Funner in the Summer from No Biggie: Clipboard Inspiration

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Hi 30 Days Peeps! I’m Kami and and blog at NoBiggie. I’m happy to be here for Mique’s Funner in the Summer series. Last week Mique shared this print: 33 Ways to Stay Creative. It’s such a challenge to stay creative. It definitely comes and goes. I love to celebrate holidays and seasons. One of the ways that I love to stay inspired is through these simple clipboards that I keep up as inspiration and decor.

I’m a big fan of Martha Stewart Living magazine. I am constantly inspired by the content in these pages every month. I love to tear out great ideas, recipes, crafts and just beautiful images including the cover. Rather than just filing them away, I love to clip them in these clipboards and use them for inspiration and decor for each season. I love the 4th of July, so for most of the summer, this is what is up and out on display. But once July is over, I love to focus on just the simple beauty of summer.
August is such a great time for fresh fruit and veggies. We love to go to the Farm’s Markets, so it’s fun to have these beautiful images out as a reminder to enjoy it all during this great season. It also helps keep me in a creative mindset to have inspiration out where I can see it.
As much as I love fall and the fun holidays ahead, I sure do love to hang onto summer. Thanks Mique for having me today! I’d love to have you all stop by NoBiggie and pick up your free Happy Birthday printable card.

Thanks so much for sharing your inspiration with us Kami.  I’ve had the chance to hang out with Kami at a few conferences in the past year and she is so much fun.  Not only cute and creative, but that girl has moves. ;)  I love going to No Biggie to see her ideas on paper crafts, fun kid stuff, yummy recipes, quick tips, photography, parties and more.  If you haven’t visited, head on over to No Biggie and say hi!