Sponsor Spotlight: Two Little Tots

Excited to introduce you to another new sponsor. Two Little Tots is full of super cute items for babies and kids. Brightly colored burp cloths, hair clips, crayon and color pencil rolls fill up her shop. I know my daughter would love a dollie sleeping bag. I asked Melissa, busy mom to twin girls and owner of Two Little Tots to answer some questions: What’s your favorite thing to create?I [Read More...]


Yesterday my sweet oldest boy cut my sewing machine cords AGAIN (he has a love affair with strings and “creates” them out of everything). I wish I could write here that I was understanding and patient. Unfortunately I cannot. I lost it. All I could think about was the projects I couldn’t do and how expensive the replacements are. Shame on me. I ran out to get more cords and [Read More...]

Calling it

Maybe I shouldn’t say when I’ll announce winners on giveaways. Should’ve been last night…I always am behind!! Sorry about that. So the winner of the Lime Ricki swimsuit is:Ashlee Who said: “Last summer we went to Moab for our VERY first family camping trip. Even though I totally injured my foot my kids and husband LOVED it and we’ve got to do it again this year. Also now that we [Read More...]

Must have…

8 years ago (when my oldest child got the “A” diagnosis)there were no books like this: Now there is. And I am glad.Just had to share.The end.

Where do you get your fabric?

I saw this line somewhere and thought it was funny.(doesn’t apply to me- yet)So I decided to make a design with it…..maybe a shirt line or prints based aroundfunny craft sayings and such….Good idea? Yes or no?Would love your feedback. :) Inquiring minds want to know…..I have a craft room full of fabric. For a while I bought fabric like crazy. Now my room is full of fabric I don’t [Read More...]

Sweet Nurseries; boy edition

Nope, no announcement here- no nursery for me. But if any of you are looking for boy nursery ideas, I found a few.I think boy stuff in general is hard to find so I especially loved finding these: Levi & Norah’s nursery on Oh My! Handmade(boy-girl twins- oh my I looooove this room)John’s nursery featured on RemodelaholicModern boys nursery on Design DazzleFound Project Nursery & love it- check out the [Read More...]

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone! I’m grateful to my Mom, my Mother-in-Law who raised my husband and all the 2nd mommies that helped me along the way (church leaders, aunties, friends moms, etc). I’m also glad I get the chance to be a mom to my silly, wacky, adorable kids. They make me want to do better and be better. Here’s one of our favorite breakfasts growing up that my [Read More...]


Good intentions

I had every intention to post a full week of Mother’s Day ideas. But it just didn’t happen. By now, it’s kinda too little too late. I still have 1000+ posts in my reader and I might just have to hit “mark as unread.” And I would hate that. I like to be in the know. I always hated going to bed because I thought I would miss out on [Read More...]

New trend: Baby gender reveal parties

Recently I’ve seen a few posts about parties centered on pregnant mommas announcing the sex of their baby. I’m game for any excuse to have a party. And I think the idea is so fun. Here are some posts: Cookie Mondays’ “revealed” party Life Sweet Life’s boy or girl party Create My Event’s gender reveal party Jack & Izzy’s baby gender party The Busy Budgeting Mama’s ultrasound reveal party

Feeling good…

I’ve posted a few times about crafting for good. When there’s some kind of charity involved in anything I participate in, I feel good. Real good. This weekend we got to raise money for Pennies 4 Penny & Surfers Healing. Obviously Surfers Healing tugs at my heartstrings (BIG TIME). In addition to raising funds, our favorite SoCal photographers- Blue Lily- were beyond generous in giving away a mini photography session [Read More...]