Over 25 Make Ahead Meals + Tips

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When my kids were itty bitty I used to think about the future like things would somehow calm down.  Ha! Now that they are a teenager, tween and elementary schooler, I daydream about what they were like as babies and how things were simpler then.  Ha! (as if it were simpler …. it was NOT) Now that they have various activities and responsibilities, dinner has become increasingly harder to make consistently.  We used to eat together every night at 6pm.  That’s just not happening these days.  In an effort to stop stressing about it, I gathered tips and tricks along with some favorite recipes for make ahead meals.

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Tips on how to be successful with make ahead meals:

Weekly Meal Plans:
These awesome bloggers share their meal plans every week!

Here are some products that help with make ahead meals:
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To help you get more organized:

Printable weekly meal plan

Printable monthly meal plan

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Post-it Note dinner planning
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  1. Karen says

    What a wonderful website! Being a mom of two little ones (3 & 1) always looking for new food to make (and my 3 year old loves to help me cook!) I like how you stay organized from week to week! Thanks so much for all the inspiration.

  2. Rebecca says

    Thank you for all the wonderful meals!!! As the mom of two very picky eaters, these are really going to come in handy!!! I look forward to more posts from you.

  3. says

    Thank you for compiling the recipes and links to other meal plans. I’m always looking for ways to reduce the stress in my household.

  4. Bronwyn says

    We haven’t been able to buy tin foil since WWII… it’s all aluminum now. (I know I’m being a nit picky jerk, but I don’t know why people born after 1960 stlll call it “tin foil”…it cracks me up)

    Anyway, thank you for the recipes, as usual you ideas are totally awesome! :-)

  5. says

    I have been searching for some ideas for this! Thank you so much for pulling it all together and sharing it!!! Can’t wait to try the Chicken Enchiladas!!