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I’ve been a fan of Lindsey’s for awhile. Even did a product review (her stuff is great- check it out here). She started featuring her best friend Nicole a few months ago and I thought about selling my house and moving to their neck of the woods. Ok- so I like it where I am- but between the two of them, they are beyond talented.
Anyway, long ago I saw this post. LOVED it then. And then Just a Girl featured it last week. LOVED it again. They did a tutorial. Got me thinking.
And here’s what I decided- I would make my own digital version, send it off to get it printed onto canvas- a big giant canvas (by that I mean I would save it as a jpg like I would any other picture and have it printed directly onto the canvas. Make sense?). Hang it on the wall. Done.
I have an online canvas place that I’ve used several times now. Inexpensive & good. Check them out here.
Here’s my version:

So….what do ya think?
I’ll post a pic of the finished product
when I get it back from the canvas people.

{I mainly used this kit from Shabby Miss Jenn}

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p.s. I admittedly “reused” some of Nicole’s rules.
I hope she doesn’t mind. :)


  1. { L } says

    Wow! I'm impressed! I just made one today and will post it next week. I really love how it looks being all digital! great job.

  2. Em and Cammie says

    I saw this awhile back but being a digital scrapbooker I wasn't sure about tackling all that paper…so now YOU have inspired me to do one that is digital!! Thanks for the link to order the canvas!! LOVE your blog!

  3. TRICIA @ The Zoo says

    Hi Mique.
    I have an award for you over at my blog if you would like to pick it up.

    Love the sign, btw.


  4. Jessica says

    Love it!!!! I would love to do a digital one, but don't really know much about using the digi kits. Would you be willing to share the steps???? Please, with a cherry on top? :)

  5. the meyer fam says

    that is awesome…I'm gunna have to try that..i saw the other family rules thing, but this seems a little easier for me to do. THANKS!!

  6. lindsey says

    aah! i love it! i so wish i knew how to do it on the computer! nicole and i are going to attempt doing a fabric version – wish us luck!