How the Pity became the Party

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There are lots of linky parties out there.  Several people have asked me why my linky party is called Pity Party and how it got started. 
Last year I was having a particularly rough week and I made mention of it on Twitter.  A reader suggested that I start a linky party to get my mind off of things and have fun projects to look at.  I was throwing my own “pity party.”  And my Pity Party linky was born. 


Ever wonder how I choose who to feature?  I pick what jumps out at me but there are a few key things I look for:

  • Originality:  There are a lot of ideas that are recycled online- which can be awesome.  But I am specifically looking for new ideas that haven’t been done before.  Or a spin on an old idea.
  • Themes: I try to be consistent with categories- crafts, DIY, and food are always in there.  But sometimes I see a theme over and over again in the links and add a new category. 
  • Good pictures:  Taking good pictures is huge on my list.  You don’t have to have an expensive DSLR to take amazing shots.  You just have to learn about your camera.  My pictures have changed since I first started blogging.  Natural lighting is huge.  There are been so many times that I’ve raced against the clock to beat sundown.  It’s so tempting to take pictures at night with the flash on.  But resist if you can. 
    Here’s an example of the same project, taken years apart:

First picture was taken inside my kitchen with flash on creating harsh light.
Second picture was taken inside my kitchen with flash off in natural light.

Not only have I seen amazing projects come through each Friday, but I’ve also connected with more bloggers.  I have found new blogs that I wouldn’t have otherwise. And now my parties aren’t so pitiful after all.  Thanks so much for linking up each week! 
What kind of  projects do you look forward to every week?


  1. says

    I’ve always wondered why it was called the Pity Party too. Thanks for sharing the backstory!

    It is also interesting to read the insight you provided on selecting features. I know for me, as a reader, I tend to click on the links of the thumbnails with good pictures too!

    • Mique says

      Thanks Jessica- I know I have such random names for things. I need to explain why it’s called “30days” soon too. Thanks for the comment. Have a great weekend!

  2. says

    I’m curious if you have any tips on what to do when natural light isn’t an option? One of the things I struggle with is that here in New England it is DARK most of the time when I’m not at work. I can always photograph my craft projects on the weekend, but hot dinners are a little harder to put off photographing! I’ve experimented with keeping the flash off and then using photoshop to bump up the exposure to combat some of the darkness, but I feel like there must be a better option!

    • Mique says

      Hi Jo- I bet it’s super tough with lighting in the winter where it’s cold and snowy and dark! I have lots of friends that use light boxes that love them. I still haven’t gotten one (or made one) yet but plan to soon. You can get them and use them at all hours of the day and night! Hope that helps. xo

    • Mique says

      Thanks Erin! Pictures are such a big deal and I think a lot of people (myself included) are just anxious to get the shots done. I try to remember what I like looking at and go from there. The only time I use flash is for absolutely necessary, impossible to avoid (family type things) situations.
      Just wrote in another comment that I have friends who use light boxes and love them. Especially in the winter months. Might give that a try. Although when you’re doing DIY and furniture stuff, that might be out! ;)