for other holidays!). Can you tell me how you made it? I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s perfect!!!

  2. says

    Love that frame!!!
    We hang things a couple of ways.
    Quite a few things get taped to out back door. It opens to the kitchen and its nice to see the kids artwork below the pretty view out the door’s window.
    The most special items, like cards my kids have made, get taped to the tile backsplash next to my workstation in the kitchen. I can see them while working on the computer (like right now!).
    For everyday stuff….lunch menus etc….I have lined the inside of my upper kitchen cabinets with corkboard. Very easy to hide the mess!

  3. says

    I really need to make a board like this, b/c I DESPISE our white board we have in our kitchen now and am terrified that one of the magnets is going to fall off and someone Ben Henry or the dog will end up with it in their mouth! UGHH!! Maybe you could put some vinyl with your family name right there with an estb date? or how about a bunting with the word family or love, or happiness? Just suggestions :)