Halloween Party Ideas + Free Printables: Budget Friendly & Kid Approved!

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I am so very excited to be a new guest contributor at Thirty Handmade Days and share all my party ideas with you!!   Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, but just like Mique, I’m not a fan of gory, brain oozing, scary Halloween stuff. I’m more of a cute pumpkin, candy corn, bed-sheet-ghost Halloween lover.  For my first post, I wanted to share some fun DIY Halloween Party ideas! I came up with these easy, kid friendly decorations, favors and sweet treats that anyone could do (yes, even you Ms. Uncrafty-craftington)…and as a “thank you” for having me, I’ve designed a {Free} Halloween Party Printable Collection specially for 30 Days readers! 

 Halloween Party Table

Since I planned this party was for my little boys and their friends (under the age of 5), I had an excuse to kick the cuteness level way up! The kids were given fill-your-own cellophane bags and set loose on the treat table!  I tried to minimize the amount of sugar on the table while still maintaining the spirit of the Halloween sugar binge tradition :)

Halloween Favors

These party favors are inexpensive and super easy to put together (with the exception of the bat wing pinwheels).  The pinwheels are bit time consuming but they were sooo worth it, don’t you think? Here’s a breakdown of my party favor ideas:

Top Left: Make “Mad Scientist Dough” using small tubs of play dough wrapped with printed labels included in the {Free} Halloween Printable Party Collection.

Top Right: These inexpensive favor boxes were purchased at Walmart!  I embellished them with the printable  favor tags and an orange bow for good measure! They can be filled with popcorn, animal crackers, or fun size candy bars.

Bottom Left: For the bat wing pinwheels, I used a free pinwheel template I found online at All Sorts. I traced the template on black card stock and embellished with the bat favor tags.  You can find many good pinwheel tutorial online. I used Halloween pencils for the stick and pushed a regular sewing pin (with a round pinhead) through the pinwheel and eraser. I secured with black electrical tape.  I also used some beads I had as spacers between the pinwheel and pencil eraser.

Bottom Right: Make “Witches Bubbling Brew” using bubbles from the dollar store.  Remove the bubble label and wrap printed labels included in the Printable Party Collection.

Halloween Treats

Now, on to the sweet treats:

Top Left: Fill cellophane bags with a mix of cereal, pretzels, and candy. Wrap with printable cupcake sleeves, also included in the collection.

Top Right: For a no-bake cookie, dip plain tea biscuits in melted chocolate or frost with butter cream or royal icing. Top with Halloween themed sprinkles.

Bottom Left: These Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops are so much fun to make!  My boys came up with some very creepy combinations for Frankie, but this was our official party version.

Bottom Right: Dip Halloween Edition Double Stuff Oreos in dark candy melts and top with Halloween sprinkles for a no-bake treat on a stick.

Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops

You can find the recipe and full instructions for these Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops at www.blog529.com

Halloween Cupcake Tower

 I have to admit, although I do a lot of baking, I love grocery store cupcakes! You can find some really cute pre-made cupcakes and jazz them up with spider rings or printable cupcake toppers.  I made this cupcake stand myself using cardboard cake boards covered in scrapbook paper and green plastic cups to separate the tiers. I hot glued everything together and glued some spider web ribbon around the edges for a clean look. 


As an activity, the kids can eat treats…lots…. and lots of treats. Oh wait, is that not considered an activity?  Well it is with my kids! There could be a whole carnival set-up in the house and they’ll be sitting under a table eating fruit snacks ;) Other than EATING, you could have the kids make some creepy creatures with their Mad Scientist Dough.  You can also have them make take-home decorations with foam cut-outs and stickers from a dollar store.

 Yummy Yum Marshamallow Pop

Hope you enjoyed my ideas and tips.  Now what are you waiting for? Click…Print…and Create!

Download the {FREE} DIY Halloween Party Printable Collection below!

DIY Halloween Party Printable Collection

Hope you all have a {cute} Happy Halloween!!  

*Peace Love & Cupcakes*
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      Thank you for your feedback. The two images that were inspired by the PaperGlitter collection have been removed from the free printables. I highly recommend everyone visit their shop.

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