DIY Pineapple Canvas Shoes

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DIY Pineapple Canvas Shoes

Hello 30 Days Readers! I am so excited to be here for Mique’s Funner in the Summer series!

My name is Bev and I blog over at Flamingo Toes. I love sharing sewing, jewelry, embroidery, and home projects – and I might have a small weakness for shoes. Ok. It’s a big weakness. Sometimes my budget doesn’t agree with that so I have to get creative! I love refashioning shoes and these DIY Pineapple Canvas Shoes are so cute and perfect for summer!

DIY Pineapple Shoes

They are super fun and so easy to make! They’d be great to make on a road trip, or a summer get together. You could even have a shoe party and make up some with the kids!

Easy Pineapple Shoes

Ready for the easy tutorial? Here’s what you need:

  • Canvas slip on shoes
  • Fabric Markers – yellow, orange, brown, med. green and light green
  • Disappearing ink marker

Start off with some blank canvas shoes. You can find those at almost any store or Amazon.

White Canvas Shoes

It’s easier to have the design laid out like you like if you draw it out first. Use a disappearing ink marker so the ink will fade and draw out your design on one shoe. Switch up your pineapples so some are up and some are down, and make sure you leave room for the leaves on top.

Drawing out pineapples with marker

Start off your pineapples by lightly filling in the main section with yellow.

Pineapple Shoes

Add in a little orange along the bottom of the pineapples for a highlight, then draw in the little brown “v” highlights.

Brown highlights on pineapples

Draw in the leaves of the pineapple with the medium green first then highlight with the light green.

Light green highlights on leaves

Cover the entire shoe with pineapples. :)

DIY Pineapples on shoes

For the other shoe, draw out your designs first. Try to keep the designs as similar as possible to the first shoe – so they are mirror images.

Symmetrical designs on shoes

Remove any remaining disappearing ink with a damp towel – and then you are all done! Now you’ve got some super cute shoes to wear this summer!

Cute Pineapple Shoes

Cute Pineapple Canvas Shoes

I hope you give them a try! I’d love for you to come visit at Flamingo Toes – here are a few more of my projects to check out!

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Thanks for having me Mique!