Happy Halloween! Leftover Candy Recipes

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Today is the day! Halloween.  Truth be told, I’m not a huge Halloween fan.  It doesn’t help that my kids get all sugared up and then have the day off of school tomorrow (smart, smart school district).  So while I dream of creative costumes like my friends, my kids seem just as happy to pick theirs out from the aisle of a store. 

Inevitably there is left over candy at our house. 
This year it will be put to good use with some of these Halloween recipes:

What do you do with leftover candy?
Any non-chocolate related recipes out there? Please share!


  1. says

    I just read your post about Sharlie, and my cousin had the same video of Jon posted on his website – did you know a Jamas Gwilliam from high school? He went to San Dieguito I think – he’s from Encinitas. Just thought I’d ask!

    • Mique says

      Hi Holly- yes! I know the Gwilliam family. Ashley is a year older, Austin a year younger and I think Jamas is a year younger than my sister. Breanne is around my brother’s age. They were in my ward when we first moved to Encinitas but then it was split. Ashley got married the day before me and Benny (who shot the video of Jon) shot both of our wedding videos (13 yrs ago). More info than you were looking for I’m sure… :) Small small world.

      • says

        How hilarious! Yeah we were there for Ashley’s wedding! It really is a small world isn’t it?! Well I love your blog and think you’re great! Are you still in San Diego?

  2. says

    so I need not feel guilty about eating the kids’ candy? haha! I think baking with it feels less guilty than digging into the bags each time I pass by:) love the banana recipe…

    • Mique says

      Melodee- no need to feel guilt. ;) Baking I think is the perfect solution. Thanks for the comment! Have a great day. xo, Mique