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Instead of a quote or image this week I wanted to share this with you:

a SNAP conference ticket giveaway!!!!
Scroll down to the bottom of this post for all of the fun details.

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Christmas Printable from Today’s Creative Blog
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Okay 30days friends,
I am SO excited to be able to offer up
ONE SNAP TICKET to give away
!! ($299 value)

What is SNAP? It’s a 3 day creative conference at Thanksgiving Point in Utah.  Everything from crafting to parties to DIY to handmade business (Jess and I will be doing that one) and more. The location, the speakers, the environment- it is going to rock your socks.  I promise.  The team behind SNAP is amazing- I feel so lucky to be a part of it.  (not just saying that- I love these girls)  Has SNAP been on your Christmas list? THIS is your chance!
So how do you win??
One mandatory entry:
Leave me one comment telling me your best Christmas/holiday present you’ve ever given or received.

Extra entries:

  • Subscribe to the SNAP blog. Leave one comment letting me know you did. (1 extra entry)
  • Everyone who links up today will get an extra entry (one extra per person, not per link)- if you don’t want to win this ticket, please let me know in a comment and it can be gifted to someone else.

I will pick one winner on Wednesday, December 14th.
and pssssssssst…..there will be some other SNAP giveaways over the next couple of weeks.
Keep up with all things SNAPpy- on Facebook and Twitter.  I’ve loved being a part of #SNAPchat on Thursday mornings!



  1. says

    When my husband and I were newly married {= almost no xtra $$} I took on a job making 800 handmade invitations for a local gala!! He helped me with so much of it and as a big surprise and thank you to him, I was able to get him a table saw {that he still has and uses to build me furniture}. I had my dad put it in the middle of the garage where he normally parks … when we came home from Christmas Eve with his family and the garage door went up … there it was. SO FUN!!

  2. says

    thanks so much for hosting this :-) i would be SOOOOO excited to win and be able to go!!
    my best christmas gift is having my dad home from the hospital. the last two years we’ve had to spent christmas celebrating with him outside of the home and it will be SOOO nice to enjoy a home cooked meal with him at home, on his favorite couch :-)

  3. says

    My favorite Christmas gift I ever received was my digital camera. A nice one. I love experimenting with it and keeping memories. My husband did a good thing that year.

  4. says

    The best Christmas Present I have ever received would have to be my hand made 3 story Babie Doll house made by my Aunt/Uncle! It was amazing and My parents still have it and are storing it for me in their basement (until I have a little girl to play with it!) I only have boys now! :)

  5. says

    Last year my husband bought me the most coveted of all crafters… My very own Silhouette SD. The thing that made it the best Christmas gift was not what it was… even though I LOVE it… But it was that he had NO idea what it was or what it did. He just knew I really wanted one. So he saved and secretly found then ordered one for me online. So awesome he is. :)

  6. says

    the best gift I gave was a photo album of photos through the years to my parents. they never knew I snuck the photos out of their house to scan and use :)

  7. says

    oh dear heavens, i am so behind on comments & linking up. ’tis the season for handmade business, ya know! ;)

    first & foremost thank you so much for featuring my gift tags! you are so sweet.

    as for the entery to the SNAP giveaway – you better believe i want to win one!

    best present, by far was when i was a teenager back in cali & my parents finally got us a VCR (ya, old school VCR). it was the best present & also one of the best childhood memories of christmas growing up with my family & cousins.

    thanks for the chance. i’m linking up late for a chance too. i’m so behind.


  8. says

    SNAP is on my wish list this year! My favorite gifts to give were letters. One year when I was in college and flat broke, I sat down and wrote a heart felt card to each member of my family. I know they were well received!

  9. Amanda Dale says

    Ok, I am going to be less sentimental and go with a Sunnydale High School t-shirt that my hubby gave me a few years ago. Yes, I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer even though I am over 30. But don’t worry, I have other redeeming qualities!
    Would love to attend the conference!
    -Amanda @ The Ivy Cottage Blog
    mrsamandasdale at gmail dot com

  10. Sarah Moore says

    I just subscribed to your blog on Goggle Reader. And I’d LOVE to win a ticket to this conference–I live just up the road in the Salt Lake Valley!!

