One Word for 2012

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Did you pick your “one word” as a part of your New Years Resolutions? I’m sharing what word I picked and why on Less Cake, More Frosting today. Yay!  I love Lara and loved writing my post about why I chose my word.  Make sure to check it out

Aren’t these ideas cute to incorporate your word into every day life?

I took it one step further and made a wallpaper in Photshop for my phone:

Want to make your own “one word” cel phone wallpaper?
Allison from little lovelies has an awesome
tutorial on how to make your own in Picnik.

What is your ONE WORD? Why did you choose it?


  1. says

    My one word has to Believe. This second half of 2013, I have made a decision to get off my butt. Do Something with my life. My one probable is believing in myself. I’ve spent my whole life saying ” I can’t do this or that. I can’t” ” Well, not anymore. I now belong to an exercise group and have a coach. And a few other things I’ve started doing like letting go of Fear.

  2. (ms.) Michael says

    Oh my gosh — my word is also LEAP!

    Last year my word was courage and I wore lisa leonard necklace most of the year!! This year I was waiting for me word to leap out at me and it did! I worked on courage last year –but now it must be a year of action, accepting mistakes and growing. Thank you for your inspiration!

  3. says

    Where have you been? just found you and can’t remember how because I am just taking in all of your amazing projects, photos and the blog layout is amazingly fresh. New follower.. can you tell.

    dang! This blog is just to stinkin’ cute!

  4. says

    LOVE the new design! And as you already know, I am going wordless this year!! When you paint words for a living, picking one word is , well, impossible! xo

    • Mique says

      Thanks Kristi!! You are hilarious. I can see how that’d be a problem trying to figure out what word to use. Although you could design the COOLEST sign with your word. ;) Your welcome for adding to your list…..xo

  5. megan says

    i think the general theme for my new years resolution is “practice” as in daily… yoga, art, craftsmanship, mummyhood, family, you name it, it can be better through practice.

  6. says

    My one word is: MAINTAIN. I picked it mainly to maintain organization, but it really works for so many other things in my life. MAINTAIN BALANCE. MAINTAIN RELATIONSHIPS. MAINTAIN FOCUS.

    Thanks so much for inspiring the “one word for the year” idea. It was a source of conversation w/my friends on new years eve. And I also mentioned it on one of my posts (clutter counter confession). Also shared your resolution sheets w/a link on my “one more new years idea” post.

    Thanks again for the inspiration!