Favorite Free Fonts for the New Year

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Good fonts are right up there with good photos and good food for me. I might have a slight addiction- last count was 767 816 fonts.  Hopefully I’m not alone because I wanted to share my current favorite free fonts.  Here they are:

Free fonts for the new year

Donwload free fonts

1. bira // 2. blockography // 3. equal sans // 4. Grand Hotel // 5. Levitee
6. MankSans Medium // 7. Ness // 8. Nixie One // 9. Quickier // 10. Riddle
+  Harold’s Pips(dingbat — H= heart)

I have expressed my font love before– in a (very) short lived series: Confessions of a Fontaholic.  I’m planning on bringing it back for the new year.  I’ll share the fonts I used on some of my favorite printables, tips and different ways to use fonts.   Unsure of how to install fonts? Kevin and Amanda have tutorials for all different types of operating systems: install your fonts.

What are your current favorite free fonts?


  1. Donna says

    Hello Mique, First of all, I’m a new follower to your site and absolutely LOVE browsing through everything!!

    Could you please tell me how to download Nixie One font? Nixie One -Regular is the font that downloads but it doesn’t match yours. This is the first time I’ve downloaded a font from Google so am not sure what I’m doing wrong.

    If you can offer me some help, I’d great appreciate your time.
    Thanks so much!

  2. says

    Thank you for these great fonts – I haven’t really got into using too many of them yet although they do make things look very pretty! My web page is with Squarespace and as such I believe I’m limited to using their font set – luckily it includes the Google ones and I like Pacifico a lot.

    Am I right in thinking that’s actually the comment font on here?

    • says

      Hi Kerry- I should probably weed my font garden as well. There are tons that I never use. Glad you found some you like!

  3. Aimee J says

    Okay…I’m a font newbie here…how do I save the files I downloaded to my font folder…where in the heck is my font folder???

    • says

      Hi Aimee! Did you follow the directions on the tutorial? It depends on what kind of computer you have- all of them are set up a little differently. So if you click on the specific kind you have on Kevin and Amanda’s tutorial, it should walk you through. Sorry- not sure if that helps. Good luck!

    • says

      Ha! KC- I’m not that dedicated. I have Font Book which tells me how many fonts I have at the bottom. ;) You’re welcome for helping your addiction. Have a great day! xo

  4. says

    Yikes! I just my folder to see how many fonts I have and it’s 666! I will be adding some that you posted today for sure. I just love fonts. Thanks so much for sharing!