Life is Short Eat Dessert First!

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Yesterday I talked about losing weight. To balance things out, today I have a fun dessert idea. Cookies in a can. Remember when I did bread in a can? So fun!  This is a different take on the same idea.  

First I made our very favorite cookies.  Seriously these are hard to keep in our house- they are gone quickly!


Just like before, I used a fruit can.  (you could probably use any can but the thought of cookies in a cream of chicken soup can sounds awful to me)  I took off the paper label.  I added 6 cookies to my regular sized pear can.  I always use my favorite favorite cookie scoop from Sweet Baking Supply.  I love that thing.   It changed my cookie making life.  (dramatic much?)

I then printed out my “Life is short, eat dessert first” printable.  And used double stick tape to attach it to my can.  Super duper easy.  At first I added a muffin tin and some twine- an obvious cute choice.  But it was a total pain! It took longer than anything else.  And my daughter had to hold it down to help me.  Silly huh?  Looks pretty cute though:

 An easier approach would be using cellophane and wrapping the cookies and then tying off with twine.  Still cute but takes less time.

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  1. Jessica @ Running To Be Skinny says

    I love this idea. So cute. I think I’ll just have to use it. :) Thanks. Also, thanks for the follow…love your blog. Jessica