DIY Confetti Tape

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Hello sweet friends!  I’m Cheryl and I live over at That’s What {Che} Said…  If we haven’t been introduced yet, then I will tell you that I have a fondness for Ranch Dressing.  I LOVE the show FRIENDS and I have all 10 seasons memorized!  I read magazines back to front and I have a *small* obsession with power tools and washi tape!  You can read more weird things about me here but for now, I think we are accurately acquainted!

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As I mentioned above I love washi tape!  I am expanding my horizons and now I am loving confetti tape!  I saw the cutest confetti tape at a local boutique and fell in love.  I did not fall in love with the $10 price tag for a few strips of it!  I knew I could DIY up my own and it was SO EASY that I had to share with you all!

DIY Confetti Tape

Supplies Needed:

  • Clear Poster Tape or Carpet Tape
  • Paper in your color choices
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors
  • Paper plate or small tray to gather your confetti

DIY Confetti Tape1

First things first…get punching!  Simple as that.  Pull up your favorite TV show or punch while your littles are playing at your feet, but get to punching some confetti!

DIY Confetti Tape2

Next gather your confetti on a paper plate or a small flat tray.  Cut a length of your tape and press the exposed sticky side onto your confetti.

DIY Confetti Tape3

Repeat until the entire tape is covered.

DIY Confetti Tape4

Best thing about this is you can customize it to whatever occasion you are preparing for!  Valentine’s, St. Patrick’s Day, Team Colors, Favorite colors, endless options!

DIY Confetti Tape5

When you are ready to use it, simply peel off the paper backing of the tape and you are ready to stick. The tape is clear so you can apply to almost anything!

DIY Confetti Tape6


  • Use Poster Tape or Carpet Tape because it is double sided tape that also has a paper backing.  So you can make your confetti tape ahead and then store it until needed!
  • When doing rainbow confetti tape, punch equal amounts of each color so that your rainbow is uniform and not one color dominated.
  • Use paper that is colored on both sides.  Believe me…you will NOT want to have to manually flip little pieces over because their white side is showing!
  • Tissue paper also works great!  When punching make sure to fold it over several times and punch all the layers at once!  It makes it easier to punch the flimsy material and also saves you time!


What can’t you use this for should be the question!  :)  How about to add some life to a dull envelope?

DIY Confetti Tape8

How about making some in holiday colors and using to decorate Kraft treat bags?

DIY Confetti Tape7

Or you can use it for a party and make some adorable food and drink tent cards!

DIY Confetti Tape10

DIY Confetti Tape11

You could also use this tape on invitations, on gift wrap, gift bags, gift tags, mason jars, notebooks, the options are endless!  Mix it up with some of those fun punches too!  How about stars, or hearts, or snowflake confetti tape?

What confetti tape would YOU like to make?

Thanks for crafting with me today!  Hop over anytime to check out any of my washi tape projects or see how I made a Chrysanthemum Clock from plastic spoons.  I like to get crazy from time to time and I made my own Mason Jar Straw Lids and share my sure-fire, most fabulous way to Remove Labels from Jars!  There is a bit of everything for everyone over at my place and my door is always open {wink}!!

And That’s What Che Said…

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  1. says

    I have never seen confetti tape…where has it been all my life?!! I LOVE THIS easy tutorial, I have already Pin’d it and am just DYING to make it! Thanks so much for sharing! Headed over to your SM to follow you! HAPPY LOVE DAY! =) Marcy

    • says

      Thank You Desiree! Happy is a great description of this! I have been making tons of things Happy around my house lately with this! Ha!

  2. Amber Bellikka says

    I am seriously asking myself, ad I pin this to my “why didn’t I think of that” board, why DIDN’T I think of that?!?! Haha thank you I’m on my way to check out the chrysanthemum clock!!