My Most Favorite Post Ever Pity Party

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Welcome back for my linky party!  So far since the shake up,  we’ve linked up:

Today I’m asking you to share your most favorite post you’ve ever written.  It could be anything. Something funny, personal, crafty, a tutorial that took 249292 hours to create. It’s the one post that if you shut down your blog today, you’d want to be remembered by.

Favorite Posts Ever Link Up

The rules are simple:
And then leave a comment for why you linked it up.  And what you look for in good posts.

I actually spent the week trying to figure out what my most favorite post ever is.  It really forced me to think about why I started my blog and where I want it to go.  I decided that my favorite post is Anniversary On the Hour.  I like that I shared something personal, pictures that make me laugh now and a gift idea that was fun to do.  While I looove creating printables and making good food (and a whole lot of other creative projects), one of my favorite things to do is make unique gifts.  I want to be remembered for thinking out of the box and being thoughtful.  Details mean a lot to me.  I pay attention to what people are saying and store ideas away to make the perfect gift for those I care about. And I love sharing those ideas here on 30days.

My favorite post- Anniversary on the Hour
Now you tell me what your favorite post is and why.  Link up! Visit your neighbors and get to know them better.

—–> Up next week:  Your go to blogs.  Link up your favorite blog and share why you love it.


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    I chose my toddler maxi dress and shrug tutorial because I love the way it turned out. And it was a project that actually turned out totally successful and I didn’t feel embarrassed about because of some imperfection.

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    Hi Mique, new reader here, would love for you to stop by if you have a minute. Thanks for hosting and have a great day!
    Audrey @

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    I linked up my “love birds” ornament that I made out of our 2011 Christmas tree – It represents the year we got married so it’s special to me :) Thanks for such a fun party. Have a great weekend!

    Shannon @ Sewing Barefoot

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    Love how you’re taking each weekly link party and giving each one a different focus! It really keeps things fresh and encourages real engagement.

    I linked up my “10 Tips for New Bloggers…From a New Blogger.” I published it back in November at my 2 month blogiversary. It’s my favorite post because of the outpouring of positive feedback I received from other bloggers. It was sort of my ah-ha moment of realizing that blogging really is so communal, and we can grow so much by helping each other out. SO many of my closest bloggy friendships were forged as a result of that post. It’s one of my all-time faves.


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    I linked my “big 4 0 in a box” post because I had so much fun doing this project! I only have one sister, and she is my best friend, shoulder to cry on, fellow military wife, partner in crime, so I wanted her to have an amazing 40th birthday. I want people to see that details make a difference and it totally made her day to have a labor of love show up at her door!

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    The post I linked up was a post called “Wonderful Savior.” I really hope honesty is what people remember about my blog. I want to be real. Hopefully this post shows the real me. It’s not a DIY post or anything, and maybe one of those will be my favorite post sometime in the future – but today, honesty wins :)

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    Thank you so much for hosting! Love your creative link up ideas. :) I posted the Boy Bathroom (before and after). Even though I just completed this, I enjoyed creating a fun space for my son. The colors, tree decals and sun, make me smile. :D

    I look for genuine voice when reading a blog. Good photos are a plus.

    Julie at Being Home

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    I linked up my Churro Waffles because they are my most viewed post to date. It’s so fun to see so many people love something that I made and want to tell so many others about it too!

  9. Anne T says

    I am linking up “prepping for next Christmas”. I love this post because it is about our book advent that I have been doing with our children for over 14 years. After years of frantically wrapping up all the books in the busy days after Thanksgiving, now I wrap them up as I am putting up Christmas. I love that I can share one of our family’s favorite traditions AND share a tip I have learned after years of doing it.

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    I linked a post from one of my son’s birthdays. I made a camoflage cake for him and had a bit of an adventure when my toddler discovered the food coloring. I am not sure if this is my favorite post, but I think it represents my life right now. I love to create things for my family and loved ones, and I am trying to record the funny, real life things that are happening in my family so I don’t forget them.

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    I linked up my first Halloween costume that I ever made. At first, I was very intimidated about making a costume. I was used to making dress shirts, dresses, coats/jackets, amplifier dust covers, dog coats and nap time blankets. I never worked with velvet, satin and boning. Well, I’m very proud of how it came out and will be making my husbands costume for this year very soon.

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    I linked up my recap from participating in the Happy Day Project. It was such a great experience for me & thought it would be fun to share!

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    My marriage post is the most nervous I have ever been to post anything, but I was hoping it would help someone, somewhere. I have been so blessed by my readers positive feedback and advice. I like feeling like our blog is a community where women can come together and help each other, and that is why this post is my favorite!

