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This giveaway is now closed.

Remember just a bit ago when I hosted a giveaway for DownEast Basics? It was so much fun and I am still enjoying the products I reviewed. I’m sure my local friends would attest that I wear my jacket almost daily. I love it! Well, DownEast graciously sent me 2 products to review again. Apparently I didn’t learn my lesson last time and asked my husband to take pictures of me again.

So here are the products on me and on the models:

Timeless Trench Coat

Perfect Form Dress

Not sure what I’m doing in either picture. But these are the best of the bunch!

I wore the jacket to church today and it was SO comfy. I think it’s the perfect jacket- could go with a great pair of jeans or a dressy outfit. The dress I have reserved for the Sunday before Christmas. It’s super comfortable and even has pockets! It also has a fun ruffly neckline. Adorable!!
In addition to having clothing that is cute and comfy, their prices are amazing. And they have been fantastic to work with. I can’t say enough about this company- I am such a fan.

You didn’t think I’d just share some cute products with you and send you on your way did you?
DownEast Basics is again offering a giveaway. Woo Hoo!

This time in order to win,
here’s what you need to do:
Visit DownEast and comment on this post.
Give me your DownEast wishlist-
the items that top your list from DownEast.
And put a star or let me know what your
number 1 choice would be if you won.

Here are some more items on my list:
click the images

For extra entries you can:
Come back here and comment
separately for each extra
you do or they won’t count.
Sorry about that.

-Become a DownEast Facebook Fan
(like I said last time, so worth it-
you get to know all the sales, coupons, etc)

-Subscribe to the DownEast Basics catalog
-Subscribe to DownEast blog

You can also:
separate comments for these too
announce it on facebook
blog about it
tweet about it
email it
become a 30days follower
(or tell me you are)
grab a 30days button for your sidebar here

The winner will get one item of their choice
the top of their wishlist!

I will pick a winner Monday, December 14th.

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  1. The Steel's says

    1Classic cord coat
    2Heather Grey over the top dress
    3The pretty poinsetta top
    5the ornamental skirt

  2. Heather@ My Frugal Family says

    I am a subscriber of yours.

    I like:

    Sonnet Top
    Tuxedo Top
    Take a Bow Dress
    Over & Under Dress
    Winter Shadow Top*

    Great clothing store, though!

  3. PJS says

    OOOOh…. starting with my favourite

    Galerie coat
    timeless trench coat
    over and under dress
    Classic cord coat
    First Lady skirt
    Tuxedo top

    You look great in the outfits too

  4. Amy says

    Oooh, love this stuff! Especially the skirts: The Sleigh Ride skirt is my fav, and I also love the Black Tie skirt!
    Amy in CA

  5. Kaitlyn says

    I can't decide. Either the sonnet top, one of a kind top, or tuxedo shirt. They are all so pretty!

  6. Kristen says

    The Spotlight dress and Classic Cord Coat are on my lists…can't wait to see that new tote with the ruffles in person, too!

  7. The Lawlor's says

    I love all of the dresses (that would be my number one pick) and the jackets are great too.
    lawlorlawlor at gmail dot com

  8. Bonnie says

    I love, love, love the *reunited wrap top*, the over and under dress, the cardigans, the rosette hat and scarf, wow, I just love it all!!!

  9. melinda says

    Downeast is my all-time fav store. I love all their clothes!!

    Here is my wishlist–

    Reunited Wrap Top/Black**
    Cinnamon & Cloves Cardigan/Red
    Spotlight Dress
    Jetset Skirt/Purple Cord
    One of a Kind Top
    Tulle Flower and Beads Necklace

  10. amanda.hall says

    I became a facebook fan… I love the Sonnet top and the sleigh ride skirt. Everything is so cute!

  11. Lindsay says

    I absolutely positively want the Formal Flower Dress in black size 6or 8. I'm in love with it.
    I really just want that so bad!

    lindsmoore55 at yahoo dot com

  12. Fornelli Family says

    I love Down East Basics!!
    I love the Take a bow dress & Perfect form dress! There is so much more but to list them would take forever.

  13. Kim and Cameron says

    Ok, here's my wishlist:

    **Postcard dress
    Jetset skirt – corduroy
    Hot to trot skirt
    Over and under dress
    Classic cord coat
    One of a kind top

  14. Fiddlin' Dandi says

    My favorites from Down East would be the lace tees and camis. I also like the tall & trim trouser jeans.

