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Awhile back I got a mini boden catalog with the cutest stuff in it (well it always has cute stuff). But I was not willing to pay $28 for a t-shirt for my crazy mud-hungry boys. But I decided I could make it.
This is one similar to the one in the catalog. But the one that I saw was in the summer catalog and it had a skateboarder on it.
My nephew’s 2nd birthday is coming up and I thought he’d look dashing in a few Auntie M tshirts. If your name is Jessica and you are my sister who has a son turning 2 on Friday, look away NOW. {Don’t worry, she’s super honest and will actually look away.}

If you want to join in on the fun, here’s what you’ll need:
freezer paper
fabric paint & sponge brush
Xacto knife
fabric- scraps will work here

First I got some t-shirts. You could do this project with tshirts you have on hand. Stained ones would be the best because then you would feel really good that you rejuvenated something meant for the Goodwill bin.

Next I went to CS4 & downloaded some new skateboarder silhouette brushes. If you don’t have CS4 you can just Google skateboarder silhouette and some images will pop up. Or you could download the images below. Whatever you decide, save and print a silhouette of a skateboarder.
Tape the silhoutte to a sheet of freezer paper. Make sure you tape to the flat side (shiny, slippery side down). I usually tape mine to a cutting board. It makes it easy peasy. Using an Xacto knife, carefully cut around the skateboarder.
When you are done cutting, take the skateboarder out and iron the negative image (not the skateboarder but the outline of the skateboarder) to the shirt. Paint inside the negative image with fabric paint. Let dry. Peel off.
Cut fabric into half pipe shape. I just eye balled it. At this point you could use some type of fusible web to the back of the half pipe to hold in place. Or you could pin. Or you could wing it.
Sew into place- topstitch it.
Ta-da. This could also be easily done with all fabric instead of fabric paint.
For you visual crafters (that’s me), here you go:

Just in case you want some silhouettes:
(right click & save)
I have tons more if anyone is interested.


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  1. Bananie says

    OH! I totally love this! I just tried an applique Mickey shirt for Spencer to wear to D-land yesterday, but by the end of the day, a bunch of lil' threads were hanging out. (More physical proof that I can't sew.)
    But I can paint with a stencil with the best of 'em! There's hope for me yet! Thanks for posting!

  2. -Courtney Rae* says

    I am so interested in this!
    I would love any templates/silhouettes.

    My room mate from collage and I are both expecting (her with a boy, me with a girl) and just found out we have the same due date! weird!

    But I think This would be a really fun idea to do on some onies for both of our children. Why not?!

  3. Melissa says

    I save all my mini boden catalogs JUST because of this… I keep thinking "oh I could just make that"…
    Don't they have the best ideas!
    I'm totally gonna try this one out!

  4. Lindsey says

    Super duper cute and creative! WOW! now, if only I had the time. . Would be cute on some onesies too!