DIY Baseball Bow Headband

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Hey friends! It’s Abbey here from The Cards We Drew! Spring is finally here and in my family that means BASEBALL season is in full gear. My husband has played baseball recreationally and professionally all his life. So when his high school baseball team ends, his men’s baseball team begins…which means us “baseball wives” get a chance to bring the kids out, hang out, and watch our husbands and boyfriends play. I always found cute clothes for my son to wear to baseball games, but now that I have a GIRL it’s even more fun! So I decided to make my very own DIY Baseball Bow Headband!

DIY Baseball Bow Headband from The Cards We Drew

This wasn’t hard at all to make except for the initial process of taking apart a baseball.

Here’s what you need:



Hot Glue


How to:

Start by taking your ball apart. I used a combination of a knife and scissors to take it apart.

skin your baseballAfter the ball was skinned I used scissors to carefully cut close to the seams of the ball.

Cut off the stitching of the baseball

Once you cut your seams off the ball, then you’ll want to create three “loops” using the seams. Two of the loops will create your bow and the third gets cut in half to create the ends of the bow.

make three loops with the seamsFrom there, you hot glue your bow together…glue the two “loops” to each other and then hot glue the loop that was cut in half to the center of each loop to create a full “bow”.

baseball bowAfter this, you glue your elastic to the enter of the baseball bow. My daughter is roughly 2 months old, so my elastic needed to be about 15″ long. After it was hot glued together, I took a scrap piece of fabric to glue over the top of the hot glued spot so it wouldn’t scratch her head.  And here’s the finished product!

Baby Baseball Bow Headband

bow headbandTell me she’s not gonna look adorable at her daddy’s baseball games cheering him on?!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Stop by my blog, The Cards We Drew, for even more craft and recipe ideas! And stop by Friday evenings for The Creative Connection Link Party and your chance to link your creations up!!


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  2. Barbara Law says

    That headband is so cute on the precious baby. I am a big baseball fan!

  3. Sherri says

    Hi Abbey,
    Just wanted to say hi and say you are a joy to follow. Everything is always wonderful. But, I have to say this baseball headband takes the cake! Over the top adorable :) . Keep them coming!!!!!!!