  15. Nori says

    thanks for introducing me to this store! i love the Bleaker Street Blazer and On The Town purse and a gazillion other things!! i'm heading back to browse some more!

  16. Jen says

    I adore the One of a Kind top (although the snow color is nice, I think I like it in dark slate). The sonnet top is nice too. I also like the rock star jeans, but the One of a Kind top is definitely my favorite.

  17. Anonymous says

    I'm wanting me a DownEast coat something fierce! A classic trench or a classic cord would be wonderful!

    D Robinson
    ammonmommy at hotmail dot com

  18. Erynn says

    I had never been to the website, and now that I have I fear it will be my new shopping addiction. I LOVE THE TIMELESS TRENCH COAT!!! That is my #1 choice!!!

  19. Cerise says

    WOW…I love all that stuff and the prices are good too!! Lets see:
    Postcard dress****
    Perfect Form dress…in purple
    Reunited Wrap Top – champagne
    Jetset Skirt – Corduroy -Potent Purple

  20. Robyn says

    I've been stalking the "take a bow dress" for a few weeks now..I'm out of state, otherwise I'd have it already!

  21. Michelle says

    My first choice would be the Classic Cord Coat in Plum, but the Eye Candy Cardigan and Classic Plaid Skirt make up my list! Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. mel98942 says

    I am a FB fan. My list would be Rockstar Jeans,
    Timeless Trench Coat
    Perfect Form Dress
    Alpine Skirt
    and Pretty Petals Skirt*

    How fun! Hope I win!

  23. Mags says

    i'm a follower! you're on my blog roll.

    I love the ruffled trench and the
    silky snow flake cardigan*!

  24. Leanne says

    big city bag(my fav)
    perfect flower dress in purple
    classic cord coat in snow
    classic plaid skirt

    in order of my favorites

  25. Melissa Ann says

    I want:
    A Snow One of a Kind Top *
    A Black Reunited Wrap Top
    A Long Sleeve Cardigan
    A Black Tie Skirt

  26. Mary Beth says

    Wish List:

    ***Must Have Matchstick Jeans***
    One of a Kind Top
    Silky Snowflake Cardigan
    Bleaker Street Blazer
    Formal Flower Dress
    Straight Up Skinny Jeans
    Tulle Flower & Beads Necklace

    Wow, so much good stuff! So hard to pick one favorite :)

  27. Danielle says

    My favorite DownEast item is the hot to trot skirt! I also really like the reunited wrap top and the platinum jeans.

  28. Telisha says

    If I listed everything I wanted from the store…it would be a very long list. Here are my favorite top 5.

    1. Rock Star Jean (probably what I would pick)
    2. Timeless Trench Coat
    3. Reunited Wrap Top
    4. Long Sleeve Newport V-Neck
    5. Flower & Pearls Necklace – White

    Ok, top six. =0)
    6. Real Romance Bag- Coming Soon!

  29. Jessica says

    I love down east basics!

    Wish list:
    *Cut above coat!
    Long sleeve tuxedo shirt
    Glamorous Gala Skirt!

  30. Cherry Blossoms says

    I really want the Timeless Trench Coat. Thats my number 1 pick!

    The other items I would like are the first lady skirt and the tuxedo top!

    CherryBlossomsDesign at hotmail

  31. babydoll25_04106 says

    I love DEB!
    **Long Sleeve Tuxedo Top in Black
    Calligraphy Skirt
    Merry Memories skirt
    Wonder camisole
    Lace camisole
    Long sleeve tee
    Long sleeve lace tee

    (And pretty much everything else in the catalog)

  32. leslieeva says

    So many cute things but if I have to narrow it down, it would be:

    1.)Postcard Dress
    2.)Truth Be Bold skirt
    3.)Tuxedo Top in italian plum AND
    blush pink
    4.)***Silky Snowflake Cardigan***
    in, whatelse? Snow!

  33. Stacy T says

    Oh my goodness there are too many options! I love the *timeless trench in limestone and the first lady skirt and the rosette hat. I love this site…thanks for posting about it!

  34. Katie H says

    Love love love Down East Basics. My newest fav is their tuxedo top in black. Even the hubby noticed (score!).

