Football Team Cookies + Printable

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With the fall comes changing leaves, sweaters, soup making and FOOTBALL. My husband might be the biggest sports fan there is and football is the crown jewel.   To get things rolling, I made some sports team cookies and created a printable to go along with it.  Yes, I am up for wife of the year…

Sports Team M&M Cookies

These cookies are pretty simple: my favorite chocolate chip cookies base, with a little twist.  The key to this is letting them firm up a bit in the fridge for a couple of hours.  I was able to get Steelers colors and Broncos colors from a regular set of M& M’s.  Some of the other team colors will definitely be trickier.  But I have seen solid colored M&M’s at party stores like Party America.

Sports Team Cookies
  • 1 cup butter (softened)
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 Tbsp. vanilla
  • ¾ tsp. baking soda
  • ¾ tsp. salt
  • 3 cups flour
  • 1 package M&M's
  1. Cream butter and sugars.
  2. Add eggs and vanilla.
  3. Then add dry ingredients.
  4. After mixed well, put dough in the refrigerator for 2 hours.
  5. Sort the M&M's into team colors if necessary.
  6. Roll cookie dough into balls, about golf sized.
  7. Put M&M's in a bowl and roll cookies into the M&M's until they are covered.
  8. Add to ungreased cookie sheet.
  9. Bake at 350 for 11-13 minutes, watching to make sure they are not overdone.
  10. You want them to be golden with slightly brown edges.
  11. Because these cookies are larger, they will spread. Only put 6 large cookies per sheet.

Even though it might look like we are Broncos fans, we in fact root for the Steel Curtain.  I visit someone from church who happens to be a huge Broncos fan and thought she might enjoy a little welcome to football season treat.  Josh became a Steelers fan when he was a little boy and nobody else liked them.  They weren’t good when he was that age and he liked rooting for the underdog.  And since we have no team in Los Angeles, might as well be a team from the other side of the country, right?

Sport Team Cookies with Printable- perfect to kick off the football season

I couldn’t leave good enough alone and had to create a fun printable.  ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!? (I love it but kind of miss my husband during the season)  Knowing that not everyone who is a fan cheers on the team we love, I created printables for the entire NFL.  So whip up some cookies for the fan in your life, attach a card and look like a rock star.
These are approx 5×7 cards but could be resized and made 4 to fit to a sheet depending on what program you use or what type of printer.  They’d be fun to add to cookies or to decorate for a party.  As always, they are for personal use only. Thanks!

Who do you root for?  And are you ready for the season to start?

Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons
Baltimore Ravens
Buffalo Bills
Carolina Panthers
Chicago Bears
Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland Browns
Dallas Cowboys
Denver Broncos
Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers
Houston Texans
Indianapolis Colts
Jacksonville Jaguars
Kansas City Chiefs
Miami Dolphins
Minnesota Vikings
New England Patriots
New Orleans Saints
New York Jets
New York Giants
Oakland Raiders
Philadelphia Eagles
Pittsburgh Steelers
San Diego Chargers
San Francisco 49ers
Seattle Seahawks
St. Louis Rams
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tennessee Titans
Washington Redskins


  1. Nakia says

    This is freaking awesome!! Love it! My husband is a Miami Dolphins fan so like orange and green M&Ms :-) Thanks!!

  2. says

    Really cute idea! I love this and my boys will love this too. Thanks for the idea. Paired with your printed card it will make a great little gift for a football host!

  3. says

    Super cute! We are big college and pro football fans in this household too.Plus the printables make a great idea to kick off the season for a friend! I just put up a freebie football subway art in a variety of team colors today on my blog.

  4. Jessica says

    Thank you sooo much for this post!!! I just sent out a FB invite for the first game of the season and can’t wait to make these cookies and put some of the printables out!!

  5. says

    I was a niners fan as a kid, but I got mad over the way they treated Joe Montana and left them in their dust. Now I don’t even pay attention to pro football.

  6. RDJ says

    Greetings from Blitzburgh, home of the Steel Curtain! I was so excited to see your husband is a Steelers fan. I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and my husband says my first blanket was a Terrible Towel. :) I love this idea and would like to make them for many of the Steelers parties I’ll be going to this Fall. Let your husband know that he is part of family that spans the entire world. The Cowboys consider themselves “America’s Team” but we say the WORLD roots for the Steelers! #BlackandYellow

  7. Sarah says

    Love this!
    For those who won’t want to sort m&ms or don’t have the right colors in the standard bag– I planned on going to party city! They have bags of solid colors!!

    Thanks so much for all The team printables!!! September 9 is Kansas city’s first game!!!!

    Who’s ready for some football!!!!!

    • says

      Yes, going to Party City makes it easy! :) Next time I’ll just do that. But it was an easy sorting project. So I didn’t mind. You’re welcome for the printables. Enjoy!

        • says

          Congrats on the win Sarah! Thanks so much for commenting and giving me the link to your post. So cute! I looove seeing what people do with the things I post. It made my day. Thank you!

  8. says

    These are so cute! Unfortunately, as a Raven’s fan I got the short straw in the color department. My husband is a Giant’s fan though, so I could always do red and blue for him I guess.

    I’m definitely ready for the season to begin, but I’m NOT so excited about the fantasy leagues that go along with it. My husband has one at his office, and I always feel a bit left out. Maybe a few of us wives should start a blogger league of our own!

    • says

      Ha! I hear ya Toni. My husband is in a couple of fantasy football leagues too. Maybe we should start a blogger league. That would be fun! ;)