To Whom It May Concern…..

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Congrats to #135- Amy!! I will get in touch with you.

Dear DownEast Basics,

I love you.You have cute, fun, affordable, modest clothing and accessories.  You never disappoint.  I look forward to your catalog arriving in my mailbox.  I love searching the shop online.  I’m excited that you teamed up with Modbe for your swim lines.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to review your amazing products. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

Thank you!

Dear California,
I love that while it is still raining and snowing across the country, it is bright and beautiful in sunny So Cal.  I can take a little drive to the beach and wear my new suit in the perfect weather.

This time I picked out a few things
from DownEast by Modbe to wear on the beach:

Modbe Knot Top

Banded Bikini in Sea Blue Dot and Set Sail Skirt in brown
Forever your girl,

Dear 30days readers,

You are the best! Do you love DownEast too? If you do, you can win one full set of swimwear from DownEast swim or DownEast by Modbe Swim.  Answer these questions separately in the comments section. If you don’t answer separately, you will only get credit for one entry. That would be sad.

Required entry:
1.What swim pieces would you pick from DownEast if you won?
You have to visit the DownEast site and comment here in order to enter.
And for some bonus entries:
2. Are you a DownEast Facebook fan? Cool if yes. Become one if no.
3. Do you follow 30days? Awesome if yes. Become a follower if no.
FYI- readers (Google Reader) my feed is still messed up from my switch to WordPress.  If you followed me before January 2011, you are not getting my updated feed.  Please change it here: if you want to get the updates.
4. Did you tweet about this giveaway? Please include @30daysblog in your tweet. Thanks!
5. Did you like my Facebook page?  You just increased your chances. ;)
6. I’m curious what you’d like to know from me. Ask me a question that I can answer in a later post.

I will pick one winner this Thurs, May 12th.
Much love,

P.s. If you don’t live in sunny CA, you can still stock up
on all the cute finds at DownEast.



Or if you don’t want to get into a bathing suit yet,
there’s lots to choose from!


  1. says

    I follow your blog (especially now that I fixed the problem. I was wondering why you never showed up on my google reader anymore and yet you are still under ones I follow.)

  2. says

    Wow, this would be a tuff choice. I am loving the Sunset Swim Dress – Steel and the Santa Barbara Halter, or….I am totally loving the Mermaid Top–Flower Bee Sea Blue. All of their suits are darling.

  3. Heather says

    I LOVE the Sunset Swim dress in Cool Cabana with the Crystal Cove Cool Bikini in Cool Cabana!

  4. Jamie says

    I wasn’t a DownEast Basics fan on fb, but I am now! Love their clothes…nice to see clothes that actually cover what should be kept covered!

  5. Jamie says

    Oooh, so many cute ones! I’d pick the Sausalito Tank– Mod Flower and Bodega Bay Bikini–Mod Flower

  6. lori aguirre says

    I love love love the knot top flower vine in brown with the bank bikini blue dot. OR the sea harbor halter in ocean blue with the santa cruz bikini skirt. Such great stuff!!!

  7. Amber K. says

    It’s so hard to chose! Knot Top–Flower Vine Brown or Peachy Pink and something to cover up my rear

  8. Marcie says

    Love these suits!! I especially love the Santa Barbara Halter in Tropical Oasis… so cute!

  9. Erin Joseph says

    Loving the “Sea Harbor Halter & Bikini”, but seriously would take anything! They are all lovely. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. says

    That is a very hard decision! I would choose between the Sunset Swim Dress–Cool Cabana, Santa Barbara Halter–Tropical Oasis, or the Tropical Tank– Peacock Print, then the bottoms to match whichever I chose. they are all gorgeous!

  11. meg duerksen says

    i think i would either copy you and get the brown and blue OR i would get the malibu skirt (LONG) and the black and white polka dot top. but honestly i can never find a tankini that works so i would probably find something awesome in their store instead. thanks mique!

  12. jeannett says

    while i realize that my legs resemble elmber’s glue, it would be helpful to possibly get started on a darkening routine. love the brown apron top with the olive green bottoms. love that it hides (most) of the scary. :)

  13. Dawn says

    I follow 30 days and love it! I’m always excited to see that you have posted something:)

  14. Dawn says

    I love the Sea Harbor Halter–Ocean Wave suit. I love when I find modest swimsuits:) Thanks for sharing this site!

  15. says

    I have a question for you! I found your blog through another blog while looking for tutorials on dresses to sew for my little girl. I have since forgotten which blog lead me to you… I looked at your tutorials, and I can’t find a dress (but you have other awesome things…) have you done a tutorial at one time about pillowcase dresses/baby or toddler dresses/baby cloth shoes? I also made some pillowcases recently and I am addicted to the new look it gives my couch, so I am itching to sew something else, which is why I went looking for ideas. I am a novice sewer, but I love cute fabric and I have a sewing machine, so I am ready to try!

  16. says

    I would love to win any of their suits… I love the Beachside tanks and the Sea Harbor Halter (in Black Dots and Black Floral, with coordinating bottoms) but the Sausalito Tanks are super cute too (in Kiwi Stripe!)

  17. says


    How do you keep this blog going with 3 kids? Not “wow! how do you do it?” But seriously, do you have a schedule for blogging, crafting, computer time? I am a brand new blogger, and I haven’t had time to post in over 2 weeks. I want to but can’t seem to get a plan that works for me. I would love any tips you can offer. Thanks, Kim

  18. says

    I’m a 30 days follower. I must tell you that I LOVE the fact that your comment box is at the top instead of the end of the comments. So much easier to find. I wish other blogs would use this set-up :)

  19. Tiffany says

    I would definitely have to choose the sausalito tank in kiwi stripe with matching pink polka dot bottoms. I love it!! It’s so cute! And would be awesome for me since I just lost a bunch of weight and need a new suit! Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. Amanda Fry says

    I want to know how often you craft per day/week? What time of day do you do it? At night when the kids are in bed? While they’re in school? On the weekends? What’s your most creative time?

