Glitz and Gold Holiday Necklace

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Glitz and Gold Holiday Necklace

Hello, 30 Days readers! I’m Allie from Miss Lovie! I’m excited to be here to share my Glitz and Gold Holiday Necklace tutorial with you today! This necklace is the perfect addition to any holiday party outfit! It can also be great as a statement piece used to fancy up a t-shirt or it would be a perfect accessory with your favorite cocktail dress. And since the tones of the necklace are neutral (and sparkly!), it is super versatile .

Glitz and Gold Holiday Necklace

Best part, though? It’s easy. Really. Fancy and easy is my favorite combo.

Glitz and Gold Holiday Necklace

 Wanna learn? 

 Let’s gather your materials:


Glitz and Gold Holiday Necklace

(clockwise from left)

Head pins (my favorite are 2 in.)

2 lengths of large link chain: 20 inches and 8 1/2 inches

Large and medium beads (gold pearls and glass translucent beads from JoAnn’s Fabric Superstore)

Large rhinestone drops (purchased from Way to Bead Etsy shop)

Lobster clasp

Jump rings

1 length of small length chain: 2-3 inches (not pictured)

Jewelry Tools

Jewelry Tools Needed 

(clockwise from left) Flat nose pliers, bent nose pliers, needle nose pliers, wire cutters

Glitz and Gold Holiday Necklce

Let’s first create the actual necklace from the chain.

Open a small jump ring and slide on one end of the 20 inch section of large link chain along with the lobster clasp (picture 1 and 2), and close the jump ring. Open a large jump ring and slide on the other end of that length of chain as well as the small length chain if you want your necklace to be adjustable, and close the jump ring. 

Glitz and Gold Holiday Necklce

The ends of your chain should look like this now. 

Glitz and Gold Holiday Necklace

About 4 inches down from the beginning of one side of the chain add a jump ring and the second length of chain. Close the jump ring. Add the other end of the short chain with another jump ring 4 inches down from the other end of the long chain. 

Glitz and Gold Holiday Necklace

Now your necklace looks like this. 

Glitz and Gold Necklace 

Now let’s add our beads. To create the connectors for the beads, we need to make simple loops on each bead. 

1. To create a simple loop,  slide your bead onto a head pin.

2. Then use your bent nose pliers to bend the pin at a 90 degree angle right against the bead. (the picture shows to leave space above the bead. Don’t. For a simple loop, bend the pin right against the bead. To do this, simply, grasp the pin directly above the bead and bend it down. Be careful not to chip the bead

3. Then, use your needle nose pliers and place them above the bend in the pin. Use your fingers to pull the pin up over the pliers.

4. Reposition your pin as shown in picture 4 and keep bending the pin all the way around to create the full loop. 

Snip of the end of the wire as shown here. 

glitz and gold holiday necklace

See how the loop is close to the bead?

Your bead will, of course, look more like the one below with a little bit of a larger loop than is shown in the tutorial above.

Glitz and Gold Holiday Necklace

 The size and number of the links in the chain you use will determine how many beads you need and how many simple loops you’ll need to create. I’ll share the number I used in order to give you a general idea of about how many beads you’ll need.

Glitz and Gold Holiday Necklace

Sometimes I use this bead palette to help me plan out my projects, but it is not a necessity. For this necklace I basically started by putting a large bead every other link-one bead per link. Then I alternated the type of beads. I filled the rest of the links with the medium gold pearls and rhinestone drops. 

On the top chain of the necklace which is about 7 1/2 inches long (from  jump ring to jump ring), I used 4 large gold pearls, 3 large glass translucent beads, 4 medium  gold pearls and 2 rhinestone drops. 

On the bottom chain which was about 81/2 inches long (from jump ring to jump ring), I used 5 large gold beads, 4 large glass translucent beads, 5 medium gold beads, and 4 rhinestone drops

Glitz and Gold Holiday Necklace

To attach the beads to the links, simply stick your needle nose pliers inside the simple loop and pull the loop back open. Slide the open loop onto a link. On smaller links it does not matter what side you place the bead, but with larger links like this, you need to test out which side of the link the bead will lay best. The bead will hang on the necklace awkwardly when placed on the wrong side.

Glitz and Gold Holiday Necklace

To close the loop back up, you can do one of the two options above (or a mix of both). You can stick the needle nose pliers in the loop and twist it closed again (as the picture on the left shows). Sometimes the loop is too small and the link is in the way, so (the picture on the right shows that) you can grasp both sides of the loop with your bent nose pliers and squeeze the loops shut.

Keep adding beads on the top part of the necklace like this alternating large and small beads and then work on the bottom section of the chain until finished. I only had 6 rhinestone drops total (left over from my Statement Bridal Necklace) so I spaced those out.

Glitz and Gold Holiday Necklace

Fancy and fun. 

Glitz and Gold Holiday Necklace

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Let me know if you have any questions! And enjoy those holiday parties looking fabulous!

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