    My wishlist items are: Over & Under Dress (too cute), the Long Sleeve Newport V-Neck (the pink is so pretty & delicate) & the Classic Plaid Skirt. So many great pieces – one of my very favorites to shop for modest & stylish clothes. Thanks for hosting this!

  35. Brianne says

    Over the top dress
    over and under dress
    classic cord coat*
    timeless trench coat
    sonnet top

    I guess I should send this list to my husband :-).

  36. The Owens Family says

    Ornamental skirt
    First Lady skirt (first choice!)
    One of a Kind top
    Eye Candy Cardigan

    DEB is one of my fave stores. I love everything there!!!

  37. Memmott Family says

    liz memmott

    What an awesome giveaway I love these things at down east..

    *Black Tie Skirt
    Long sleeve newport shirt in black olive
    long sleeve basic v-neck t

  38. ProjectHope7 says

    the aOver and Under Dress and the take a Bow dress are great and affordable! I wouldlove the first one in black and the second in snow colors!

    cathy b
    proejcthope7 at gmaild ot com

  39. MLW says

    I love your blog- I check it every day. :)
    I'll be linking to them on Facebook- does that quality me? I hope so.
    Marta :)

  40. Julie @ Joy's Hope says

    I am doing on of two things:
    a. coming over and stealing your coats.
    b. winning.

    how about b?
    I'll take the timeless trench.

  41. Sena says

    My DownEast wishlist-
    ***Perfect Form Dress in Potent Purple***
    Classic Cord Coat in Citrus Grey
    Formal Flower Dress in Deep Red
    Carpe Diem Cardigan
    Bleaker Street Blazer
    Embossed Skinny Belt in Gold and Silver

    Love their stuff!!

    sena.sagani [at] gmail [dot] com

  42. Tricia says

    I've never seen this company before…looks like they're not in my neck of the woods yet (Texas).

    I love thier style and prices!

    My wishlist includes:

    *Postcard Dress
    Timeless Trench
    Tuxedo Top
    Cinnamon and Cloves Cardigan

  43. Lindsey says

    I am going to try my luck again…

    My wishlist:

    1.FAVORITE TOP OF LIST Timeless Trench Coat
    2. Silky Snowflake Cardigan
    3. Reunited Wrap Top
    4. Postcard Dress

    I LOVE DOWNEAST, they need one in CT : )

  44. kirsten says

    I love the take a bow dress, the classic cord coat, the jetset skirt, the calligraphy skirt, the first lady skirt, reunited wrap top, carpe diem cardigan, poinsetta top. But I think my fave is either the perfect form dress or the timeless trenchcoat. Both things they gave you!!

  45. Krissa says

    Oh man…there is so much I love on their site…
    * over & under dress
    I love ALL their skirts
    the gauze flower & bead necklace
    and the rosette scarf and hat… and I am a HUGE fan of their cami's

  46. Samurai Mom says

    I have been itching for that coat you are wearing and I can't even decide what flower and pearl necklace I want most and as always more wonder tees and i need some long sleeve tees

  47. Williamson family says

    Oh it is so hard to choose just one thing! I love the reunited wrap top in champagne. I hope I win!

  48. Sarah says

    Funny thing is, I was looking at their catalog and thinking that these two items were at the top of my list!!!

  49. Kim says

    The *timeless trench coat* is adorable!!! LOVE it!! And the perfect form dress is adorable tơo…

  50. The Busy Butler Family says

    I've been drooling over the catalog since I got it in the mail two weeks ago. Gorg! Numero Uno on my list is the Truth Be Bold Skirt. Followed by the Long Sleeve Tuxedo Top in Red, the Pretty Poinsettia Top in Sliver Fern, The Reunited Wrap Top and the Real Romance Bag. Really, I love all of it, but these are my "desperately want" right now items!

  51. Sare says

    I love their stuff!
    Timeless Trench *****
    Classic Cord Coat
    One of a Kind top
    Reunited Wrap Top
    Calligraphy Skirt

  52. Cynthia says

    i am soooo loving their prices. here is my wish list:

    Long Sleeve Cardigan******
    timeless trench
    tuxedo top
    tulle flower and beads necklace

    i am so keeping my fingers crossed for this one ;)

  53. Beth says

    LOVE the ***Classic Cord Coat in Italian plum! the Truth Be Told skirt is adorable too. Thanks for introducing me to Down East!!