  21. Amanda Fry says

    I would choose the Sunset Swim Dress in Gray!!!! I love Down East and Modbe too! Hope I win!!!

  22. Joanna says

    I would pick the Sausalito Tank and Bodega Bay Bikini both in Mod Flower. I love the button detail on the bottom.

  23. Megan Hunter says

    Hmmm, a question for Mique to answer…. How about… What is your ultimate favorite salad to make in summer (recipe please) and why or when did you ever get the idea to not like chocolate (has it been since childhood)? And…. how do you do all you do? For real Mique? Love ya!

  24. Megan Hunter says

    I loooooove the Sunset Swim Dress–Cool Cabana and the Santa Barbara Halter–Tropical Oasis and the Knot Top and Set Sail skirt from Modbe too… ahhh… I want it all!!!

  25. megan says

    I *love* the Mermaid Top–Flower Bee Sea Blue and the brown polka-dot ruffled bottoms.

  26. HannahBee says

    I would like to see baking stuff, do you think you could manage a few posts in all the craftiness? I hope (maybe possibly) you will be able to. I STILL LOVE YOU THOUGH!

  27. Laura W. says

    The bunny cupcakes were so cute! Luv the cupcake wrappers!! I couldn’t get mine to stay on.
    How is this done??

  28. Laura W. says

    How do you possibly pick just one? I luve em all! Too cute. Ok, so if I had to pick one it would be the black polka dot one.
    emaillaurawatson at gmail dot com

  29. Carla says

    I liked you on FB via Mrs. No-No Knows
    mspomona97 at gmail dot com

  30. Carla says

    question for you to answer: who helped you with your blog? or did you do all the work yourself?
    mspomona97 at gmail dot com

  31. Amy says

    Hmmm…question…..lets see…..I’d love to know about your favorite color sites for color palette inspiration (sorry if you’ve already done a post on that)

  32. Carla says

    i follow DEB on FB via Carla Lee Hollowell
    mspomona97 at gmail dot com

  33. Carla says

    I would probably get the SB halter (with matching bikinis) in the pink damask – I love DB, too, I know how you feel!! :)
    mspomona97 at gmail dot com

  34. Amy says

    So many cute options! But I’m really loving the fun colors in the Sausalito Tank….pair that with maybe a set sail skirt. SUPER cute!

  35. Amy says

    I added you to my reader…needed to anyway so bonus for an entry in the giveaway! :)

  36. michelle r. says

    I LOVE the malibu swim skirt!!! I DO NOT like wearing bathing suits – so this would cover up some of my legs!! And, I think I would really feel comfortable in it!! I am going to Florida this summer, and I’ve lost about 20 lbs so far, so I’m hoping I’ll be bathing suit ready by then!! :) Thanks for sharing this site – it’s SO hard to find cute, comfortable and AFFORDABLE bathing suits! :)

  37. Becca says

    I would choose the Santa Barbara Halter–Tropical Oasis with the Set Sail Skirt–Brown bottom. They are all so cute.

  38. says

    What do I want to know about you….hmmmm. What happened to the A-word series? I was sooo intrigued. After working with kids with autism for a few years, it was so interesting to hear the perspective of someone just recieving a diagnosis after interacting with parents who had been fighting for their kids for so long!

  39. says

    I follow 30days…I almost had a heart attack when I realized my google reader had been missing your posts for awhile!!! Glad I fixed it : )

  40. says

    I would get the Santa Barbara Halter–Pink Damask top and Santa Cruz Bikini Skirt (which ROCKS!!! I love the extra coverage without the grandma-esk feeling : )

  41. Allison Schultz of Apple Pie Order says

    Question for Mique: How long have you lived in So. Cal? Which area? We always dream of moving there…but just can’t seem to take the plunge. Any tips?

    Moving from Minnesota,

  42. Allison Schultz of Apple Pie Order says

    I Love the Beachside tank and Waikiki bottom…beautiful color!

  43. Angel L says

    I love the Down East by Modbe Ruffle top Flower dot brown, the green banded bottoms and the brown skirt or maybe the peach skirt. So many pretties!!

  44. Holly B says

    Oh my heavens I love the Sunset Swim Dress in sugar coral and steel! I can’t decide which one I like best!

  45. Lydia says

    Where do you come up with ideas of what to blog about on a (nearly) daily basis?

  46. says

    Question: What are your favorite foods/meals to make for your family and why?

    Thanks for the giveaway! Your blog is such fun to read!

  47. says

    I really like the Check Me Out tote and Satin Roses clutch! Sooo cute! I just might have to get them myself!

  48. Tiffany says

    How sweet! I love the Beachside Tank– Black Dots and the Santa Cruz bikini skirt in black!

  49. says

    I love this top Mermaid Top–Flower Bee Sea Blue with the white and orange stripe bottoms! I need a new swimsuit BAD! I would love to win this!!!!

  50. Judith says

    I totally love the Sunset Swim Dress in Steel plus the bottoms that go with it. What a great giveaway. thanks,

  51. says

    Question for you:
    How did you create Queen Bee Market? I’ve been {very lightly} toying with the idea of creating a market in my area.

  52. says

    I’m seriously not sure I’d be able to pick just one! I LOVE the Sunset Swim Dress in Cool Cabana, but I also love the turquoise striped Sausalito Halter and the beachside tank with black polkadots. And that ruffly malibu swim skirt would be a must.

  53. says

    I would have to choose form the peacock print or the ocean wave or the….its hard to choose! and something to cover this rump!