Printable Gift Bags

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I’m always trying to come up with a new way to package things.  With the holidays right around the corner, I made gift bags to give to neighbors, friends and teachers.

Recently I’ve made a few versions of these bags.  One for our Queen Bee Market vendors and one for one of my best friend’s birthday.  I had fun sharing them on Instagram (just really starting to get into Instagram and I love it!!).

I used two types of kraft paper bags:
a brown paper merchandise bag (item #: 121007) and a lunch bag.
I also used my printer, a hole punch and twine.  Simple but cute.

A few notes:

Every printer is different.  I’ve done this on two different ones.  The keys to getting your printer to print them right are two things: make sure you change the printer settings to “envelope” instead of paper and adjust the size to custom.  AND put more than one bag in the feed spot.  Something about the pressure of a few bags makes them feed better through the machine.  I also make sure to push the guides (the plastic things that you can make wider or thinner on the feed of the printer) tight to the sides of the bags.  My bag printer settings were: 7″x11″ for the wider ones and 6.127″ x 12.377″ for the lunch bag. 

I know not everyone has access to
flat kraft bags so I made a lunch bag version:

For 30days followers, download your own gift bag greetings!
For personal use only. 
Gift Bag Greeting Wider Craft Bag Style
Gift Bag Greeting Lunch Bag Style


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  3. Tammy says

    Hi Mique, I know you’ve posted this years ago but I’m just finding and needing it now so hopefully you can help me. These are lovely! I’ve also been printing on my flat kraft bags and love it when they to actually go through my printer. Sometimes they will begin to go then not be able to be grabbed and pulled through to be printed on. I’ve tried everything you’ve suggested except the “envelope” setting. Any pointers on what I may do? Sometimes they go through and then others it’s like the printer roller won’t grab them tight enough to pull them through. ANY advice you can give would be sooo greatly appreciated. Thanks so very much.

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  5. says

    Super cute! I think I need a new printer so I can make these. The printer I have now, eats everything and prints blurry! Good think Christmas is coming up. ;)

  6. Karen says

    These are fantastic Mique! Now I just have to get up the courage to try them in my quirky printer :) Thank you so much!

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  8. says

    These are so, so cute! I’ve got to give them a try. What a great way to make a gift extra special. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s been pinned. Oh, and thanks for the great font list as well! Have a fantastic weekend.

  9. aimie says

    These are absolutely to die for, i am trying to make something similar for my wedding invites. Is there any way you can design some for me?

    i would need individual names & addresses on each paper bag

  10. Germán Arce says

    Hello Mique!!! I really love your blog, I have discovered it in pinterest. I´m a photographer from spain and I´m very interested about how to print in these cute bags. Can I do in a regular hp printer?. I want to do something like your pretty bags for christmas, but I don´t find in spain this kind o bags. Thank you and sorry if I have wrote something bad.

  11. Amanda says

    These are so cute! I’m going to try with my printer and see if it works this Christmas! Such a cute idea! I am not gifted in the way of wrapping. I’m betting a four year old could do better then me! Thanks for sharing. I am going to pin for the other non-gifted wrappers out there like me!

  12. Katie says

    I didn’t know we could print on lunch sacks! So attempting this for the Candy “Bar” baby shower I’m helping hostess in February! I’m thinking one of those printable quiz games on the bag and the Who/What/When info on the other side for them to take some candy home in! Yay!! Thanks so much! I see so many uses for this!!

    • Mique says

      Katie- that is a fabulous idea. I hope they turned out ok. I love that you took it one step further. Please share if you ended up making them.

  13. says

    Great idea for a cute simple gift. I love paper-crafts, so this is right down my lane. I’m definitely going to give this one a try. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a great weekend and a wonderful Christmas!

    Confessions of a Paper-Crafts Chick

  14. says

    These are amazing! I plan to use them for my coworkers. Now I just have to figure out what to put inside. I spied $1 mini loaf pans at Michaels that could fit in the lunch bags with some yummy bread inside! Thank you for sharing!!!

  15. Katherine says

    Love this but I’m pretty sure the lunch bags are gong to jam my printer(it’s happened before)
    anything I can do to prevent this?

    Great site.

    • Mique says

      Hi Katherine- a few suggestions: you can try taping the flap part down to the main part of the bag because that’s what’s caused issues for me. You could also make sure to have a few in the feed like I mentioned above. Or you could make the settings normal 8.5×11 and tape the bag to a piece of cardstock and run it through that way. Some printers are more feisty than others. It took me a couple of tries but eventually I got it to work for several in a row. Hope that helps!

  16. says

    Wow, I just did something so similar when the boys and I made our Advent bags the other day. They drew on their stack, I went the easy route and printed a few using some festive graphics that I had. I never thought to take this concept a step further and use them as gift bags! I love it! I just pinned this idea. Thanks!

    • Mique says

      Awesome Sarah!! I’m sure your boys had a blast making them. Thanks so much for pinning and commenting. :)

  17. says

    oooh I saw this on instagram so cute Mique! I’ve been looking for the best deals on those bags for a young womens project. Thanks so much for the link!

    • Mique says

      Thanks Jenn! I love PaperMart. We use them a lot for QBM. They are local so things are driven to me quickly. ;) And you don’t have to have a wholesale license to get amazing deals. I highly recommend for all kinds of stuff in bulk. Glad I could help. :)

  18. says

    I love this, as I have the square shaped bags (in white) which I use to distribute clients’ DVDs of photographs. Question: do you use a laser or inkjet printer?

    • Mique says

      Hi Kristi- I love the white ones too. I use an inkjet printer. I’ve had a laser one in the past and sometimes the ink doesn’t really “soak in” if that makes any sense ? Worth a shot though if you do have a laser printer.

      • says

        Thanks – I have used lunch bags in our laser printers and it tends to get a bit “cranky” and creases the bags too much. Can’t wait to try it out on my inkjet at home. No more labels for me…of course, now I’m thinking I should do a wax seal! :-)

        • Mique says

          Kirsti- you’ll have to let me know if they worked or not. Some printers are just feisty. But I’m stubborn and keep trying until I get it to work. ;)