  54. Lynn says

    My top 3:
    Catwalk Jeans
    *Sleigh Ride Skirt
    Carpe Diem Cardigan

    But I really could go on and on! :)

  55. Meredith says

    Oh My Goodness…I'm SO stinkin' excited. Wish List… Teunited Wrap Top, snowflake cardigan, timeless trench coat, formal flower dress, rosette hat/scarf, mainstreet tote, perfect complex cardigan, sitting pretty top. What a great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity and thanks for the great web-site…what fabulous prices!

  56. theamazingjohnsons says

    Awesome giveaway! I went to their store over Thanksgiving and wanted everything in there! Just to name a few…
    *Classic cord coat
    Trench coat
    cut above coat
    Can you tell I love coats?

  57. Jennifer says

    I would be happy with just about anything from Down East. My wish list right now is.

    **Reunited Wrap Top
    Timeless Trench Coat
    Take a Bow Dress
    First Lady Skirt

  58. Dave and Amy says

    So many fun things! But this would be my wish list:
    1-A Cut Above Coat
    2-Perfect Form Dress
    3-Classic Cord Coat
    4-Black Tie Skirt
    …ok, I'll stop there. ;)

  59. T. Navis says

    What a great online catalog! I had no idea.

    ***Timeless Trench Coat – LOVE THIS!
    Silky Snowflake Cardigan – so DREAMY!

  60. aSprinkling says

    My favorites are the Classic Cord Coat, Timeless Trench, Black Tie Skirt, and Jetset Skirt – Corduroy. If I had to only pick one, though, it would be hard. :) I guess I would probably go with the Trench.

  61. Jen says

    ou so much for this site – I adore thier styles – they look so flattering for us girls with a little meat on our bones…I must say i do like a bunc of things on thier site – but hands down the most yummy is the Citus Grey Cordury coat….

  62. The Harris Family says

    Here's my Wish List
    **A Cut Above Coat
    Over and Under Dress
    Tuxedo Top
    Black Tie Skirt

    Great Giveaway!

  63. emerzim says

    So much loveliness! I like the Over and Under Dress, the classic cord coat, the tuxedo top, in that order. And I've always love their tees and camis. I wear them constantly.

  64. Christa says

    I subscribe to the DownEast blog, my best friend and her blog are being featured right now on it!

  65. Christa says

    My Grown-up wish list:
    Matchstick Jeans*
    Dutchess Skirt
    Peace of Mind Skirt in Pewter
    Silky Snowflake Cardigan in Citrus Grey
    Abracadabra Skirt
    These are all (some) of my favorites so I put it in order of winning. The Matchstick jeans aren't out yet so if that's not possible, I LOVE the Dutchess skirt! (and so on)

  66. aShLeY mOrGaN says

    LOVEEEEEEE this giveaway!!!

    I am a fan of DOWNEAST on facebook and I have 30 days button on my blog.


    1. *perfect form dress (of course)*
    2. eye candy cardigan
    3. classic cord coat
    4. silky snowflake cardigan

    My list could go on and on but I guess that will do…haha.

    Thank you for such a great giveaway!!! Hope to see my name as the winner next monday. YAY!!!

  67. Summer says

    Wow, this is great! Here's my "Grown-up" wishlist:

    Gallery Coat
    Classic Cord Coat
    **Timeless Trench Coat (I guess I'm loving their coats!)
    Long-sleeved Newport V-Neck Shirt
    Formal Flower Dress

  68. frugalisfab says

    I love Downeast! I just got my catalog in the mail and was drooling over it this weekend. Here is my wishlist:

    **Timeless Trench
    Classic Cord Coat
    Tuxedo Top in Potent Purple
    Silky Snowflake Cardigan
    Tulle Flower and Beads Necklace
    Sitting Pretty Top

  69. Jeremiah and Heidi says

    Seriously just ONE thing! I love it all and almost don't go a day without wearing at least a DEB undershirt. I am loving the perfect form dress, in black, I am not brave enough to wear purple :)

    Also love their tuxedo top.

  70. bethany says

    Mique-you always host the best giveaways!! I really like the silky snowflake cardigan and the first lady skirt, but I have to say that the Perfect Form dress is my number one!

  71. Amy says

    OOOOOOOOooooo the Classic Cord Coat – hands down!!! I love them too but have never seen all this great stuff before! (I just bought the t-shirts for modesty, but I was so grateful for their excellent prices!) Woo hoo thanks for the great giveaway!!!