  11. says

    My favorite Christmas gift was one from my brother. He’s always been a “free spirit” and always comes up with really cool things from nature to give us. That particular Christmas, he gave me a pair of real butterfly wings (and somehow attached them together) and then tied a string to it so it would fly when I pull it in the air behind me. It was SO cool! I still have it and bring it out every once in a while to make it fly.

  12. says

    The best Christmas present I ever gave was a scrapbook of our family history for each of my 4 siblings. I had never made a scrap book before and I had no idea how much time and $ it would cost to make them. However, my brothers are impossible to please and never use anything they are given as gifts, yet they have often mentioned these scrapbooks I made and have even pulled them out in front of me to look at them so I know they really liked them. It makes me smile to know they value something I made so much. It made it all worth it.


  13. Amanda @ Burlap & Denim says

    My husband suprised me with a Pfaff seeing machine. He did all the research. I thought I could get by with my grandmother’s old one, but now I couldn’t live without my Pfaff!

  14. Laurie says

    I would love to attend the snap conference. I am looking for a career change and my web designer/wedding photographer son has been urging me to start a craft blog and open an etsy shop. This chance to learn from these amazingly talented people would be just what I need. Thanks for the chance!

  15. says

    I subscribed to SNAP!!! I would LOVE to go! :) Thanks for hosting a great giveaway . . . and thanks for featuring our Chex Mix!! :)

  16. says

    The best Christmas gift I ever gave was to my husband a couple of years ago . . . I found a super old vintage Nintendo set with all the classic games like Tetris, Mario, and Duck Hunter. I ended up letting him open it on Christmas Eve and we stayed up until 3 in the morning playing all our favorite games from our childhood. It was seriously one of the best Christmases ever!

  17. says

    I would love a ticket to SNAP! The best Christmas gift ever was when my boyfriend (now Husband) made and glazed a vase for me and brought it to me filled with flowers! It was amazing and the perfect way to win my heart!

  18. says

    I just heard about Snap this year and would LOVE to attend as I LOVE to blog, meet new people and keep in touch and up to date with social media. One of my favorite gifts ever was a laptop my now husband, fixed up for me as I was using my sister’s old slow one and really wanted one of my own. One of the best gifts ever! He never fails to disappoint.

  19. says

    The best gift ever was an entire day spent together without any bickering between my three boys – now I call THAT a Christmas miracle lol! :)

  20. says

    The best gift I’ve received…aosh, I have gotten a few that I love but, the most favorite would be the year my hubby surprised me with diamond stud earrings! Love that guy!

  21. says

    The best, or at least most memorable Christmas was when my mother gave me training bras and made me unwrap them in front of everyone. Awesome, hahaha!

  22. says

    Best present given? We give my parents a personalized calendar and a new nativity every year. It’s fun to have that tradition and watch their huge collection of nativities grow!

  23. says

    Thank you for featuring my Barbie party today!! I’d *love* that ticket to SNAP! My favorite gift to give was a family tree I had made for my mother in law. Her reaction was priceless!

  24. Erin says

    I linked up to your party!

    {and I accidentally “replied” to someone’s comment as my first entry with my favorite Christmas gift..oops! so sorry!}

  25. says

    oh ma gash i want to win. best christmas present? finding out my third baby was a boy. husband made me wait to open the sex of baby that the tech had written and sealed in a envelope.

  26. says

    The best christmas present I ever received was from my grandfather. I was pretty young and it was a mickey mouse watch. I still have it and keep it tucked away safe. :)

  27. says

    I would DIE to got oSNAP! The best gift I ever gave would have to be a picture/scrapbook I gave to my mom and MIL for christmas of the whole family from the year past! They loved it !

  28. Tammy Delker says

    My favorite gifts are homemade things by my children and photo gifts, whether it’s an individual picture or a photo book.

  29. Sarah says

    I hope this one counts as a gift… When I asked my 8 year old what she was going to ask Santa for this year, she told me “there’s nothing I really need, so I’m going to tell Santa to give my gifts to other kids who need them more.” Tears! Kisses! I felt so proud and thanked God for blessing me with such a sweet, compassionate little girl. She’s truly a gift. She did go on to add “okay, maybe he could bring me at least one…” ;)

  30. says

    The best Christmas present I ever received was annual passes to Disney World for our family! My family and my husband’s family all pitched in to make it possible. I LOVED those passes, and miss having them.

