Makia Creations Spotlight & Giveaway

Yay- carlisle clan conversation- you win!Have you been invited to one of Makia’s Craft Groups yet? A Makia Craft Group is a way for you to get together with your friends and have fun doing something you love: making things! Makia will help you plan, organize and host a successful craft group by simplifying every step. We’ll introduce you to artistic crafts and provide you with ready-to-make kits. Basically your [Read More...]

Stop the madness

It happens around this time every year. I start stressing about Christmas cards. (You too? Please tell me I’m not alone!?) I have always tried to do something unique. One year I sent out a cd of our favorite Christmas music with a picture of my kids on the label. This is last year’s version:I hadn’t really looked too much into getting my cards printed. With such a busy time [Read More...]


I feel like I’m starting to get the hang of things, social media wise. I have a looooong way to go but at least I know what’s out there. sorta. So have you heard of StumbleUpon? It’s just another way to get your blog out there- kinda similar to “liking” a Facebook fan page or Tweeting. You can download a toolbar that makes it really easy to click “I like [Read More...]

Fitting for Fall

Somehow I’ve gotten away from posting my favorite tutorials lately. Trying to get back on track. In my area, it’s finally starting to feel like fall (watch it’ll be 100+ today…..). These ideas seem perfect for the change in season to me: Upcycled Scarflette (featured on Whip Up) and Autumn Bloom Belt by I am Momma Hear Me RoarTie die scarf from Made by Lex Infinity and Beyond Scarf on [Read More...]

Sponsor Spotlight & Giveaway from Above All Fabric

Congrats #63- Elaine, you win!I’ll have Melanie get in touch with you. I think it’s safe to say that a lot of 30days readers sew. Right? Have I got a post for you.And if you don’t sew, well now you have good reason to. ;)Say hello to my friend, Melanie. She owns Above All Fabric (and has a cute button over there on the right ——->). Above All Fabric is [Read More...]

My Ultimate Family Vacation & Do What You Love Sweepstakes

Sponsored ByCheerios® is giving you the chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, your ultimate family vacation. As part of a paid promotion for their “Do What You Love” Sweepstakes, Cheerios® is sponsoring my post today about what my ultimate family vacation would be. Read mine, Enter the Sweepstakes for a chance to actually win your own fantasy family trip or one of a bunch of other great prizes. ………….{picture from [Read More...]

Pity Party 8

{Image from French Knot} If you are new to 30days (hi! welcome!),I’m hosting a Pity Party to link up to each week.The rules? Simple:Link to a specific post, not your blog in general.No shops or products please.(they will be erased)Be creative. The two that stood out to me last week: Bugaboo, Mini Mr & Me’s magnetic spicesFrom Blank Pages’ cash envelopes Happy Friday!

You might want this one too…

No, I’m not turning this into a recipe blog. I have one of those. A realllllllly outdated one….anyway, just thought you might like another recipe that reminds me of fall.In honor of all my favorite tv chefs, PLEASE ENJOY. (ever notice they always say that?) Another terrible picture. Taken a couple years ago. oops. 1 1/2 cups sugar1 cup shortening2 eggs, beaten1 (8 ounce) carton sour cream2 tablespoons grated orange [Read More...]

One for me, one for you

Just for fun, I wanted to share one of my most favorite desserts with you. It’s ridiculously easy and super yummy too. I think I found the recipe in a Kraft magazine (??). Every time I make it, people want the recipe. ;) It’s a kind of cheesecakey with cinnamon/sugar on top. Every time I make it, people want the recipe. ;) So now I’m sharing it with you: The [Read More...]

One month countdown…..

I have a few fun guest posts, tutorials and projects in the works. But in the mean time, I wanted to make sure everyone in Southern California (or anyone up for a road trip to beautiful San Diego) marks their calendars. the Queen Bee Market is one month from today!!! My stomach is in knots from excitement and stress (the good kind…….if that exists??). Jess and I are working, working, [Read More...]