Classic Movie Night

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 Hello, it’s Vanessa from Blog 5 to 9 here to share another fun DIY party idea.  Being a full time working mother of two busy boys, it’s easy to get in the habit of “all work and no play”.  My husband and I make a strong effort to have regular date nights, but it’s not always easy to get a babysitter.  When we can’t go out, we love to have people over for a movie.  I’ve been wanting to do a classic themed movie night for a while and now I’m here to share the details with you!

Classic Movie Night Concessions Stand

I created a fun and easy homemade concessions stand that incorporates all of our favorite movie theater treats!

Classic Movie Night Concessions Stand

Movie Night Marquee

Our guests decided they’d like to see a silent Chaplin film so I chose Modern Times, as it is based on early production line systems in Detroit, our hometown. 

Concessions Soda and red vines

 For drinks, we served bottled water and soda in classic glass bottles. To display the soda, I used a white photo box.  I used a tall glass vase I purchased from a dollar store for the licorice. Movie Theater Candy

 We bought a variety of classic movie theater candy and used the top of the picture boxes as a display tray. I love getting double duty out of my crafts and props!

Popcorn Cupcakes

 These popcorn cupcakes were so much fun to make and really got the guests guessing! I found this idea one day while browsing online and fell in love.  I took store bought cupcakes, smoothed out the frosting with a spatula, and wrapped with a homemade cupcake sleeve. To make the marshmallow popcorn, I squeezed together two mini marshmallows and made a diagonal cut using kitchen sheers.

Soft Pretzel Stand

 My favorite element of the concession stand has to be this soft pretzel tower.  I really really wanted to find a pretzel stand but had no luck online. I started dreaming up of ways I can make one myself but as I was shopping I found this really cool mug holder and it was perfect! 

Movie Trivia

 While looking up some movie trivia, I found a list of movie goofs and thought it could make a fun activity. I listed different goof-ups on 3×5 cards and handed them out for each person to find and point out the movie goof.

Classic Movie

 Although we didn’t have an old movie projector to keep with the theme, we used our modern computer projector to project the movie on our living room wall.

We had a wonderful and entertaining night all from the comforts of home and hope to do it again soon!  Any suggestions for our next movie night theme?

Download the Free Classic Movie Night Printable Collection to help you get started on hosting a movie night of your own!

Vanessa has been awesome contributing here on 30days.  This will be her last party post.  Thank you SO much for all of the fun ideas you have shared here Vanessa!  Make sure to keep up with her at Blog 5 to 9.


  1. Jse says

    I was wondering how I would be able to download this movie package?
    please and thank you

  2. Katie says

    For everyone who asked for these printable – You can find them on the 5 to 9 blog (

  3. Khushboo says


    This is super cool !! LOVE it!! Can I please download these printables ? I do not see the download button active. It’ll be great if you can point me to where I can download this :).

    Thanks so much for posting such awesome ideas.


  4. shoug says

    hello sweetie , from where can i get these printables cauze im hosting a movie night this Thursday

  5. shoug says

    hello sweetie , from where can i get these printables cauze im hosting a movie night this Thursday

  6. Leslie MacFadyen says

    Any luck getting the download link for the printables? It also isn’t in their archived “printables” section.


      nope!!! still cant find them and these are the best one I’ve seen online. I sent an email to them, but still nothing….sad face!!! I’d really like to use these.


    I’m also having an issue finding the printables for the Movie theme. Are they in the archives? Would love to us for our Life Group Launch this month. The theme is movies.

    please repost or let us know where we can find the printables.

    thank you,

  8. Crystal says

    Hello! This post is great! I am having trouble finding the link for the printables though, could it be reposted?

  9. S Evans says

    Hello – I so appreciate this post!! Can not even tell you how much our daughter is going to love this . Would love to know if there is a PDF file for the larger movie poster background? Would love to make a poster announcing our afternoon and then late night movies. Again, thank you so much!

  10. says

    What an adorable concept. I think I will plan a Valentines Day movie in for hubs and me and use this concept to make it extra fun1 Thanks for a great idea!