  31. says

    The best gift I ever got was … and let me explain… I am a huge Elvis Presley fan… one year there was this Elvis phone that when you pushed the button he danced and sang. His hips moved too, plus I was a young teenager who loved to talk on the phone, so it was WIN WIN! Christmas morning I opened that big box with the hip moving Elvis Phone and I screamed like a lunatic fan, as if I was at a live concert where Elvis (younger years) came back from the dead and was serenading me. winks, jen

  32. says

    The best Christmas present I ever given…hmmmm that’s hard! :) My favorite is Christmas jammies for the kiddos on Christmas Eve. Christmas jammies are soooo cute! :)

  33. says


    Please make my Christmas wish come true. I would be tickled pink like a little girl in a pink sparkly tutu on Christmas morning if you picked me!!!

    Thank you so much for the opportunity. I will be linking up a project too.

    xo, jen

  34. Leanne says

    I want to go to SNAP so bad and I live so close by. THe best gift I ever received is when my husband surprised me by planning a trip back to Indiana for Christmas to visit my family.

  35. says

    Thanks for the link up party! One year my sister went on etsy and put together the sweetest basket of handmade items that i had marked as favorites and wrote me a letter on a card she had made for me, she is not a sentimental person so for her to give me such a sweet gift was so special.

  36. says

    One of my favorite gifts to give was to my grandpa last year. When my little family went to Disneyland last year, we stopped and visited my great grandma in California. I got my two toddlers to sit and take a picture with their great great grandma. That picture is even more special now, because she passed away in May at almost 90 years old. That picture is a comfort for my grandpa, because this is the first Christmas that we won’t get to talk to her on the phone, or get her homemade peanut brittle.

  37. says

    I would LOVE to go to SNAP! My favorite Christmas present was finding out we were expecting our second child. Thanks for much for the chance to win!

  38. says

    Best Friday EVER!! A feature AND a chance to win a SNAP ticket! Thank you so much for featuring my Mental Hugs book, Mique! My favorite holiday gift given is when I have my boys help make something for the grandparents. I love watching their faces as they help, and my parents & in-laws love the gifts they receive!

  39. Barb Childs says

    One year I gave my boyfriend (now husband) a “human blanket.” I made a large cutout of my body and sewed it onto a fuzzy blanket. It was a little inside joke. If we were going to be away from eachother for the holidays, I wanted to be “with him.” I wrapped the gift and gave it to him, but he ended up surprising me and flew to Canada for Christmas Day. ;)

  40. Lauren says

    All time favorite xmas present was a hamster. I could go into the long story that was that magical Christmas morning as a 10 year old, but I’m sure you can imagine it with this next sentence. It was in my stocking.

  41. Karie @ The HoB says

    My best Christmas gift is my oldest son, today is his birthday, 6 years ago we got the best early Christmas gift!! ( I would love to go to the SNAP conference however I already have a conference I will be at that weekend for my business, so I if I win I would love to gift the ticket to another blogger!)

  42. says

    When my grandmother was still alive, I gave her and my mother tickets to the ballet. She loved it. My mother danced until she was 19, I danced later in life but Nana never did. Christmas is all about miracles, isn’t it?

    Winning a SNAP ticket would be a miracle for me :D

  43. Cindy L says

    The best present I received was from my mom the first Christmas after my dad died — it was a book of photos of him and me. Very meaningful!

  44. says

    Well I could be really cheesy and say the best gift I’ve ever given has been myself….I was born on Christmas! But really, hmmm….I think the best gift I’ve ever received has been my husband…we got married 4 days after Christmas. Does that count? :)

    • says

      The best gift I ever gave was to my mother. It was when the Chicken Soup books were super popular. I printed off a bunch of stories and pictures and gave her Homemade Chicken Soup for the Soul. :)

  45. says

    Wow! Thanks so much for featuring my tinfoil rickrack tutorial! I’ve been having so much fun with it that I linked up a couple more projects I made using that technique. Thanks for such a great party, Mique! I will wear the feature button with pride! <3 Christina

  46. says

    My favorite Christmas gift that I have ever given was a scrapbook of my kids that I gave to my Mom. Lots of work but well worth it!