Year Around St. Patrick’s Day Idea


St. Patrick’s Day is a few weeks away. Another holiday? Already? Wow! If you follow me on Pinterest, you know I am a little green obsessed at the moment. I found my favorite shade of green and a sweet shade of gray to make today’s tutorial. But I’m not Irish and I wanted to make something that wasn’t so in your face for St. Patrick’s Day. Most everything I’ve seen [Read More…]

Oscars Party Ideas


Even though I live in L.A., I will not be going to the Oscars. (shocking huh?) But I do have a few ideas to make a fabulous Oscars party if that’s your kind of thing. I created two fun printables that would be perfect for any Oscars party. First up, I bought popcorn buckets from the dollar section at Target (do you love it as much as I do?) and [Read More…]

Menu Planner Board with All Things Beautiful

Another Tuesday, another Takeover. I LOVE this next project! I’ll let Charity take it away…. I’m Charity… hi, hi, hi! I have a little blog called All Things Beautiful. Head on over a stay awhile, after you read my post of course! So, I don’t know about you, but the first thing on my mind after Christmas is when the heck is Spring going to come?!! How about you? The [Read More…]

Groopdealz Magazine Deal

I have a little known secret on this blog. I used to be really into couponing. I went through a phase and completely stock piled for months. I went from nothing to my laundry room cabinets looking like this: All product that was free by way of coupons. And I had a whole wall of cabinets. sigh. There was a point to this….where was I? Oh yes, I LOVE a [Read More…]

Thank You Giveaway from Lisa Leonard


Congrats #81- Vanessa from Brock Rocks- you win!! As 30days continues to grow, I want to say thanks for following along. Last week was a great one for this little blog of mine- I hit some exciting numbers-Thank you sooooo much! So today I’m celebrating. What better way than to say thanks than in the form of some Lisa Leonard love? Lisa creates meaningful handmade jewelry. Her pieces are fun [Read More…]

the Queen Bee Market {accepting applications}

Queen Bee Market Can you believe? We’re already buzzing about the next Queen Bee Market? If you own a handmade shop, you don’t want to miss out. We are currently accepting applications for the Spring Market at the Del Mar Hilton, May 6th and 7th. If you don’t have a handmade shop but are looking for a fun weekend of shopping, what could be better than San Diego in May? [Read More…]

the “A word:” Take 7


Image After years of putting it off, I finally decided to share my story as an autism momma. Thank you for your kind comments and encouragement- it means the world to me. If this is your first time reading, start here. I’d love to hear more from you, email me. …..the day the diagnosis came, I knew it would forever change my family. I really really really hoped that we [Read More…]

Craft Night: I’m Sew Lucky Printable

Craft Night Printable

I’m always on the hunt for new ideas for parties and for thank you’s.  This next idea could be for either- a party or a thank you. I recently saw Meg’s amazing craft weekend with some of my favorite friends (Julie and Heather) and couldn’t help but dream of hosting my own craft night. I’m hoping to get my friends together sometime soon and do a girls night out in, [Read More…]

Giveaway from Everyday Elements

Thanks everyone for entering! So fun to meet new people. The lucky winners are: #45, jenbreeze & #112, Kellie. You will receive an email shortly. If you didn’t win, sign up for a workshop!!! You won’t be disappointed. Promise. Are you new to photography and don’t really know how to get started editing your pictures? Or, are you wishing you could take better pictures for your blog and family? Everyday [Read More…]

Take Over Tuesday with Polka Dot Chair

Hi! My name is Melissa Mortenson and I have a blog called the Polkadot Chair! I am so excited to be a guest for Mique for Takeover Tuesday!! I have really enjoyed getting to know Mique through our blogs this past couple of years, and figure that one day I will get to meet her in person!! But until then, I’m going to “pull up a chair” and sit a [Read More…]