Confessions of a Fontaholic 2

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Last month I started “Confessions of a Fontaholic” to share some of my very favorite fonts.  I loved the ones shared in the comments- fontaholics unite!

This time the fonts come from my “Life is Short, Eat Dessert First” cookies in a can post.

Here are the fonts I used:

In my last fontaholic post I was asked about the “font” that was used for my signature.  It really was just my signature. ;)  But I did turn my handwriting into a font a few years back through Kevin & Amanda’s Font for Peas

Download Pea Mique

As of March 26th (yesterday) they are accepting new handwriting for fonts- so jump on it!!! Handwriting into fonts with Kevin and Amanda.

Find any new ones lately? Leave them in the comments!


  1. Dorothy Ann Griarte says

    Hi! What font did you use for the word “FONTAHOLIC”? Care to share?