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    hi Mique! i love your favorite post-it put a smile on my face and am jelly you got a candy hunt! man, i need to tell my hubby to do that for me :) anyway i linked my TWELVE post-it’s like you said, what do you want people to remember you by on your blog…

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    I liked up to my DIY Headboard tutorial. It was my first real wood project – from a pile of wood to finished product. And I had such a sense of pride and accomplishment when it was done. I’ve since made a farmhouse table for my dining room. But it’s my first project that was so much fun and encouraged me to keep building! Thanks for hosting such a fun link party!

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    Mique, I linked up a post I wrote about things I learned from my running. It is a personal post that I am really proud of. I think we all deal with comparison and this post is a small glimpse of my letting go of some of my comparison and being me.
    Thanks so much for hosting. I’m looking forward to looking through some of others favorite posts.
    Have a great weekend!

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    I shared one of my favorite posts, Grandma’s button tin. I remember running my fingers over those buttons so many times. Now that she is gone they have a special meaning, always reminding me of quiet times of rest in her home.

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    I linked my Date Night Box post up…this is {one} of my favorites because I was creating for my husband. It was a gift for him, and I had tons of fun creating it. But I’ve had tons of questions on it, which is also fun, because then I got to help others get ideas and create their own!

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    I linked up to my poor abandoned blog, but I remember I used to write and it used to be funny. This inspired me to write more. This post is about having a newborn in the house and how sleep schedules get so crazy (Dormir).

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    What a cool idea! =) I guess we all have our favorites that we’d love to get some attention for. My Eiffel tower printable was one of the earliest things I have made for my blog, and sometimes I just wish that more people had seen it back then. Loved your anniversary (or birthday) by the hour, that one was really cool!

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    I linked up my whipped buttercream frosting. It’s my favorite post because the frosting is insanely delicious, it’s a family recipe, and it was one of the first posts that I did after I resolved to try to get better pictures. So, it was one of the first posts that I was actually proud to show off.

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    I linked up my diy photo pendant post. This post went kind of crazy on Pinterest last year & brought my blog lots of traffic & still does. I don’t think my blog would of grown as much without it! Wish I could have another project do that! ;) Thanks for hosting!

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    I linked up a post I wrote about the sad, short life of my daughter’s favorite doll. It was a hilarious story, and one I know I’ll be thankful to have documented. I love reading quippy, creative, thoughtful blogs. I enjoy blogs with a mixture of creative inspiration, thought-provoking posts, and interesting stories. Happy Friday!

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    I linked up “Fight Depression with Joy” because so many women have told me that it helped them during a bout of depression. That means the world to me!

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    This is great idea! Thank you for hosting and hope that you’ll like my tousled heart t-shirt :) Other projects are really good, too!

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    I’m pretty new to blogging, so have linked up my most recent crafty project. I’m sure next week I’ll have a different favorite – the best is yet to come! Thanks for hosting, I love the twist.

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    Mique, I appreciate so much the change in what is linked up. I love that everyone is really showcasing themselves rather than their blog. This is the party I don’t like to miss every week.

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    The Rainbow Dash costume I made my this past Halloween was the project I’ve made that has been most loved by my daughter. She still wears those wings almost daily, and I admit I still love the MLP myself!

  29. Christie - Food Done Light says

    I am so enjoying your different themed parties. I linked up Beef Sosaties. Yes, it is a favorite recipe but we had eaten at the restaurant where we had first had this dish the night before my husband’s heart attack. Making it at home and slimming it down was a way of taking back control of our lives.

  30. Tara@Tales of a Trophy WIfe says

    The year before I turned 40, I set 40 challenges to complete by the end of the year. It was quite the adventure.

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    I’m very new to blogging so don’t have many posts to chose from, but my favorite so far is the report on the leggings I made. I found some great tutorial videos online which I link to, and made some fabulous leggings from a custom pattern to my own measurements. I’ve already had several orders to make them for other people – its been very successful. Thanks for the opportunity to link up. Deby @

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    Hi Mique!
    I’m intensely interested in the creative process and love coming up with unique projects I haven’t seen before. However, I had so much fun writing my 30 Days Series this year, so I linked up “The Power of Ideas.” I can’t pick a favorite post, but this one really speaks about the creative process, which is what I love so much about anything I do in life, including blogging.

    <3 Christina @ I Gotta Create!

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    I linked up the Victorian tea party because I had so much fun with my little girl that day! She acted like such a little lady–at least for an hour! I am hoping to make this a tradition with her every year at Christmas!

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    I linked up my No Bake Chocolate Orange Kisses recipe post because this treat is one of the family favorite’s. I love to share it with other bloggers since these kisses are so easy to do and perfectly suitable for any occasion.