Flip Flops Printable with Havaianas

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I’ve mentioned a time or two that I’m a California girl. I’ve lived here my whole life except for a few snowy, cold years in Utah.  Because of the beautiful year round weather, I live in flip flops.  I have some flats that I love and in the fall I wear boots.  But even still, 95% of the time, you will find flip flops on my feet. 
I created a little something to print out for those who live in warm weather or those who are dreaming of sunny skies. 

Flip flops printable

Why not think outside of the box for gift giving?  These cards break from the traditional poinsettia and Christmas tree card.  Oh and they’re universal too!   I attached the tag to  a bag of my White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Cookies.  Perfect tropical cookie for a tropical card, right?  Maybe nobody else would make the connection but that’s how my mind works.

Flip flops holiday printable from 30days blog

Download your flip flop holiday card printable.  Contains four cards per sheet.
For 30days subscribers and personal use only.  Thank you!

The flip flops that live on my feet are Havaianas.  They are my go to’s.  A friend got me a pair a few years ago and I was hooked.  They’re squishy, ridiculously comfy, last foreeeeever and all around honest-to-goodness awesome.  You know how some rub your toes weird? Others of mine have fallen apart super fast.  I still haven’t worn out my original pair.  And I wear them every day in the summer.

Havaianas flip flops
You can find my favorite pair right here ———> Women’s Top Flip Flops.  I have a pair in white too. 
With the holidays fast approaching, a Havaianas gift card would make the perfect gift.  Trust me on this one.  Or if you want to pick out a pair for someone you love, visit the Havaianas site and there are tons to choose from.

Havaianas gift card

I’d love to know– what shoes do you live in the most?

This post is a sponsored by Havaianas.  I absolutely love this brand and know you will too. All opinions are my own.


    • says

      Hi Heidi! It’s been fun hearing from people around the world! Glad you like the printable and that I’m not the only one wearing flip flops year round. Thanks for the comment!

  1. says

    This is really cute! I wish I were in a warmer climate…My favorite flip flops are Cobian’s. They are SO comfortable…

  2. Jaime says

    You got to do a havaianas sponsored post?? That is so lucky! You deserve it, after the week you had. Cute printable!

    • says

      I’m glad I’m not the only one with stripey feet. :) Glad you like the tag! I visited Australia when it was our summer (your winter). I need to make a trip back sometime when it’s the right season. What a beautiful place. Thanks for the comment.

        • says

          You’re right! It was beautiful when we were there. We went to the Gold Coast for a week. And visited New Zealand right before. It’s been a long time. Hope I get to go back with my husband sometime. (I went with my family after I graduated from high school)

  3. Carrie Rollins says

    I lived in Brazil for 17 years (Missionary Kid) and Havaianas were like all I wore!!!!!!!!!!!! They are the BEST!