Valentine Idea: Little Love Bug


In the home stretch for Valentine’s Day ideas, today I’m sharing a little love bug free printable. For this idea I used a hole punch and ribbon instead of a stapler. But a stapler would be just as good (and easier too). Free printable Little Lovebug Valentine’s Day Idea I used my printable, hole punch, ribbon, Dollar Store version of garden Silly Bandz and Dollar Store heart bags. Because the [Read More…]

Takeover Tuesday: Mudroom Sink Redo with Beneath My Heart

I’m so thrilled to have Traci guest posting today for Takeover Tuesday. She’s sharing her mudroom sink redo and oh my it’s pretty! I don’t share enough home decor projects on 30days so I was ecstatic that Traci was willing to guest post for me. Thank you sweet Traci. Hi, ya’ll! I am so grateful to be spending some time over here today at Mique’s fabulous blog! I was thrilled [Read More…]

Manic Monday Giveaway Featuring {Pocket Baby}

Congrats Jess # 53, you win! I used to loathe Mondays. That was before I started Manic Monday. Every Monday I get the opportunity to highlight a site and/or shop. So today help me welcome Pocket Baby. Lindsey started her shop from a need for a place to put her baby girl’s pacifier. It has since grown to include all types of products, including: burp cloths and tees, sippy and [Read More…]

Pure Bliss


Blissdom has come and gone…. I still can’t quite wrap my brain around it. After months and months of talking, planning and preparing I hopped on a party plane to Nashville, Tennessee for Blissdom. I was lucky enough to room with four amazing ladies: Lindsey, Jeannett, April and Jess. I also had the chance to meet people that I consider my friends for the first time. (yes blogging can seem [Read More…]

the “A word:” Take 5


If this is your first time reading this series, start here. …..The day that we realized our J had autism, there were a million thoughts that ran through my mind. One of them was not how we’d spend a lot of our time fighting like hell for our son. How I’d spend hours on the phone learning the lingo and determining his rights. But that’s exactly what happened. We had [Read More…]

Valentine’s Day: My Sole Mate w/ Sweet Sugar Belle


I’ve been sharing my Valentines ideas and printables here for the past few weeks. First it was for girls, then boys and now one for your significant other with two options: I made the first printable with the idea that I would attach it to a pair of shoes for my husband. Obviously not for everyone. But if your significant other is really into shoes, then this would work for [Read More…]

Take Over Tuesday: {Guest Post from My Insanity}

Big thanks to Mique for letting me take over her fabulous blog for the day! And for all of the times she has featured my crazy ideas in the past! You’re welcome Kendra! My name is Kendra and I have been told repeatedly by many people close to me that I am, in fact, insane. I get a little carried away dreaming up parties, decorations for my home, and projects [Read More…]

Manic Monday featuring WeePereas

Congrats Jess, #18, you win! You should receive an email from me shortly! Another Monday, another fun giveaway! Not only do I get the chance to show off a shop I adore, I get to give away something that I would love to receive myself. This week’s giveaway is from WeePereas. When you visit the shop, you will find adorable, well made baby items and DIY kits. Some of my [Read More…]

the “A word:” Take 4

If this is your first time reading this series, start here. Friend: “Miq, turn on your tv to the Today Show. They are talking about autism. I think you should watch!” (this was pre-DVR days) What I watched on the Today Show changed our focus a bit on the autism path. J continued to go to therapy Monday through Friday. But we dove right into the world of dietary changes. [Read More…]